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Adds Legendary Modification compatibility to Automatron and Far Harbor. Also fixes a few major bugs present in the original mod.

Permissions and credits
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
Install the same version that you chose for the original Legendary Modification.

Required Mods:
Legendary Modification by teaLz
Armor and Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) by Valdacil and Gambit77

[Made with FO4Edit]
This mod adds Automatron and Far Harbor functionality to the original Legendary Modification by teaLz.  It also addresses some of the broken features present in the original mod.

Make sure you install the matching version for your version of Legendary Modification, as mismatching may have catastrophic results!

I'm fairly new to modding, and only made this because the original author hasn't updated Legendary Modification yet, so it may not be perfect. I kept things as neat and as close to the original mod as I could. Please let me know if there are any oddities in this mod, and please be sure to back up your saves. I've tested this for a short while myself, but it's always possible that I've missed something.

Additional Fixes:
The original mod's broken CHEAT Version has been fixed.
Vanilla legendary effects could not be added at all in this version.

The original mod's broken 2LM+Normal mode combination has been (mostly) fixed.
Legendary effects could not be reattached in the original mod when using 2LM in conjunction with "Detach Only - Normal" mode. I've done what I could to fix this, but there are some quirks. Under certain circumstances, while scrolling through the 2LM Legendary mods, the game may let you craft a 2LM that you don't have the required components for. I've tried multiple times to fix this, but there seems to be something, whether a glitch in the game itself or a lack of knowledge, that prevents me from doing so. If you run into this issue, it should fix itself if you exit/enter the workbench. Keep in mind that this oddity is only present when using 2LM in conjunction with "Detach Only - Normal" mode. Normal mode on its own should be completely fine.

The original mod's broken 2LM+Very Easy mode combination has been fixed.
Originally, vanilla legendary effects would not detach/reattach properly, requiring materials each time when using Very Easy with 2LM activated. This has been fixed!

Removing legendary effects while using Very Easy mode no longer costs materials.
Fixed a small oversight in the original mod that put component requirements on the removal of legendary effects.

Enraging is now available in 2LM
Previously, "enraging" was replaced with a duplicate "freezing" effect in the second legendary slot.

2LM + Detach Only - Normal Mode Notes:
Placing a legendary in the second legendary (2LM) slot requires two of the desired legendary mod.  Upon successfully placing a mod in the 2LM slot, those two mods will be consumed to create a "2LM" version of the mod for you. For instance, if you wanted to place "Violent" in the second legendary (2LM) slot, you would need two, non 2LM "Violent" mods. This was done for two reasons: to retain some semblance of balance, and to "fix" the original mod.  Please note that when you detach this "2LM" Violent mod from your equipment, it will be labeled as "Violent (2LM)" in your inventory, and can only be placed into the 2LM slot of any given item from that point forward.

Optional Compatibility Patches:
When using compatibility patches, make sure you meet the requirements listed in the installer. You will CTD otherwise.
(2LM) Concealed Armors: Requires Concealed Armors by Nisas
This compatibility patch allows you to conceal 2LM armors.

(2LM) Honest Abe's Armor Series: Requires Honest Abe's Armor Series by AbeLincoln55
This compatibility patch adds a second legendary slot to HAAS equipment.

Survival Requirements:
Atom's Judgement: Level 39
Blazing: Level 13
Charged: Level 13
Deadeye: Level 39
Defiant: Level 39
Duelist's: Level 25
Frigid: Level 13
Hitman's: Level 13
M4 Carbine: Level 25
Steadfast: Level 25
Resilient: Level 25
Resolute: Level 25
Striker: Level 39

Acadia's Shield: Level 39, Armorer 4
Atom's Bulwark: Level 25, Armorer 3
Auto Stim: Level 25, Armorer 3
Cloaking: Level 39, Armorer 4
Cryogenic: Level 13, Armorer 1
Diver Suit: Level 39, Armorer 4
Incendiary: Level 13, Armorer 1
Inquisitor's: Level 13, Armorer 1
Rad Powered: Level 25, Armorer 3
Unyielding: Level 25, Armorer 3
Overboss Tesla Coils: Level 39, Armorer 4, Science 3

Future Plans:
Nuka World Compatibility. 
From what I can see, there's just one new legendary effect - Overboss Tesla Coils.  I also plan to add the armor sets to the 2LM workbench. 
The underarmor, hats, and other misc items are a distant last.  There's a
LOT of new stuff here, and adding these to every mode's .esp file will
take quite a bit of time!

Thanks and Credits:
ElminsterAU, Hlp, Zilav and Sharlikran for FO4Edit
teaLz for Legendary Modification
Valdacil and Gambit77 for Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR)
Wenderer for FOMOD Creation Tool
DaWul for the Spanish translation and general help with FOMODs.
ZobiOneKenobi for the French translation.
nestquik for the Russian translation.

DRS Airwolf for helping with fixes in .66.3
FGmodule for helping with fixes in .66.2