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Fully customizable cybernetic armor, unique armor mods, palette based paint styles, size options and more. ROBOT HANDS.

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Note: most these videos are out of date, and the mod has been updated quite a bit since most were made.


Pre-war Cybernetics come to the commonwealth wasteland. This mod adds the Cybernetics Lab Workbench, and several pieces of armor (and a pair of RoboHand-gloves), each with a significant amount of customization including vanilla lining mods, special Gadget mods, advanced Frame mods, cybernetic implants, firmware upgrades, and 20+ paint/pattern options. The main pieces have light/medium/heavy variations, and the 'RoboHand' gloves can be modded to be exclusive to either the left/right hand. Most items are worn as armor and generally will fit with vanilla outfits (RoboGloves cant be worn with some vanilla 'gloved' outfits)

A note on Bodyscales:
The vanilla game uses a funky system to scale over-armor to fit cleanly over under-clothing, this system works alright for the relatively small armors of the vanilla game, but for the Cyber armatures it can be a little aggressive. You might notice while wearing certain under-clothes (army fatigues) you will get massive scaling on Cyber Armatures. There's no way to avoid this without editing vanilla items. My best advice is to stick to thin under-clothes like Vault suits, harnesses, and BoS uniforms. Additionally you can scale down your characters weight to average/skinny to offset most strange scaling. The first-person models Have been specially made to not clip over the pipboy at any size. You will need another mod if you wish to hide the
pipboy in 3rd person, this mod will not do that for you.

CBBE Bodyslide files are included for female versions, these may help with clipping, but are not necessary.

Screenshot auto-approve is turned on, I'm sure most of you can take better screenshots than my potato computer can!

There is a Palette guide in the screenshots that can help you find the color you want.


All of the main items of this mod are made at the Cyber Crafting Bench. Once made they can be customized at an armor bench, paint/palette swaps cost nothing, some of the more advanced mods and armors have long parts lists, so remember to scroll the component list!

Version notes:
Fixed a bad Bodyslide project on the Marine armor left arm
Reshaped the Marine armor 1st person mesh to fit the pipboy better

fixed a missing Palette Texture

Added a new Palette version: v4 Vibrant
-These colors are generally brighter than the other palettes, but not all are, one example is pictured above.
Added Marine armor
-Better stats than top end Combat armor, Marine armor is the new top tier medium armor for Cybernetics.
-Note that this tier requires Far Harbor assets to display correctly, the stats will still work but the meshes will not display correctly.
Rebuilt the male arm meshes
-Much less bulky
-Still looks best with an 'average' body type with the in-game slider, though high muscle builds can still work without excessive scaling
-Some outfits (ie: army fatigues) still have strange scaling, this is a vanilla issue
Reworked some component costs of Armor mods
-Most notably removed the need for Ballistic Fiber when crafting Raider Style armors
Fixed some object mod descriptions
Big nerf to Antimicrobial Cleanser
-This was hilariously overpowered in Survival
-Heals rads at about .3 rads persecond down from 3 rads per second
-Still retains its usefulness, but the heal is much more passive and gives radaway some value back
Removed the tiny 1 extra value/armor/energy resist/weight from palette mods

REMOVED the need for AWKCR and Cosmetic Framework
--The mod is 100% standalone now, no other mods or masters needed.
ADDED T-51 heavy tier armor
--makes full use of all palette colors
--unpainted allows you to use the classic coloration with a green chest and steel arms/legs
ADDED jump height leg gadget
--roughly doubles your jump height
ADDED Auto-medic Torso Gadget
--Unlike the PA version, the Auto-Medic still plays the stimpack animation
ADDED more stat bonus psudo-legendary mods
--Also reworked the recipe costs of the original Uni mods
--Generally each stat requires a large investment of a specific material, and a handful of nuclear material
--These are still interchangeable, and can be moved between armatures
--The Upper-Lower Connector also had a slot added for UniFrame mods, to make up for only having one for both legs
ADDED Inventory and ground models for most items
REWORKED most crafting recipes
--Lists should be MUCH shorter
--Rather than small amounts of lots of different things, most items now require a moderate amount of a few different things
REWORKED the Cyberlab
--With the keyword cap issue resolved the workbench can return without bloating keyword usage
--All armatures and extras (Belt/hands) are crafted at the new (old) workbench now
--The workbench can also be used to craft stuff from other CROSS mods that have been updated for it
--Not all CROSS mods are updated to use this yet, but its worth checking if you hate making cool stuff at the boring chemlab!

Added the much requested feature to hide the chest straps on the arms.
-This shows up like a new mod category in the mod menu for each arm
-by default on newly crafted armatures they are enabled
-on updating you should see an extra "material" category at the bottom of the the armor-mod list, this is where the toggle for the straps is.
All Torso meshes were updated to work with the Jetpack (and any other addons I might add down the line)
-They won't look any different, but trust me they are.
-If you've customized any torso meshes from this mod they likely won't work with the Jetpack mod without being tweaked.

