Fallout 4
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About this mod

A simple mod that adds a SendTo command to any power armors you come across so that you can teleport them to your settlements without having to interrupt your current quest. To enable, create Power Armor Docks at your settlement(s)

Permissions and credits

I. Getting Started
    Start by creating at least 1 Power Armor Dock at one of your settlements. The Power Armor Dock is found right next to the Fast Travel Mat. Current Mod supports up to 25 docks.
II. Now What?

    Walk up to a power armor. A new "SendTo" command will appear. Typically this is activated by hitting SPACE on PC. A dock menu will
    appear listing the Docks and their status.

    Status Is:
        Not Created
        In Use

    A. Not Created:

         This status means you have not created a dock for this slot (or you scrapped it). Clicking on a "Not Created" dock will do nothing and simply refresh the screen.

    B. Available:

         If a Dock is Available, when you click on it, you will get a brief summary of the dock with its location and 2 buttons: ASSIGN/BACK. Docks can be built in multiple
         settlements, so you may wish to click around if you have a specific Settlement in mind.

    C. In Use:

         If a Dock is In Use, clicking on the Dock will tell you something about what is assigned there. The location and a piece of the armor (Torso or helmet)


     If you are at a settlement and you select SENDTO on an already docked powerarmor and then you click another assigned powerarmor in the dock
     menu, you will see an option to SWAP the powerarmors. This can work even between settlements:

IV.  Unassign

        To unassign a PowerArmor from a dock, simply get into the Power Armor. The act of activating the powerarmor will unassign it from any DOCK it was 
        assigned to.

V. Other

     - In Workshop Mode, when you highlight a Dock, it will show the Docks Number
     - If you pick up and move a dock that has a Power Armor assigned to it, the Power Armor will teleport to the dock when you set it down.

VI. Credits

    - Idea : drhamm
    - Mat : lapdragon (New with version 1.02)
    - Programmer - Dheuster