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Adds the Russian Altyn assault helmet and a mask to go with it. All new meshes and textures (2048x2048) and 9 different paints to choose from.

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The Altyn is an assault helmet, it's used by entry teams in close quarters and protects the wearer from pistol rounds and shrapnel. Its main users are Russian special forces like Alfa Group and Vympel.

The helmet's shell is made of titanium and later in its lifetime the inside side was lined with protective aramid fiber which allowed the thickness of the shell to be reduced. 

Originally the helmet was made by a Swiss company (TIG) and the helmet was called Psh-77. Later the Russians started making their own with some changes to the design. The company which started producing them was NII Stali.

The model in this mod is the Russian one with no radio modification and with a titanium visor housing instead of the rubber one which was on earlier models.

The commercial version of this helmet is called the K6-3.

I'm a big fan of the Metro series and their awesome in-game outfits and that epic Redux cover inspired me to put this in-game. 


All the meshes and textures have been made by me in Blender and Substance Painter 2. The only thing I've reused is the glass texture/material for the visor and collision for the GO files.

Altyn Helmet -There are two versions of the helmet--one with the visor down and another with the visor up. Both versions have GO files so you can inspect them in the menu or drop them on the ground without having some vanilla helmet showing up. 

There are 9 paints to choose from including the default olive drab. From camouflage tiger stripes to shark teeth to black special forces with kill marks. Many with special effects.

There are a handful of vanilla linings which can also be added. 

The vanilla gas mask can also be worn with this. 

Mask - I've included in a black mask which can be worn under the helmet, I've seen it worn in multiple photos so I thought it would be a good addition.

There are two versions of the mask--one to be worn alone and another with the helmet. The reason there are two is because of a conflict with armor slots. 

These can be crafted at any Chembench under, "ALTYN ASSAULT HELMET."


Nothing should conflict with this mod. They're added in new items. 


I will not be making an Armorsmith Extended patch.

I might make more paints if I find a good combination.  


Under no circumstances may this mod be edited and re-uploaded on Nexus or any other site. Nor will I allow any part of it to be used in another mod without my permission.

Tools Used and Credits

Bethesda Game Studios and the Creation Kit, Blender, Substance Painter 2GimpDDS plugin for Gimp 2.8 by Alexandre Prokoudine, NifSkopeBodyslide and Outfit Studio by Ousnius and Caliente, Bethesda Archive Extractor by jonwd7, and Material Editor by ousnius.

Mods Seen in the Screenshots and Videos

AK74M - Assault Rifle by FX0x01 - Vadim Spiridonov - Ha_ru 

Steyr AUG A1 by FX0x01 - WarDaddy - Navaro - Comrade Bear and other

Metro Gas Masks by Nutulator

Fatigues Extended - Military Outfits and Reinforcement Abilities by Nutulator