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Final Confrontation Overhaul Mod introduces a dynamic and complex mechanic system for the final confrontation with the Illusive Man, in which the player's decisions, dialogue choices, and actions directly determine not only the final outcome -- but how much they're able to break free from TIM's control.

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The author behind Priority: Earth Overhaul Mod brings you the Final Confrontation Overhaul Mod, which introduces an original and complex mechanic system for the final confrontation with the Illusive Man.

Inspired by Bioware's initial concept for a dialogue-based boss fight, the mechanics in FCOM force you to read the situation and the Illusive Man's state of mind, and carefully choose what you do next. Failure will result in The Illusive Man exerting more control over you, and will make it more difficult to persuade or intimidate him.

The amount of Illusive Man's control over you is represented by two new UI elements, which let you keep track of your current status. In the end, based on the amount of remaining control, one of three possible outcomes will occur.

The player has several new actions available to them, represented under the Investigate category in the dialogue wheel, as well as some new interrupts. All of this is complemented by the previously cut voice lines, which have now been restored.

, how, and if you utilize your new tools depends entirely on you -- but so do the consequences.


  • FCOM is compatible with all mods.

  • Compatibility with Ending Mods, such as JAM and MEHEM, is already built in.

  • If you do not plan on using any Ending Mods, select the corresponding patch during installation.

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Hadrorex - For existing in all his greatness, the amazing name suggestions such as "New Folder", and for fixing this damn door.

Sarah, Matthew, Katja and HD1 - For the testing and feedback which allowed me to fine tune and balance the mod.

Bioware - For the initial idea of a dialogue-based boss fight, found during the commentary in The Art of Mass Effect book.