Added Raider armor mods
-Includes medium and heavy versions for arms/legs, and lite/med/heavy torso (lite has less garbage over the head)
-These use v1, v3, and vBoS palettes
-Polished/chrome versions can still be used, but they will not effect the raider armor, just the baseframe.
-Balance wise the raider versions are about the same as combat med/heavy, and slightly easier to make, with the major caveat of being extra heavy.
Cleaned up a few first person meshes that were still clipping occasionally
Moved Material swap records off of the Cosmetic Framework and back into the ESP for ease of updating.
Combined exo-frame and Unibelt optional addons into Cybernetics
-You'll have to remake items from those addons, and Robohands may need to have color/texture reconfigured.
-you should disable those addons if you were previously running them, but other than losing the exo-frame/belt there shouldn't be any issue.
-If you don't disable those addons you will have duplicates in the AWKCR crafting menu, and existing items will likely be unmoddable.

Moved several shared components to a master file which further helps deal with the keyword cap.
-this also makes some of my other mods no longer dependent on this one.
Added a Chrome version of the BoS Palette, shiny!
More back end cleanup

Added Light Combat Armor Arms
Dropped the unique crafting bench
-All wearables are crafted under CYBERTECH category of AWKCR armorsmith bench
-All mods are crafted at armor workbench
-Make sure to update exo-frame addon otherwise you will no longer be able to craft the exo-frames.
Re-added the unique crafting bench as an alternative armorbench
-functions exactly like a vanilla armor modding bench
Fixed a bad IsMoving comparison that was draining stamina incorrectly on movement based gadgets
Fixed Low Noise conversion's description to include the 10% movespeed while sneaking it has always provided.
Significant clean-up of torso/arm meshes
-Better rigging overall, less twisting metal parts
Minor adjustments to the v3 baseframe diffuse map
Included a "NoRobotFootStepSounds" esp file that removes the robotic noise when running/walking with leg armatures equipped (effects exo-legs as well)

Added full legs
-Leg armatures are a single piece of armor for both legs, because it looks ridiculous to only wear one at a time
-armor values on are generally double their vanilla equivalent because obviously they are 2 armor slots in one
-natural +50 carryweight
-Robot footsteps!
-Full Palette/Index mod support
Added a lower torso item that works like the lower exo-legs to connect upper/lower frames
-uses the same slot as exo-legs, and can be palette/index modded
-Animates better for the cyber-legs than the exo-leg connector, though exo-legs provide the same functionality
Added Lite/Med/Heavy Combat armor upgrades for legs
Added t45 armor upgrade for legs
-Connect to upper frame via a secondary torso armature, or with exo frame to negate mobility penalty
Reduced mod category keywords for general keyword cap compatibility
Removed the 'friendly-names' of palette index mods
-these were never very accurate, read the area below the description for a more accurate description of color placements.

Enabled the 'full-support' system
-full-support is provided by wearing linked leg armatures as well as either (or both) a linked exo-arm frame, or the Pre-war Cybernetics Torso.
Enabled two new arm gadgets that require full support. (Currently you will need the exo-frame addon to use legs mods, until full pre-war cybernetic legs are finished)
-Grounded Stabilizer -Eliminates all scope sway, and reduces bullet spread by 20% while crouched and not moving. Requires connected spine and leg supports.
-High Impact Reinforcement -Sprinting into enemies can stagger them. Requires connected spine and leg supports, as well as secondary gadget on arm/legs.
Enabled new unique mods for leg armatures. (currently requires exo-frame addon)
-Load bearing 1, 2, and 3, - provides 25, 50, and 100 carryweight.
-HighSpeed Servos - Movespeed increased by 10%. VATS Melee distance increased by 100%.
-Pneumatic Upgrade - Negates 80% of fall damge, and increases Swim Speed by 15%.
-Move assist Actuators - Reduced Sprint cost by 50%
-Low Noise Conversion - Sneaking is 40% quieter, but drains 4 AP per sec while moving.
-High Impact - Sprinting into enemies can stagger them. Requires connected spine and leg supports, as well as secondary gadget on arm/legs.
Power Armor modded armatures now have a mobility reduction mechanic for each piece equipped.
-this mobility penalty can be negated by wearing a full frame (Connected legs as well as a torso support item).
Improved on the Robo hand meshes for male and female.
-better overall shape.
-No more bulky wristwrap.
Updated Combat armor torso texture.
Added a BoS themed Palette
Altered how Palette Indexes are described, which should give a better idea of the colors they apply and where they are applied.

