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Adds a variety of standalone cats to the game, obtainable through the Wasteland Workshop cage system. Diversifies existing cats in the game.

Permissions and credits
Inspired by mm137's Craftable Cats, this mod adds over a dozen (19) standalone cat varieties to the game, all of which can be captured in the cat cage provided by Wasteland Workshop. The cats function exactly the same as the vanilla cat, meaning they add happiness to settlements, use cat food bowls and cat idle markers, such as the ones provided by Invisible Furniture. It also gives the named cats throughout the Commonwealth a different look (Toro, Ashes, Dora, Emmett, etc.)...

As of version 1.5, all cats in the Commonwealth, Nuka World, and Far Harbor have been 'diversified'. Let me know if I missed any! The cat textures provided by Nuka World were added to the cage system (one of which was broken, as Bethesda forgot to pack the referenced material file with DLCNukaWorld-Main.BA2). I also made a custom, more-fitting texture for Luna.

NEW IN V2.0: Diverse Cats + Diverse Dogs combined plugin - only takes up 1 esp slot!

Obviously, Wasteland Workshop is required. Versions 1.5 and up require Nuka World and Far Harbor. This mod is compatible with any mod that doesn't alter the Cat Cage entry (DLC02WorkshopCageCat), or the base entries for the named cats throughout the base game. If you're using a mod that changes lighting values within cells (Interiors Enhanced), load this mod first as it will cancel out the lighting changes for that cell if loaded after. Any cat replacer texture you have will just affect the original gray tabby cat provided with vanilla.

The 2 in 1 esp is not yet fully compatible with Beast Whisperer. Whatever mod is lower in the load order will override the other. Having Beast Whisperer lower will remove all changes to the standard junkyard dog. Having this mod lower will remove the ability to use a junkyard dog as a companion. A compatible version will be released once I have permission.

Please feel free to share any questions, criticism, images or suggestions you have, and please report any bugs you find. All textures were used with their respective creator's permission.

Thanks to:

Wolflady500 for textures sourced from their mod Cat_kitty recolor_retextures
mm137 for textures sourced from their mod Craftable Cats
neeher for the texture from their mod Tuxedo Cat Retexture
Xazomn for the Savannah Cat texture sourced from their mod Crows and Creatures
BerndR for their Mountain Lion Texture for Cats

and for Diverse Dogs:

smorris2012 Alternate Dogmeat Labrador Dogmeat
dracofish Sable Dogmeat
wrig675 Bellyache's Dogmeat Mutts
dpillari More Natural Dogmeat Eyes
akalor Dogmeat Simple Recolor
7iger Classic Dogmeat Aurburn Husky Shadow the Dark Husky Siberian Husky Red Cattle Dog Dogmeat 
Original Boss Shadow (Dogmeat texture mod)
MissMorose Floppy Eared Dogmeat

If you like this mod at all you should think about endorsing their mods too. It would've been extremely difficult to make this without textures to use.

Made with FO4Edit, Bethesda Archive Extractor, Nifskope, and Material Editor