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A simple mod that makes it unsafe to rest in uninhabited areas at night. Your sleep can be interrupted by an enemy ambush or any number of wasteland creatures.

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A simple mod that makes it unsafe to rest in uninhabited areas at night. Your sleep can be interrupted by an enemy ambush or any number of wasteland creatures. 


Sleepless Nights was compiled with Fallout 4 patch 1.10.114. It may or may not work with older versions of Fallout 4.


A) How Often will I get attacked?

In normal mode, you are safe to sleep in the daytime. The probability of being attacked at night is determined by how long you sleep and your luck:
  • 1 hour   : 10% chance of being attacked
  • 2 hours : 13%  chance of being attacked
  • 4 hours : 20%  chance of being attacked
  • 8 hours : 50%  chance of being attacked

  • Poor Luck  (0 -> 3) multiplies odds of getting attacked by 1.25
  • Good Luck  (7 -> 9) multiplies odds of getting attacked by 0.75
  • Great Luck (10+)    multiplies odds of getting attacked by 0.50    


If you sleep for 7 hours, normally there is a 20% chance of being attacked. If your luck score is 3 or less, that increases to a 25% chance. If your luck is 10 or more, odds drop to a 10% chance. 

B)  Enemies

The number of enemies in a wave is determined by your level. After level 35,  there is a 50% chance you will get a second random wave of enemies if the first roll succeeds. IE: You might get a group of deathclaws and a group of raiders all at once. 

C)  Safe Locations

You are always 100% safe to sleep in big cities such as Diamond City, Goodneighbor, Bunker Hill, Vault 81, Far harbor, Arcadia, Nuka Town and Most Vaults. You are also generally safe to sleep in your Faction Stronghold.

In normal mode, you are also safe to sleep in the daytime and in owned settlements. However settlements are only safe at night if their defense rating is 20 or higher. Night is considered the hours between 9:30 PM and 5:30 AM.

In Nightmare mode, you can be attacked even in owned settlements. However, settlers may help defend the player.

Finally, if you are attacked on a given day, you will not be attacked the next time you sleep unless you enable the option to allow multiple attacks per day. 

Nightmare Mode

Users can optionally enable Nightmare mode. In nightmare mode:
  • You can be attacked anytime you sleep, day or night
  • Basic settlements no longer offer protection. 
  • Only big cities and indoor strongholds are safe.
  • Every 7th day, sleeping carries a 50% risk of being attacked by a Ghoul Horde
Ghoul Horde:
A ghoul horde is a sizable group of ghouls that arrive in 3 waves. Each wave is tougher than the previous. Hi-level glowing ghouls can emit a radiation burst that heals and resurrects nearby dead ghouls from earlier waves. This is what makes Ghoul Hordes particularly dangerous. One stray final boss can resurrect all 3 previous waves at once. 
So keep an eye on your Game Day. If it is divisible by 7, find shelter or be prepared for a major battle.

Daydream Mode

An optional mode for users who want sleepless nights to be less challenging so they don't have to reload their save games as much.   In this mode:
  • You can sleep up to 2 hours with 0% chance of being interrupted
  • Sleeping for 3 or 4 hours is less risky
  • The Max Number of Sleeps before a mandatory attack is doubled
  • Sleeping within the boundaries of any settlement is safe. Ownership and defense rating don't matter.
  • Enemies still level with the player, but the number of enemies stops increasing at level 20. 
  • No larger-than-man sized enemies. IE: No Behemoths or Deathclaws
  • No possibility of a second wave of enemies or Ghoul Horde.

Shameless Self Promotion

This mod was created to complement the mod Amazing Follower Tweaks
 in order to increase the value of multiple companions and a portable camp with defensive capabilities. While recommended, AFT is not needed for this mod to work.


After being installed, you will find a Misc Holotape in your inventory called "Sleepless Nights Settings"

  1. [ ] Nightmare Mode - Toggle this option on if you wish to play in nightmare mode.
  2. [ ] Daydream Mode - Toggle to play in Daydream Mode
  3. [ ] Allow Multiple attacks per day -  Toggle if you don't mind being attacked multiple times a day.
  4. Force Attack After [ ] Sleeps - determines max sleeps in uninhabited areas before an attack is forced.
  5. Prepare for Uninstall - Select to shut down Sleepless Nights Scripts. Recommended before disabling the mod. 
  6. Tab to Exit - Reminder, but also offers a back door to the Debug Menu. Click 6 times and it changes to [Debug Menu].