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This mod adds half width walls, doorways, roofs and double thickness floor in both vanilla metal and wood styles as well as matching railings.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds new metal and wooden walls, functional doorways, roofs and the upper shack floor at half the width of the original items. This pack also comes with matching railings. All models are new, custom made based on the vanilla ones so they match your existing shacks. All the items are snappable. The doorways should be compatible with all normal-sized snappable doors, vanilla or not.

I recommend using NMM to install it, but a manual installation should work just fine as well. Regardless, always backup your save files before installing and using a mod.

As with any mod that adds custom constructible objects, always make sure to remove all objects created with it before uninstalling in order to prevent broken saves due to referenced objects that can no longer be loaded.

Objects and compatibility
All the items can be found in the vanilla categories and therefore this mod will probably not play nice with any other mods that change those categories.

Structures > Wood
  • Floors > Shack Upper Floor - Half
  • Walls > Shack Doorway - Half
  • Walls > Shack Wall - Half
  • Roofs > Shack Roof - Half
  • Miscellaneous > Shack Railing - Half

Structures > Metal
  • Walls > Metal Doorway - Half
  • Walls > Metal Wall - Half
  • Roofs > Metal Roof - Half
  • Miscellaneous > Metal Railing - Half

The snapping can be a bit weird especially with the new roofs due to the way snapping points were created on the vanilla objects. Nevertheless, all placement configurations should be achievable. If a particular piece appears to be difficult to snap in the desired position, changing your position in relation to the object you want to snap it to seems to help.