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Creator: teaLz
Conributors: Alucard92 & JWORA

Cheat - REMOVE all Level/Cost/Perk
Very Easy - Craftable/Detachable Legendary ( Does not require effect chip )
Easy - Craftable Legendary ( Does not require effect chip )
Normal - Detach Only ( Does not require effect chip )
Hard - Trade In Only ( Require effect chip )
Survival - 1.7x ( Require level, effect chip, and not detachable )

What is Effect Chip?
Scrap item from legendary item only

Installation/Uninstallation Using Nexus Mod Manager
I highly recommend using Nexus Mod Manager instead of manually installing


Manually Installing Main FILES
Move the LegendaryModification.esp file in a "difficulty" to you fallout 4 data folder


Manually Installing Optional FILES
Move the optional inside the same "difficulty" folder to you fallout 4 data folder


Enable the fallout 4 plugin.txt by putting the exact name of the files you added

You need to edit Fallout4Prefs.ini in
C: > Users > xxxxxxxx > My Documents > My Games > Fallout 4
add the line bEnableFileSelection=1 below to [Launcher]
should look like this

To activate the plugin go to
C: > Users > xxxxxxxx > App Data > Local > Fallout 4
turn show Hidden files to see the App Data Folder
edit the plugins.txt to add your .esp name
should be something like this along with your other mod .esp name

Armorsmith Extended.esp

After enabled
Just use Fallout4.exe to play Fallout4

Fallout Patch 1.2x+ WILL DISABLE MOD
Using the Fallout4Launcher DISABLE everything

and launch the game with Fallout4.exe not the Fallout4Launcher.exe


Updating with Nexus Mod manager
Remove old version from "all profile"
Install new version


Updating Manually
Remove ALL of the old file
Put the LegendaryModification.esp in your Fallout 4 data Folder
Put any or none of the Optional in your Fallout4 data folder
\\Fallout 4 \Data


Uninstalling Manually
Remove/delete LegendaryModification.esp and its optional files

Q: Does this mod make everything able to become legendary?
A: No, it depend on the armor/clothes or weapon.

Q: Does it work with other armor mod?
A: Yes, it doesn't makes change to any armor and this file is not an armor mod.

Q: I don't see some legendary mod/does not show up the category
A: Some mod have restriction, the right part of armor will make it show as it was intended for that piece by the game.
A: You are using a Armor mod that doesn't ENABLE the legendary attribute with their armor. I cannot fix it, for it is their Armor MOD.
A: You see the "No Legendary" but missing some legendary, you have not reach the minimum level! See README unlock level below

Q: I have the legendary mod on my weapon but it show crafting requirement is none
A: You have not reach the require level, but it will be detachable even if it show "none" material requirement

Q: How do I move the legendary to another weapon?
A: To detach the legendary mod, select "No Legendary", because immersive it require Effect Chip

Q: Where is Effect Chip?
A: It's a scrapable item from legendary
A: Version 1.61 REQUIRE Scrapper Rank 2!!! Effect Chip is a RARE item from scrapping legendary
A: Version 1.7x Does not require Scrapper Rank

Q: The workbench menu is not showing up!?!
Q: How many mod do you have active? I have over 40+ mods and it take a while for the game to "background" load it to appear, so just wait for the workbench to load it up. This apply to all of your other mod too.

Q: Where is the Chinese Stealth Armor Effect/Mod
A: It is display AS StealthBoy. It will not be consider "Legendary Featured Item" but will work! (have a star next to the name)

Q: There is a bug!
I'm only Human, I also make mistakes.
This was made using fo4edit, not everything is perfect and readable atm
In some rare case it happen with other mod or just you, but i will try my best to fix it.
Most of the time it is usually game load order!
Use UPDATE!! It might have been fix. Otherwise just use only 1.61b (stable without any optional from 1.70+)


