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A follower based upon the Stingray Deluxe jet (and Alien UFO)

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  • Russian
Silver Streak

Stingray Jet:  version 1.16
Alien UFO:      version 1.9


A follower based upon the Stingray Deluxe jet (and Alien UFO) ...

Key Notes:

 • Fully Voiced Beeped!

 • Silver Streak can be used with other companions

 • There are missions to enhance Silver Streak's weapons and capabilities

 • The very latest in Stealth Field Technology for those sneaky covert mission assignments

 • Optional periodic scanning to detect and mark enemies at a distance for early warning of threats

 • Gains the benefits of the "Inspirational" perk when selected, and the "Lone Wanderer" perk can be selected to gain its benefits when travelling with just Silver Streak (because Silver Streak is a "Teammate" instead of full "Companion").

 • Available at the beginning of the game: visit the new RC Enthusiast map marker in the northwest corner of the world map beyond Sanctuary.

 • Two models to choose from: Stingray Deluxe jet and Alien UFO - use only one, not both.  But note that the Alien UFO version has a more limited set of features than the Stingray Jet version.

For additional information, see the Silver Streak's Notable Features article or the in-game Holotape.

WARNING: Install only one of the downloads provided by this mod

WARNING 2: Not compatible with "bad guy" Player Characters; e.g. when allied with Nuka-World Raiders


Install using a mod manager, or unpack the mod and copy the .ESP/.ESL and .BA2 files into the game's \DATA folder, then enable the mod.

Position this mod's .ESP/.ESL file to be as low as it will go in your "Load Order" sequence.

ESP/ESL Compatibility:

Saved games that currently use an .ESP mod are not compatible with an .ESL of that same mod. Similarly, saved games that are currently using the .ESL for a mod are not compatible with an .ESP of that same mod. That is a basic game restriction in terms of switching between .ESP and .ESL versions of a mod. There is no "fix" or workaround -- it is inherent in the game's design.

So, to switch from .ESP to .ESL, or from .ESL to .ESP, you must:

1 ) uninstall the mod
2 ) load the current saved game
3 ) create a new saved game (while that mod is not installed)
4 ) install the other download of that mod
5 ) resume play with that newly created saved game

Objects and NPCs provided by the mod will not be there now and must be created once more. Similarly, quests will need to be done again.


No special requirements. None of the DLCs are required.

Known Issues:

A grenade icon is likely to appear when using the Silver Streak Controller - ignore it, just a vanilla game quirk.

Due to the vagaries of Fallout 4's varied terrain, Silver Streak may sometimes have trouble following along when hindered by obstacles, or may otherwise become confused with regard to "pathing" opportunities. When that occurs, just continue adventuring and Silver Streak will soon be "unstuck" via special scripting. Alternatively, use the Silver Streak Controller to issue a Recall command.

Known Conflicts:

Use only one of the Silver Streak downloads (Jet or UFO, .ESP or .ESL).

The Wild Wasteland mod conflicts with one of this mod's quests.

Unlimited Companion (Follower) Framework and Amazing Follower Tweaks both have conflicts with Silver Streak by forcing standard "companion" dialog/command interactions, which can seriously "break" my scripting and Silver Streak's subsequent behavior. The same holds true for other mods that override NPC behavior to force being a companion. Those kinds of mods can be installed, and used on other NPCs where appropriate -- but *never* use them to "recruit" Silver Streak, or to manage Silver Streak, or interact with Silver Streak, or affect Silver Streak in any way. Never force Silver Streak to be managed in any way by some other mod. Instead, always use Silver Streak's own Controller functions.


This mod may not be reused in part or whole for any purpose other than its original intent. It may not be uploaded to any other web site. Get in touch with me if you wish to discuss things; for example, translation into a non-English language.

Change Log:

See the Changes tab for details.


Bethesda Softworks - for the original Models and Textures [I merely provided the ingenuity and scripting to bring Silver Streak "to life"]

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In Memoriam:

In memory of my Father (may he Rest In Peace) who was a model airplane maker (gliders & gas powered) and an RC enthusiast.