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  1. teaLz
    • member
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    Don't post about MOD not working
    The Fallout 4 Launcher DISABLE the plugin for mods
    and if you are reading this, it mean you did not read the mod description
    Does this mod make everything able to become legendary?
    No, it depend on the armor/clothes or weapon.

    Does it work with other armor mod?
    Yes, it doesn't makes change to any armor and this file is not an armor mod.
    I don't see some legendary mod/does not show up the category
    -Some mod have restriction, the right part of armor will make it show as it was intended for that piece by the game.
    -You are using a Armor mod that doesn't ENABLE the legendary attribute with their armor. I cannot fix it, for it is their Armor MOD.
    OR IF
    -You see the "No Legendary" but missing some legendary, you have not reach the minimum level! See README unlock level

    Where is Effect Chip?
    It's a scrapable item from legendary
    The workbench menu is not showing up!?!
    How many mod do you have active? I have over 40+ mods and it take a while for the game to "background" load it to appear, so just wait for the workbench to load it up.
    This apply to all of your other mod too.

    Chinese Stealth Armor Effect/Mod
    It is display AS StealthBoy
    Will not be consider "Legendary Featured Item" but will work!
    There is a bug!
    I'm only Human, I also make mistakes.
    This was made using fo4edit, not everything is perfect and readable atm
    In some rare case it happen with other mod or just you     but i will try my best to fix it.
    Most of the time it is usually game load order!
    UPDATE!! It might have been fix. Otherwise just use only version 1.61b (stable without any optional from 1.70+)
    Game CRASH
    Make sure you are not missing any MASTER files!
    Patches REQUIRE another master file!
    MANUALLY INSTALLING - Not recommended
    Put the files in the Fallout 4 Data folder
    To enable
    PLEASE WATCH Gopher's video tutorials
    2LM Clothes Compatibility Patch? No
    I will not do any compatibility patch with any other armor/outfit mod. Having the right legendary is already powerful, having 2 legendary is already overpower/gamebreaking (hence it is optional file), but having 2 legendary for all of the clothes/outfit with armor piece will be too much (Outfit and armor piece can be use together) . Most I did is make it vanilla outfit  able to have 2 legendary (Will not WORK with other ARMOR MOD). Either outfit (see my other mod) or armor piece with 2 legendary (Most likely to work with all outfit/clothes mod).
    If you want to make one go ahead, but I will not host it here on this mod.

    This was made using Fo4edit not a creationkit/GECK expect some bug
    This is also a mod, using with other mods might cause bug/conflict

    Effect Chip ID
    Due to a lot of post asking this
    Type in console
    help "effect chip" 4
    WITH quotation mark
  2. Alucard92
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    Hispanohablantes, debido a problemas de tiempo en mi vida personal y laboral, no podré hacerme cargo de la traducción al español de este mod. Podéis, sin embargo, descargaros las versiones antiguas de este mod, traducidas al español, desde la pestaña Files.
  3. ChristyPhilip
    • member
    • 91 posts
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    It says missing masters for Legendary Modifications compatibility patch. It requires anymodanyweapon.esp instead of this anymodanyweapon2.esp which is the latest version plugin.

    What should I do?
    1. Masterlix1982
      • premium
      • 378 posts
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      Search the bug section.
  4. holydirt
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    how do i change dificulty?
  5. ybi1995
    • member
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    Is it possible to make 2LM for mod weapons?
    1. Richwizard
      • member
      • 1,585 posts
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      Yes. You can edit the mod directly, or you can make a separate patch. You need to add the keyword "ap_Legendary2" to the "Attach Parent Slots". Works on armor too. Do you have any experience with FO4Edit?
    2. DankRafft
      • member
      • 983 posts
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      My mod Legendary Crafting Framework works with any kind of weapon and/or armour whether it's from the vanilla game or added by a mod. No patches or manual edits required. Everything is included right off the bat.
  6. lightguidste
    • member
    • 69 posts
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    any one know how to do something i am sure its a option from this mod but some how i cant get it to work on a X-02 PA , no problem adding 2nd legendary on my power armors up to and including the X-01 but the X-02 only has 1 legendary slot.
  7. amokrun1
    • member
    • 193 posts
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    Is this mod still supported? I was thinking of installing it but reading the comments I find nothing but bug reports and overall gripes with it.
    1. zhokar
      • member
      • 50 posts
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      There's a DLC/Fixes mod for this. If you don't want the "crafting UI bloat" that AWKCR brings, you're fresh out of luck - because the patch requires AWKCR.
    2. calscks
      • premium
      • 485 posts
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      try opting for VIS-G Legendary Modifications. created by a very trusted and experienced mod author of this site.

      i've never used Legendary Modification before but went straight away to use the above one just to see how stable it is. oh, it's very stable.
    3. Lystraeus
      • supporter
      • 82 posts
      • 4 kudos
      The mod works fine, people simply use these posts to ask for help.

      The update & DLC mod doesn't require AWKCR, that's author error. Easy enough fix in xEdit, which I posted there.
    4. BasHzz
      • supporter
      • 33 posts
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      The mod works as far as adding/removing legendary effects. However if you want to use the part where you can scrap legendary pieces for material to make legendary mods, I never could get that working. I tried reinstalling the mod everytime on each difficulty, and then did the same again once i downloaded the other mod that is a patch for this one. To anyone reading save yourself the headache and just get VIS-G mentioned above.
  8. sonpro684
    • member
    • 8 posts
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    Is there any way I can use 2 legendary mods on mod outfit? The legendary mods did showed up, but I can only have 1 legendary mod per equipment
    1. yhnsa
      • member
      • 2 posts
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      so far i figured that the only way to have 2 legendary mods is by crafting weapons/armors from the 2LM workbench
  9. WoodlandPixie
    • member
    • 3 posts
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    Why is it that the only legendary mod that is appearing is the grognak one?
  10. abdulhakeem
    • member
    • 39 posts
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    How do you actually remove/extract a legendary effect from a legendary item so that you can put it onto another item? (Normal Difficulty) I can't figure it out
  11. ShotVirus87
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    • 61 posts
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    The legendary mods dont show up only the miscellaneous ones do
  12. Mabra51
    • member
    • 287 posts
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    Cheat version of the mod doesn't work.