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Have you ever looked at your atlas of a character and thought, "Dang!! I did a good job!! I wish he had more to wear though" for those stories you wanted to write. Look no further!! Hopefully... Here are some bodyslide files for a few select outfits I love to use but was sad they slimmed my character down.

Permissions and credits
Hey there!! have you ever loved an outfit but hated how your atlas of a character became meek and flat. I hope so because here are some bodyslide files to fix that!! Well, for Super Hero Body. I usually use NightWing preset because to me it looks more natural but that will not effect you because these are only going to add the ability to morph them in bodyslide for you. So if you prefer Kurt, Batman, Maximum or any of the others, you will have the power to do it. You will need:

Super Hero Body of course by Smorris2012

Bodyslide by Ousnious and some knowledge on how to build morphs and edit groups. I find it easier to add the outfits to the SHB group so you have the presets already.

B.A.E may be required for some outfits since some are in BA2 format and may not produce results without the meshes actively in the data folder. (You would need to extract just the main file)

As for the Outfits, for now

Railroad Variations by Yulliah

Shino Clothes  by ShinoBoru

Wasteland Drifter Outfits by Femshepping

CROSS_BrotherhoodRecon by Niero

TheKite's Handmaiden by Niero and Th3Kite

TheKite's MilitiaWoman Outfit by Th3Kite and Niero

CROSS_Chosen_Of_Atom by Niero

CROSS_2077 by Niero

CROSS_Courser Strigidae by Niero

CROSS_MohaveManhunter by Niero

CROSS_Wasteland_Ronin by Niero

CROSS_Pre-War Cybernetics by Niero

CROSS Uni BoS Uniform by Niero

CROSS_InstituteExpeditionarySuit by Niero

Shino Male Additions by SavrenX (They are really called something else but if you have them, you know what they are)

ASA Male Convert by SavrenX (On his Blog)

El Men's Underwear Conversion by Elza and AltheaR

Vietnam War Gear Collection by LittleMan117 and AussieShepard

Evil Detective by GrinningUrchen

DC Legends Deathstroke Legendary Armor by AthenaX

Laurefindil New Clothes by GlorefindelCotton

Mercenary Pack by L0rd0fWar (Make sure to not be wearing gloves or the B-90 suit gloves will bug out and you will need to wear gloves all the time)

Explorer's Outfit by Scot

Chinese Stealth Suit by Unoctium

Stealth Suit by Crishark

Apocalypse Survival Set by MyCart, BZW, Svarttjern

Tactical SWAT Officer Armor by MyCart, BZW, Svarttjern

RepConn Hazardous Environmental Suit by MyCart, BZW, Svarttjern

Flynn Lives - Tron Grid Suit by SkyWest1218

Private Military Company by Danny, EvTital, TomaHawk and Neto

Nano Suit 6.2 by Vasstek

Adidas Tracksuit by Oynlyn and DeathbyKitty Adidas Tracksuit Reupload

Hera Gym Wear by Phibbs

Courier Duster by Darkman32197

I will be adding more as I use them during gameplay or if you request something and I like it! Weelll, I honestly do not have to like it, I may just add it just to see it for myself.

I am going to keep each on separate so you will not have to sift through and find the one you do not need. One thing to know about the Shino Base (shoes), when converting in bodyslide, the body has a bigger rib cage, set of thighs and butt than the SHB preset. So you will get clipping if you do not lower those before building the outfit. I have been using them with other mods that give me pants but I am sure it will also work on bodysuits or things of the like just up the setting they clip through. Do not save over the preset, just build it so you do not mess with the original base. 
You can add them manually by taking the data folder out of the zipped folder and drop it in for fallout folder or use NMM. They should automatically come up in your list. I did not give them their own slider groups, I just gave them names Like "Shino Blah blah SHB Refit" and "RRrefitSHB". They should all have the name refit, SHB or Male "Something something"-name of the item- so you know the difference.

Thank you Modders for making this possible!! And keeping my Characters fresh!

Those looking for the Vanilla/ Dlc Conversions take a look here. Vanilla/Automatron by Luceferi, Far Harbor by User_35188365, Nuka-World by Luke 1987

Body Talk conversions done by Ulfbearth. Looking for More SHB conversions? Look here by G121534917!

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Bodyslide Support for Femshepping and Radbeetle Female Outfit pack colab