Restriction on Legendary Mod Mod

Automatic - Musket Only
Explosive - Guns
Nerver Ending - Restrict from some weapon such as Junk launcher
Nimble - Guns
Rapid - Guns
Acrobat - Non-Power Armor
Chameleon - Non-Power Armor
Powered - Non-Power Armor - Work on all after patch 1.74
Piezonucleic - Power Armor
Low Weight - Power Armor
Almost Unbreakable - Power Armor
Freefall - Non-Power Armor, Leg piece, and ONLY WORK when both leg piece has it
VATS Enhanced Hit Chance + 25% cost Range - Guns
VATS Enhanced 40% AP cost Melee - Melee
Two Shot - Guns



Chinese Stealth Armor Modification
add a modifiable legendary that perma invisible when sneaking

Add some new legendary effect
11 Total

Able to attach 2 legendary to standalone weapon/armor/power armor

Groknak's Outfit Effect.esp
Allow you to use Groknak's outfit legendary Seperate because of the 20% melee PER mod addon

-package all patches
---add 2LM - any mod any weapon
---add 2LM - Weaponry Overhaul
---add 2LM - Concealed Armor
---add 2LM - AKCR
-ALL 1.61 Version INCLUDED in FOMOD
-remove all "remove" option (not needed due to updating optional for 1.61 version)

-2lm craft only light armor (light/standard)
-----like light combat/light leather/etc not Heavy Combat/Heavy Leather
-2LM craft only base weapon (standard)
-----such as Hunting Rifle/10mm Pistol and not Sniping rifle/Tactical 10mm Pistol

-fix missing 2lm slot

-fix fomod name overwrite
-change ripper to overwrite(not standalone) to work for 2LM/Craftable
-add flamer to 2LM
-add junkjet to 2LM
-add baton to 2LM
-add rolling pin
-add Powered to Power Armor(Check Readme for require level)
------misc item
------create object list
-lower Piezonucleic Lining Cost

-fix freefall level requirement
-add remove level only option
-fix some spelling error
-make fomod install easier
-add to readme manual instruction to add remove options =(\
-refix previous change 1.72b/1.71

-fix remove effect chip for detach on 2LM
-fix remove effect chip on Remove effect chip and Level option

-refix 1.71 change
--was overwrite during fomod testing
//-fix switch blade
//-lower 2 LM power armor crafting level requirement
//--raider level 20 rank 2 armorer
//--t45 level 25 rank 2 armorer
//--t51 level 30 rank 3 armorer
//--t60 level 35 rank 3 armorer
//--t61 level 40 rank 4 armorer
//-lower level requirement for power armor legendary mod
//-adjust perk requirement to match power armor legendary level requirement
//-Allow adding Miscmod, Groknak legendary armor mod to PA

-fixed unique weapons crash to desktop on 2LM workbench

-fix switch blade
-lower 2 LM power armor crafting level requirement
--raider level 20 rank 2 armorer
--t45 level 25 rank 2 armorer
--t51 level 30 rank 3 armorer
--t60 level 35 rank 3 armorer
--t61 level 40 rank 4 armorer
-lower level requirement for power armor legendary mod
-adjust perk requirement to match power armor legendary level requirement
-Allow adding Miscmod, Groknak legendary armor mod to PA
Intergrate tweak by JWORA
-Add remove effect chip option
-Add remove detach option
-Add remove both effect chip and level option

One MAIN single .esp File
-Include regular materials
-Include scraped materials from legendary
-Only craftable with scraped materials from legendary
-REMOVED Scrapper Rank 2 requirement to get legendary materials
-Receive materials will vary depend on legendary 1-3
-All legendary are scrapable
-Include detach
-Detaching will require scraped legendary materials "Effect Chip"
---Weapon Detach Cost 6
---Armor Detach Cost 3
--Scrapping detached weapon/armor give no Effect Chip
-Legendary on Power Armor will REQUIRE both Science and Armorer Rank 4
-Legendary on Power Armor will have high level requirement to craft
-All legendary weapon modifier will not have any definite perk requirement due to detachable mod
-All legendary will have its unique crafting material requirement (not the same # materials as other)
-Leveling up will unlock legendary modification.
---Start at level 10 for armor + Rank 1 Armorer
---Start at level 13 for weapons - No Perk Requirement
---Start at 40 for Power Armor (Standalone legendary armor mod for PA)
---Cannot detach from armor to power armor /\/\/\/\/\/\/\
LEVEL will be list at the end of the this text

