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Craftable Legendary mod on workbench just like modding your gears
DOES NOT REQUIRE .bat file or console command

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  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • German
  • French
There haven't been any update/test to fix issues please look at junks808 mod with the DLC content

Other mods that are still active/include more attachment
DankRafft - "Crafting Framework - Armor . Power Armor . Weapons . Legendaries" 
gokuGX - "Legendary Modification Enhanced"

Legendary Modification

This mod allows you to craft legendary modification on your armors, weapons and even power armors.
Work with an item that CAN HAVE legendary attribute such as the legendary weapons and armors pieces you find.


Other Languages
Not translated/Host by me

Traduction Française
Легендарные модификации 

SAVE before updating, the different difficulty will cause some items to be lost on updates.
Update Changelog
-package all patches
---add 2LM - any mod any weapon
---add 2LM - Weaponry Overhaul
---add 2LM - Concealed Armor
---add 2LM - AKCR
-ALL 1.61 Version INCLUDED in FOMOD
-remove all "remove" option (not needed due to updating optional for 1.61 version)
-2lm craft only light armor (light/standard)
-----like light combat/light leather/etc not Heavy Combat/Heavy Leather
-2LM craft only base weapon (standard)
-----such as Hunting Rifle/10mm Pistol and not Sniping rifle/Tactical 10mm Pistol

Version / Difficulty

Legendary Modification - Easy - Standard
  • Able to craft/make legendary modification to you gears
  • CANNOT detach mod
  • Very simple, and very easy with other MOD/Language

Detachable - Very Easy
  • Able to craft Legendary
  • CAN detach mod and place on a different item

Detach Only - Normal

  • CANNOT craft legendary
  • CAN ONLY detach and transfer existing mod to a new item

Trade-In Only - Hard
  • CANNOT craft legendary WITHOUT scrapped material from legendary
  • ONLY legendary scrap "Effect Chip" to make a new legendary mod
  • CANNOT detach mod
Recommended Mod with this version Customize Legendary Enemy Spawning by The Iron Rose

CHEAT Version
- Cheat
  • No perk requirement
  • No material requirement
  • No level requirement

Most immersive version
Crafting legendary

  • Crafting legendary mod will require the materials from the game and along with the scraped legendary material "Effect Chip"
  • When legendary are scraped they will give different amounts of Effect Chip. It will very base on the legendary mod that you scraped
  • All legendary weapon mod will not have a Perk requirement. Require Level is listed in README
  • No Detaching
Unlocking Legendary Mod
Leveling up your character will unlock legendary modification. It's just base on player level.
  • Starting at level 10 you will slowly learn legendary armor modification as you level up
  • Starting at level 13 you will slowly learn legendary modification for weapons
  • Starting at level 20 you will unlock Power Armor legendary modification
All the modification require a level to be unlocked

Changing Version/Difficulty
Will not lose any legendary item
Effect Chip can be lost! ( Use them before changing Version/Difficulty)
Misc mod attachment item can be LOST! ( Put them on weapon/armor so that you won't lose any )
Will not crash the game


Optional Files

2 Legendary Modification
This optional mod will only make weapons and armors that are crafted from the "2LM - Workbench" able to have 2 Legendary Mod.
It does not make any of the game base weapons or armors able to have 2 legendary mod.
ONLY standalone weapons and armors provided by this mod will be able to have 2 legendary
Patch Available
-Concealed Armor
-Armor Keyword
-Weapon Balance Overhaul
-Any Mod Any Weapon

Chinese Stealth Armor Legendary MOD
  • Add a modifiable legendary that permanently be invisible when sneaking
  • Will not show up as a legendary featured item but the mod is there
  • Named "StealthBoy" in mod

Misc Modification
  • Add some legendary that you can find in-game
  • Add some minor custom legendary effect

Groknak's outfit
  • Allow Groknak costume to be put on other armor/cloth




All Weapons and Armor Mods such as

Known conflict
  • Legendary Two-Shot Mod Fix - make "detach" function to not work for Two Shot
  • Scrappable Legendaries - make "detach" function to not work
  • Alternate Settlements - Does not show the 2LM workbench (something with too much editor id???)
  • All mod that edits Legendary Modification effect/damage/description/etc will cause some conflict such as "detaching"

Fallout 4 patch 1.2.xx +
I highly recommend using the Fallout 4.exe to play the game instead of the Fallout 4 Launcher.exe
The Fallout 4 Launcher.exe will disable all plugin
Another work around to use mods for the new patch


Check out all of the videos!
It's in the video section of this mod!


The legendary effect are already overpowered in its own way
Not everything in this mod will be "balance" for you but will be for others.

IF you want it to work with all clothes/hats/glasses/other
check out my other mod Legendary Clothes

If you want YOUR Armor MOD to be able to modify with legendary please read the article


Use Nexus Mod Manager to install or uninstall

For Manual installation or uninstallation please read
How To Manually Install Fallout 4 Mods


Changelog is in README on the website!

Updating/Installation/Uninstallation Is in the README