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Adds a dozen new legendary effects you can apply to your gear with Legendary Modification.

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This mod is my attempt at creating legendary effects that are so awesome, they're Mythic!  I'm probably failing miserably at that, but they say practice makes perfect.

Please don't forget to check to ensure you have all the requirements.  I am very happy to troubleshoot issues and to attempt to make any new modifications you can suggest a reality, but if you don't have a requirement installed and your game CTDs, I am going to mock you mercilessly.  (Not really, but please...)


  • Mythic Protection (formerly just "Mythic", updated in v2.7, see comments tab) - Adds 3,000 radiation resistance, plus 600 of all other resistances, including exotic ones like poison and bleeding.  This should allow you to survive anything that isn't a mini-nuke.  It's intended for use on normal armor when you don't feel like using power armor, but you could also apply it to all 6 pieces of power armor and become god himself.
  • Bolt's Speed - Increases movement speed by 40%.  Move with the speed of Usain Bolt himself!  (Mod not actually endorsed or used by Usain Bolt.)
  • Anti-Gravity (new in v2.7) - Doubles, or really more than doubles, your jump height.  Pair this with a jetpack and you can easily ascend up to the freeway.  Sorry, I got no witty comedy remark for this one.
  • Deadly Fists (new in v2.7) - Adds 500 extra damage to all unarmed attacks.  Do you remember that time you wanted to play a Church of Atom Monk but your punches were less like getting bitch-slapped by a god and more like being annoyed by a small child?  No, just me?  Well, it's time to give it another try!
  • Extra Special - Simply adds +3 of every SPECIAL attribute.  Go out there and be EXTRA SPECIAL, DAMMIT!
  • Inner Peace - Vanilla Bolstering, but like, ACTUALLY USEFUL, MAYN!  Adds +30 energy and damage resistance for every 10% health you're missing, up to +270 resistance.  Keep in mind, this is extra resistance.  It's not as tanky as Mythic, but if you stack this with Ballistic Weave 5, it's pretty damn close.
  • Master Thief - Increases the sweet spot on every lock.  On Master-level locks, this means half the entire radius is considered to be the "sweet spot" now.  The next time Nick Valentine tells you how hard it was for him to pick locks on the other side of a door, just show him this and remind him you escaped from a cryo pod - WHILE FROZEN.  Yeah, who's the expert locksmith now, Valentine?!
  • Plot Armor (updated in v2.7) - Have you ever had one of those days when you felt like Deadpool and you just HAVE to break the 4th wall?  Yeah, me too. This reflects ALL melee damage (used to be 90%) back at the attacker.  Hilariously, this makes radroaches and mole rats kill themselves.  Wild dogs too.


  • Very Rapid - Doubles Rate of Fire and decreases reload speed by 50% (meaning it's twice as fast.)  Especially powerful on weapons like the Minigun or Submachine Gun to spit out as much lead as humanly possible.
  • Highly Explosive - Adds explosions on impact dealing 50 damage.  Similar to the vanilla effect (that only deals 15 points of explosive damage) this damage is affected by the Explosive Experts perk, meaning it will deal 100 damage with the maxed perk.  It also has drastically reduced damage falloff so enemies near the edge of the explosion still take 70% damage (vanilla effect only deals 50% damage at the edge) and also has increased force.
  • Very Powerful - Multiplies any Ballistic, Energy, and Radiation damage already on the weapon by four.  It's quad damage.  Since it's a direct multiplier, it scales with the weapon you put it on, so putting this on a sniper rifle will yield far more dramatic results than a 10mm pistol.
  • Frangible Rounds (new in v2.7) - So yanno how Wounding was so "meh" right?  Well this is like that without any "meh" at all remaining.  Now your rounds deal 300 bleed damage over 10 seconds.  Now when you shout "I'M GONNA KILL YOU!" you can follow it up a few moments later with "TOLD YA!"  Talk about adding insult to injury!
  • Butt Smash (new in v2.7) - Ok, so no, this has literally nothing whatsoever to do with anal sex.  Well...probably.  Adds 300 damage to all your gun bash attacks.  And before anyone asks, NO, I am not adding an actual anal sex attack legendary effect.  Well...again, probably.
  • Flash Freezing (updated in v2.7) - Adds 100 Cryo damage.  This is a flat amount of extra damage and since it's Cryo, basically nothing in the entire game is resistant to it.  Used to be 300 Cryo damage, but now it ALSO freezes enemies on EVERY hit, so I figured what's a little less damage among friends who are frozen in ice, right?
  • Ten Shot (kinda updated in v2.7) - Fires 10 projectiles at the cost of a single round.  The vanilla "two shot" legendary on steroids.  Putting this on a MIRV Mini-Nuke may crash your game due to the sheer raw amount of explosions and damage, so BE CAREFUL.  Note that this ADDS 9 more projectiles, meaning while at first it might seen insane on a shotgun (10x projectiles on a shotgun omgwtfbbq?!) it will actually just add 9 more pellets.  Still powerful, but on a shotgun in particular, Very Powerful will yield more damage.  Update: I tried something new with this in v2.7 but in my testing I do not believe it actually multiplied projectiles for shotguns.  Try it yourself and see if you notice a difference!
  • Extremely Penetrating - Ignores 90% of an enemy's damage and energy resistance.  In a certain sense, this is the least crazy thing on the list.  Basically, enemy armor becomes almost entirely moot.  Obviously this makes this modification much more useful against deathclaws and raiders in power armor than radroaches, but you weren't having any trouble with the radroaches anyway...right???
  • Antisocial - The perfect effect when you need to kill Kellog, Hitler, or a Deathclaw with a Pipe Pistol and only one bullet.  Actually, it's a HORRIBLE choice for the Deathclaw, but it'll work bloody wonders on Kellog and Hitler.  Simply increases any damage on the weapon by 300% against Human targets.  Originally designed for convincing Preston to shut the f**k up, hence the name.
  • Stunlocking - Sometimes, you want to play with your prey first.  The vanilla Staggering effect is alright, but it has only a 30% chance on simi-auto weapons and a measly 4% chance on automatic weapons.  FOUR PERCENT!  Stunlocking, on the other hand, does not discriminate.  It has a 90% chance to stagger on ANY weapon, and causes 50% more stagger when it does so.  Now you can stagger Super Mutants, too!


So yeah, a couple more things.  Note that the game actually has separate damage types for Electric and Energy damage, but the UI displays them as a single resistance.  This is a vanilla bug and I can't do anything about it.  Additionally, there is a known issue with Mythic not showing any ballistic/physical resistance.  I have done extensive research and testing on this bug and I cannot replicate it.  If you experience this bug, please PM me your load order.  Perhaps with a larger sample size of test subjects, I can find the cure fix.  UPDATE: I believe v2.7 should've FINALLY fixed the ballistic/physical DR bug in Mythic Protection.  Let me know in the comments!

Last, try to be sensible about these.  I have intentionally put zero restrictions on which weapons or armor these can be applied to.  However, if you stick Bolt's Speed on 11 armor pieces at once, don't be surprised when you sprint so fast that the game can't load the next cell until you're halfway across it and your game crashes.


And that's it!  Please also note that these will also work with modded items if those items have Legendary Modification support.  That's actually why I made this mod - I got sick of having to open every single modded weapon and armor I downloaded in FO4Edit and "fix" them because their resistance values were all so horribly low.  This method is MUCH easier.