-A new Workbench craft via Settlement
-New Workbench can make
--Standalone weapon that can have 2 legendary mod
----Require Blacksmith/Science/Gun Nut rank
--Standalone armor piece that can have 2 legendary mod
----Require Armorer Rank
--Standalone Power Armor
----Require Level 40 45 50 55 60 for different set
-Legendary Requirement same as MAIN file

-11 total effect
Effect Will be listed at the end of this text

-Adjust Materials to match main

Groknak's Outfit Effect.esp
-allow you to use Groknak's outfit legendary



-repack correct update of detachOnly
-fix value of item after mod is detach to return normal

-fix FOMOD install path of Trade In instead of installing Detachable Trade In
-fix gatling laser 2x show - normal
-remove kremvh's tooth model overlap
-remove Cheat OMOD reference (not needed) for cheat/help prevent conflict with other mod
-fix misc mod showing up for some range weapon
-fix VATS Enhanced 40% reduce AP from Alian Blaster(this legendary was meant for melee)
-fix detachOnly armor legendary dupe

fix DetachOnly error in fomod
update readme.txt

-add Kremvh's Tooth Effect to misc - all
-fix typo Cunnning 3 n's -detachable
-fix typo Troubleshooter's Mood 2 o's -detachable
-fix typo Powerful insteader Poweful -detachable
-refix Alien blaster 3x show -normal
-fix Gun Nut for energy weapon to science - normal
-add Cheat Vers of Chinese Stealth Armor Mod
-add Cheat Vers of Misc mod
-add for detach only Chinese StealthArmor Mod
-add for detach only Misc mod

-fix explosive from melee
-(Trade In) Adjust Cost of Effect Chip (weapons)
---"type enemies" damage = 4
---regular/not overpower/require critical/require time/require effect = 5
---permanent effect = 6
---very strong = 7+
-adjust cost of Nuclear materials/Silver/Gold/Crystal for weapon
-fix freefall from power armor
-fix acrobat from power armor
-fix remove detach after replacing in "Trade In"
-fix freefall scrap effect chip recieved
-fix safecracker's scrap effect chip recieved
-fix scrap recieved item name
-fix two shot perk requirement removed from CHEAT ver
-fix alien buster showing 3x effects
-add detachabletradein to fomod
-Rank the version difficulty


add DetachableTradeIn as OPTIONAL DOWNLOAD (not inside fomod)

v1.55 -

-make detachable trade in into trade in only
-lower scraped item "Effect Chip" received
---set Effect Chip scrap scaler into rare
-remove effect chip from "misc mod item"
-misc legendary effect scrapable
-adjust some legendary modification/scrap cost/recieve
-remove unused file reference

-fix scrapping for effect chip

-fix "None" for detachabletradein
-add ChineseStealthArmor for DetachableTradeIN
-add Misc for detachabletradein
-Remove Nuclear Material Shipment edit for Detachable
-Remove Nuclear Material Shipment edit for DetachableTradeIn
-Remove Nuclear Material Shipment edit for LegendaryModification
-make Chinesestealtharmor detachable
-make misc detachable
-fix misc Constuctible Mod Replacement
-add remove option to CHEAT
-add scrapable legendary to CHEAT

