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Drivable Jeep.
Brings the test/concept Jeep from one of our other mods into its own standalone mod. It's been used often as a test platform and concept vehicle (which can be seen in differences between the 4 versions of the Jeep included here).

Permissions and credits
Decided to put the concept/test Jeep into its own mod.
...why not.

Hello: =)
Adds a drivable/ridable Jeep.

The test/concept Jeeps from our Trucks mod.
...some Jeeps come without certain things that are/were doomed to be left by the wayside.... 
...anywho, they are what they are...

0) If you can't find it in the work shop menu (likely very far to the right):
The Trucks should be in it's own category in the main workshop menu, normally far to the right end. If you don't see them (icon is a keychain with a Giddy head), try traveling to the center of another settlement (doesn't have to be a vanilla settlement, but does have to be a fully functional settlement) to kickstart the menu install script.

1) Automatron and Far Harbor are necessary, without recourse.

2) Jeep B and Jeep B2 are the main ones.

3) I don't feel like taking the time to add the headlights on these. You'll likely see them in the upcoming APC mod.

4) This is a 'No Frills' mod, meaning no quests, interiors, customization and such, simply the Jeeps. Again, it's a standalone version of our test/concept Jeeps, so not really going for a robust '4 Teh Ummersionz!' thing here.

5) Yes, the wheels do move...sometimes a little too much...a side-effect of having a pseudo suspension'ish system. =P

6) Once more...these are/were concepts/tests...to test certain we may or may not add as time goes by (for example, the front left/right turning wheels on Jeep C).


Known Issues:
There's a few... =/

0) Do not try to enter another ride while on a ride.

1) Asking a companion to ride is problematic. Just not consistent. If you do ask them (or Dogmeat) to enter, make sure they do before you enter...or tell them to do something else if they are taking too long. Also, best just to leave Strong or anyone in power armor behind, as it doesn't look great and may cause an eventual crash.

2) Every so often, the Jeep loses it's ability to tilt (forward/backward/left/right) as it goes over terrain. It's not great to begin with, but should do *some* tilting, so just store and rebuild it.

0) When installed with any of those Button Lowered Weapons, Lowered Weapons, Weapon Lowered mods, dismounting the Jeep may end with a face issue (though very rare). This is actually a vanilla bug (because we use Vertibird's as a base for theseJeeps). Exit the game and the face should come back. Otherwise, make a choice which mod you want to use, those or this.
1) Any mod that edits the animations for vertibird mount/dismount.  Confirmed issue with Vertibird Jump.
2) Possible issues with Amazing Follower Tweaks.

To uninstall:
Leave any settlement, then save, ext and delete/remove all this mod's files manually or through your preferred mod manager application.

As always, be kind, helpful, and remember that someday you may need help and that it might be a good idea to keep bridges un-burnt.

Thank you. =)