ADDED palette v3. This is a further cleaned up texture/palette. v1 and v2 are still available.
Finished the t-45 PowerPlated Chest, which now has (the good parts of) a proper t45 torso.
-the Included bodyslide files for the t45 chest have 'size limits' so as to keep their overall shape up to a decent size.
Power Armor modded armatures have had their armor value increased significantly.
MOVED Synth hands into the regular PA hands
-Synth versions are now variations of the original hands (similar to how you switch between left/right/both).
Implemented Dynamic Naming for weight/style/Palette Index.
-You will probably have to rebuild armatures if updating from previous versions to get dynamic naming working.
Altered the 'winterized' palette index
-this was basically a third 'white' option and didnt look as good as the other two.
-while on the v2/3 palette this is nowa vibrant purple-yellow
-unchanged on palette v1
Significant file clean-up and reduced keyword usage
-All armature mods now ride on vanilla keywords now.
-This has the added bonus of making the mod menu list more ordered.
Removed the belt from Combat armor variations of the Torso armor
Fixed an issue with hands showing through gloves when using other mods that split up the hand meshes.
Fixed a filepath issue with high specular synth hand textures.
Altered the stats on base armors/mods to bring them more in line with similar vanilla armors.
Added some behind the scenes stuff to set up for legs.

Added medium and lite Combat armor torso mods
Added medium combat armor arm mod.
Added a poison resistance spine implant.
Added two new "entry level" firmware mods
-LockBumper, while equipped all novice locks are impossible to fail. Easier to make than the other lockpick firmware.
-Trajectory Calculator, enables the throwing arc on grenades/Molotovs while equipped.
Cleaned up some old paint jobs to make use of Palette mods on parts they normally would leave at default.
--IE you can now have the Red forearm paint and still change the color of armor over the top of the painted frame.
Added Palette version 2.1
--This is an updated frame texture, other textures still on v2. Includes a Chrome 2.1
Cleaned up some records in the RoboGloves reference. Might help with crashing some people seem to have.
Added Synth hands.
--These function exactly like the regular the PA Frame hands.
--Can be swapped between Both/Left/Right at an armor bench.
--Can use Palettes, or be left unpainted.

Added Heavy Combat armor versions of the medium armor.
-These are a heavy weight alternative to the kelogg armor and can be crafted with armorer rank 3.
Marked the "brace" center size options as WIP.
-These still need the t-45 chest and some other kind of armor added to these. For now they retain stats as if they had proper armor.
Removed the extra workbench entry which should clean up the workshop bloat a bit.
Moved Paletted 'material' mods to a new Armor-mod class: Palette Index.
-This allows more universal color swapping across palette versions.
Added a second palette version, which can be swapped to like custom paint jobs.
Renamed palette colors slightly, generally the colors are the same across v1 and v2, but colors with color1/color2 are respective to v1/v2.
Renamed "polished" custom paint and added Chrome Paint.
-These are now based on Palette versions.
-Polished applies a brighter specular map than normal to v1.
-Chrome applies a very bright specular map to v2.
-Because these work like palettes any palette index color can be polished/chromed.
Added an amateurish attempt at upping the resolution of the Frame/Gloves, only applies to v2 palette and v2 Chrome.
Paint and palette index changes are now free.
Fixed some 1st person clipping issues with specific guns.

Added a second ESP for people having issues with the unique crafting station.
-This ESP makes all armatures and advanced mods craft-able at the CHEMLAB, they must still be APPLIED at the armor bench.
-If you are still having issues with crafting items with this debug-esp the issue is likely related to overall bloat from large amounts of mods.

The base limb armatures are nearly free and buildable easily at early levels, with the torso piece being the first major upgrade. Vanilla-standard armor mods/Paint/Size-mods can be applied for standard progression. From there things get more complex, the more unique Firmware/Implant/gadget/frame mods are significantly more powerful than vanilla armor mods and require more than just Armorsmith and Science perks, as well as large investments of rare components.

Many of the unique mods require more than just the basic crafting perks, for example the lockpicking auto-picker mod requires both locksmith1 and robotics-expert1. The general idea is that CyberArm mods support a more role-playing playstyle and reward you for branching out your perk tree instead of just taking the few perks that really matter. Think of it this way: A Sole-Survivor who barely understands how to properly apply a stimpack probably shouldn't be tooling around with Implants attached directly to the spine!

All of this is subject to change, feel free to comment on balance issues.

Examples of just a few of the unique mods at release:

Arm Firmware mods
Tracking Matrix -Recon Spotting on all weapons.

Arm Gadget mods
Lifting Servos -Full mobility while holding Heavy Weapons.
Overpressure Pneumatics -Unarmed attacks do +10% damage, and can explode heads.
Magazine Auto-Ejector -Reloading costs no Action Points in V.A.T.S.

Body Implant mods
Dialysis Implant -Regen 20 HP per minute.
Bioelectric Acvtive Camo Mk.I -Visual distortion while sneaking. Drains 1.5 AP per sec sitting, 6 AP per sec moving.

Body Gadgets
Stim Enhancer -Stimpacks heal for 10% more

Uniframe mods (fits on body and arms):
Balanced Frame -5% movespeed
Precision Linear Actuators -+1 Agility


Screenshot auto-approve is turned on, feel free to add your own!
(Please keep screenshots SFW according to Nexus content guidelines)


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