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My random tweaks and patches

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Utherien Energy weapons WSE patch- patches X12 and AER 15 to be stronger than the basic versions and makes them use WSE keywords. In future this may remove the scripted leveled lists and the chem menu.

X02 Some Assembly Required Patch- buffs Unoctiums X-02 and adds some more enemies to  the exterior of the red rocket station it is locked in

Some assembly required tweaks- restores thet full T-45 in sanctuary and replaces the X-01 treasure hunt with two full sets in dangerous places in  the commonwealth. These places are:

In vault 75 on a minimum level 30 gunner commander and in a damaged frame by the crashed vertibird in the glowing sea, now protected by two dozy deathclaws

I don't do requests, but bug reports or balance feedback are welcome.

NAC Tweaks- disables some effects i don;t like so I don;t have to worry about messing with settings every time I want to start a new game.

Natural Scenery ENB Tweaks- makes interiors a fair bit darker, especially really bright ones like the Institute. Makes lighting outside a little bit brighter as well. Also makes the horizon at night darker and soem other small tweaks that I don;t remember. I recommend Ultra interior lighting plus the darker plugin for that and ENB Lights Overhaul remember to delete cagebulb01 from that) https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/25682?tab=files&file_id=114764

T6M Perks no loaders - t6m perks without any load perks