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Contains a number of different bugfixes in a single package to decrease the chance of multiple bugfixing mod conflicts.

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Kimothy's Bugfix Compilation is a collection of different fixes for bugs in Fallout 4.  By organizing them all into a single mod, KBC decreases the chance for conflicts between multiple individual bug fixing mods.  It is recommended that you use KBC in place of all of the individual mods that it can serve to replace.  Optional files are included separately to prevent any possible balance issues with the base mod, and other patches exist for bugs or fixes with other mods.

The base KBC mod fixes things including:
  • MacCready's soldier toy uses the proper material, and fixed the spelling error in the title
  • Inconsistent capitalization errors on certain items such as ash and melon blossoms
  • Double spacing in items like Children of Atom Long Rags
  • Spelling errors on certain objects
  • Fixed internal naming on some items

NOTE:With version 1.2 changes to weapon damage types have been moved to an optional secondary file
Changes with this mod include:
  • Flamer, heated super sledge/power first, and other burning weapons use fire damage instead of generic energy damage
  • Cryolater and legendary freezing weapons use cryo damage instead of generic energy damage

Separate patches for mods are included for:
  • Legendary Modifications Enhanced; changes freezing mod to use cryo damage instead of energy damage

If there is a bug that is not covered by this mod, let me know and I'll try to add it as soon as possible.  Also, if you would like a separate patch for another mod, suggest it in the comments.

Made with and for Fallout 4 version 1.4