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The Champ is here! No, not John Cena, I mean the Champion of Kirkwall!

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Hello! This is my first Fallout 4 Mod.

This mod now supports both Genders Equally meaning it can be worn by Males and Females enjoy!

To obtain this outfit press the console key ` and type help "champ" 4 and the item will be listed as "Hawke's Champion Armor" Enter player.additem followed by the 8 digit id number and it will be placed into your inventory.

There are two versions of this mod:

The main file of this Mod Requires the following:
Armorsmith Extended
Legendary Modification
Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR)

Why does it require those? For the Various Workbench armor keyword slots. It will crash if you do not install these first.

If you do not wish to install these mods for any reason, do not fret. I have included a optional Vanilla File that is the full mod but with a different .esp designed to only require the Fallout4.esm. The Armor for this file has fewer Workbench slots to be warned.

The optional file of this Mod Requires the following:

The Fallout 4 game and nothing else...

When wearing the armor you may notice it has high stats onto it. This is because the armor itself is one full outfit set. Therefor the armor pieces have to reflect the DT and Rad Resistance as if you were wearing a normal outfit and a full set of combat armor pieces. This set also does not include a helmet. So feel free to wear whatever you like with it as headgear.

Another thing to note is that the Metal Armor Arm, Combat Armor Chest and Raider Leg Armors and Left Arm Armor coloring and textures are all based on what you have those set as for your specific game. For Example to get the Black Metal Armor my character is wearing you would need to download Metal Armor Black Re-color by agentbrea. So if you prefer your armor to be a different colorign you will have to go hunting for armor coloring mods. Hopefully I'll be able to make proper re-colors myself one day but that's another adventure.

To install: Download file either Manually or with NMM and unzip the Data file folder from within the main file folder into your Fallout 4 directory and Data folders should merge together.

To uninstall delete the Hawke's Champion Armor.esp and the Champion Folder from the Materials, Meshes and Textures folder.


cat_woman1989 for helping me make this mod work and teaching me how to use FO4Edit/Nifskope/Material Editor better. Her Dark Drifter Outfit and Coat mod was used in providing the Lower Cape Armor around the legs. She also designed a custom arm tattoo for my character in which I have been given permission to upload with this outfit as a optional file. That arm tattoo however does require the mod Unique Player by d_rail1602 so you will need to download that mod and install it first before installing the tattoo mod.

Elianora for providing the base outfit of the armor with her Eli's Sleeveless Outfits (VANILLA AND CBBE) she also made the Hawke Blood Smear Face Paint that my character uses in the screen shots and for making screenshots of her own that are featured here as well!

Eferas for making The Bad-Ass Vault Dweller Long Coat mod which provided me with the inspiration to even make this mod in the first place.

I seriously could not have created this look without any of these mods. So Kudos and big thanks to all these users!