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This mod is an expansion/addon of Legendary Modification by teaLz and adds new legendary effects with more variations.

Permissions and credits
                 Legendary Modification Enhanced

This mod is an expansion/addon of Legendary Modification by teaLz and adds new legendary effects with more variations. So far 96 new legendary effects has been added. Armors, Power armors and Weapons are all covered. More will be added soon. Now it will cover all the extended DLCs soon.

It supports all the variants of Tealz's Legendary Modification including optional versions like 2LM and Misc ALTHOUGH the effects are unavailable in 2LM workbench cause it will be too OP. So instead of adding 2 legendary effects by 2LM workbench, you can add 1 legendary effect with more advanced effects in Standard workbench. In other word its a simple way to to avoid 2LM.  But still you can use this with 2LM except my expanded legendary effects won't be available in 2LM workbench.
The legendary effects does not depends on Effect Chip instead it relies on Armorer, Science and Nuclear Physicist perks. The more versatile and powerful the effects the more higher ranked perk will require to unlock it. The reason i didn't include Effect chip is cause Tealz's Legendary Modification has multiple versions - Easy/Normal/Survival and not all versions are require Effect chip which means i had to make multiple versions as well. But i'll include the chip in future versions when this mod is complete.


Legendary Effects
  • Cunning Duo                                                           
  • Sharp Duo                                                                
  • Fortifying Duo                                                          
  • Cunning Trio                                                             
  • Sharp Trio
  • Fortifying Trio
  • Sharp Quadro
  • Sharp Ultra
  • Sprinter's 2X
  • Sprinter's Max
  • VATS Enhanced 2X
  • VATS Enhanced Max
  • Hunter's 2X
  • Hunter's Max
  • Ghoul Slayer's 2X
  • Ghoul Slayer's Max
  • Assassin's 2X
  • Assassin's Max
  • Mutant Slayer's 2X
  • Mutant Slayer's Max
  • Poisoner's 2X
  • Poisoner's Max
  • Exterminator's 2X
  • Exterminator's Max
  • Troubleshooter's 2X
  • Troubleshooter's Max
  • Duelist's 2X
  • Duelist's Max
  • Titan's 2X
  • Titan's Max
  • Martyr's Powered
  • Bolstering Powered
  • Cavalier's Powered
  • The One Protector
  • The One Abomination
  • The One Justice

Power Armor

  • Almost Unbreakable 2X
  • Almost Unbreakable Max
  • Unbreakable Punisher
  • Unbreakable Punisher Max
  • Embodiment Fortify
  • Embodiment Shield
  • MegaBoosted


  • Lucky Weapon Pro
  • VATS Enhanced Pro
  • Penetrating Pro
  • Irradiated Pro
  • Hunter's Pro
  • Assassin's Pro
  • Ghoul Slayer's Pro
  • Mutant Slayer's Pro
  • Exterminator's Pro
  • Troubleshooter's Pro
  • Cavalier's Pro
  • Sentinel's Pro
  • Powerful Pro
  • Powerful ProX
  • Crippling Pro
  • Crippling ProX
  • Incendiary Pro
  • Incendiary ProX
  • Wounding Pro
  • Wounding ProX
  • Quickdraw Pro
  • Quickdraw ProX
  • Freezing Pro
  • Freezing ProX
  • Freezing XTreme
  • Plasma Infused Pro
  • Plasma Infused ProX
  • Plasma Infused XTreme
  • Violent Pro
  • Violent ProX
  • Violent XTreme
  • Rapid Expert
  • Two Shot Pro
  • Explosive Pro
  • The one Crusher
  • The one Destroyer
  • The one Fatality
  • Slayer Ruthless
  • Slayer Abomination
  • Slayer Bloodied
  • Energetic
  • Energetic Core
  • Energetic Fusion
  • Blazing Pro-DLC
  • Charged Pro-DLC
  • Charged ProX-DLC
  • Deadeye Boost-DLC
  • Deadeye Canyon-DLC
  • Defiant Pro-DLC
  • Frigid Pro-DLC
  • Frigid Ultimatum-DLC
  • Hitman's Pro-DLC
  • Hitman's ProX-DLC


  • Install this mod first : Legendary Modification by teaLz. The Main file is required. Install any version you want. All of them are compatible.
  • Now install my mod.
  • Make sure my mod loads after Tealz's Legendary Modification.


None as far as I've tested. This mod does not change anything of Tealz's Legendary Modification nor any Vanilla effects, instead it adds new legendary effects with new id's. So it is compatible with all versions of Tealz's Legendary Modification and every other mods out there :)

Tealz for Legendary Modification
Fo4edit team