-add a "None" no effect to Detachable
-add a Detachable TRADE IN

-fix nimble removed from melee

-fix Rapid removed from melee
-fix Two Shot removed from melee
-scrapable legendary (Detachable)

v 1.45
-Fix VAT Enhanced - 40% reduce for Melee ONLY
-Fix VAT Enhanced - Improved V.A.T.S. hit chance, 25% less Action Point cost for guns ONLY
-Fix Powered - Increases Action Point refresh speed. Restrict from using on Power Armor
----Piezonucleic Lining is meant to be Power Armor AP regenerate speed mod
-Fix Automatic for Laser Musket

v 1.37
-Restrict Chameleon from power armor seeing as power armor should have the Stealthboy chest mod
-Rebalance cost of materials Total

v 1.31
-Cheat version remove cost and requirement

v 1.30
-fix Weapon mod to show for ballistic
----Vats Cost
----VAThit chance
-fix Missing Armor mod

v 1.17
-Harder Version

v 1.15
-FIX missing "Two Shot" legendary modification

v 1.13
-Fix Perk requirement base on weapon
-Power Armor Restriction Only added
----Low Weight
----Piezonucleic Lining
-Restrict freefall to leg
-Remove Double "powerful" modification
-Never Ending ammo works with correct weapon only
-Automatic has restricted type of weapon

v 1.01
-removed other mod master file requirement
-bug with my previous mod require my other mod as master

v 1.00
-initial release 1/12/2015


Level Restriction List

Modification Level .esp file


Exterminator's 13
Assassin's 13
Ghoul slayer's 13
Automatic 14
Hunter's 14
Mutant slayer's 14
Troubleshooter's 15
Bloodied 15
Medic's 15
ShemDrowneSword 15 Misc
Kneecapper 16
Junkie's 16
Cavalier's 16
Sentinel's 17
Berserker's 17
Stalker's 17
Freezing 18
Powerful 18
Enraging 18
Diurnal 19 Misc
Violent 19
Poisoner's 19
Nocturnal 19
Kremvhstooh 20 Misc
Quickdraw 20
Incendiary 20
Nimble 20
VATS enhanced Melee 21
VATS enhanced Range 21
Plasma infused 21
Rapid 22
Staggering 22
Never Ending 22
GroknakAxe 23 Misc
Lucky Weapon 23
Incendiary 23
Instigating 23
WordSeriesLogo 24 Misc
Irradiated 24
Furious 24
Crippling 24
Explosive 25
Penetrating 25
Relentless 25
Two shot 26
Wounding 26
ALL 2LM Modification 26 2LM



Acrobat's 10
Assassin's 10
Bolstering 11
Exterminator's 11
Lucky 12
Freefall 12
Safecracker's 13
Ghoul slayer's 13
Hunter's 14
Punishing 14
Sharp 15
Martyr's 15
Mutant Slayer's 16
Cunning 16
Troubleshooter's 17
Poisoner's 17
Sprinter's 18
Fortifying 18
Titan's / Sentinel's 19
Cavalier's 19
Chameleon 20
Duelist's 20
Powered 21
VATS Enhanced 21
Goknak 22 Groknak
MiscMod+2 Stats 22-24 Misc
2LM Armor Modification Same 2LM


Power Armor

Safecracker's 15
Assassin's 20
Bolstering 21
Exterminator's 22
Lucky 23
Low Weight 24
Troubleshooter's 25
Ghoul slayer's 26
Hunter's 27
Punishing 28
Sharp 29
Martyr's 30
Mutant Slayer's 31
Cunning 32
Piezonucleic Lining 33
Poisoner's 34
Sprinter's 35
Fortifying 36
Titan's / Sentinel's 39
Unbreakable 39
MiscMod+2 Stats 40 Misc
Powered 41
Cavalier's 41
Chameleon 42
Duelist's 43
VATS Enhanced 44
Groknak 45 Groknak
2LM PA Modification Same 2LM


LegendaryModificationMisc List

Grognak's Axe - Melee
World Series Logo - Melee
ShemDrowneSword - Melee
Kremvh's Tooth - Melee
Diurnal (custom) Opposite of Nocturnal Weapon - All weapon
All Armor effect below
+2 Agility
+2 Perception
+2 Intelligence
+2 Charisma
+2 Strength
+2 Endurance