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Custom-name up to 100 locations to (instantly) teleport to, in or out of PA/Doors/Combat.

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*** Completely NEW mod.  Rewritten in it's entirety.  May use BOTH Personal Teleportation Device (PTD) AND this mod together, giving you a chance to (re-)customize current favorite locations. ***

Brief:  Custom-name up to 100 locations to (instantly) teleport to, in or out of PA/Doors/Combat.

Description:  Personal Teleport that allows you to customize up to 100 teleport locations, including the name, and always remembers the last location (Last Resort & Bar) that you used the terminal to teleport from.  Use the Personal Teleport to teleport to/from indoors, to/from outdoors, DLC areas, inside/outside Power Armor, in/out of combat.  It just works anytime!  And you only have to set up each customizable entry once!

Power Armor:  Summon a power armor frame to your location.  Build it up.  Put whatever pieces that you want onto it.  They'll stay on the frame, I promise.  Includes the ability to return the power armor to a home location set by you.  Use Rename Anything to rename the power armor (optional), and the Personal Teleport to make the name (basically) permanent.  (The game tries VERY hard to change the name at every opportunity.  I've mitigated MOST of these occurrences.)

Fuel Usage:  Optional fuel usage allows you to use Fusion Cores as fuel.  Options include 5-30% drain per use.  A message will pop-up if you attempt to use PT without any fuel left (if fuel usage is enabled).

Storage Trunk:  Summon a storage trunk to your location.  Add whatever you want to it (that you can normally put into a trunk container).  They'll all stay-put in the trunk, I promise.  Includes the ability to return the trunk to a home location set by you.  Use Rename Anything to rename the storage trunk (optional).  (When you return the trunk to it's home location, unless the cell it's sent to just happens to be loaded, it won't have the correct z-axis rotation.  This is a game limitation.  I've mitigated this somewhat, but if you see the trunk at a different angle than you remember, just send it to it's home location again (since the cell is obviously loaded if you are staring at it), and it'll straighten right-up and behave!)

Extras:  Includes a few select locations from Fusion City Rising, Outcasts & Remnants, and Project Valkyrie.

How to use:  Set a key for the Summon Teleporter hotkey in MCM.  Press said hotkey when you wish to use the Personal Teleport.  (Note: This is the ONLY hotkey required to use this mod, in-case you are running out of hotkeys on your 104-key keyboard...)

Requirements:  Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE): 0.6.15+; Mod Configuration Menu (MCM): 1.35+; TextInputMenu (TIM): 1.13+; and Rename Anything (RA): 2.6.8+

Game Version:  Tested with Fallout 4: 1.10.130

Compatibility:  Compatible with EVERYTHING!  With or without any DLCs.  Place anywhere in your load order.  Doesn't matter.

Thanks:  registrator2000 and Neanka for existing; ianpatt, behippo, and purplelunchbox for Fallout 4 Script Extender; registrator2000, Neanka, and shadowslasher410 for Mod Configuration Menu; Neanka for TextInputMenu; registrator2000 for Rename Anything; and Elminster, Sharlikran, Zilav, and Hlp for xEdit (TES5Edit).

Q:  Why do you require so many hotkeys just to use this single mod?
A:  I don't.  The MOD only requires ONE hotkey to function properly.
Q:  Why to you require fuel (fusion cores) to use this mod?
A:  I don't.  It's optional.
Q:  Why even have it as an option?
A:  Because players whined and complained until I added it.  Other than that, I'm not actually sure why I added it.
Q:  What is the Last Resort & Bar?
A:  It's a marker placed at the last location you teleported from (using the Personal Teleport).
Q:  Why did you name it "Last Resort & Bar"?
A:  'Cause SOME players think it breaks "immersion" to be named "Last Teleport Marker", whatever "immersion" means (in a game).
Q:  Why did you eliminate the Map Markers (except for the Last Resort & Bar)?
A:  'Cause there is no practical way to rename the map markers.  I could include them with names like, "Custom Map Marker 023", if you want...
Q:  Why does my custom power armor sometimes have "PT Power Armor" as a name?
A:  Already answered in the description, above.
Q:  Why does my storage trunk sometimes seem to be at the wrong angle?
A:  Same answer as the question directly above this one.
Q:  The pictures only show six or seven custom markers, NOT 100 like you claim!
A:  Is there a question?  It's a static picture.  I didn't feel like going all around making custom markers.  I could've faked it, but decided not to.
Q:  Ha!  The pictures only show FIVE or SIX custom markers, NOT six or seven like you just claimed!
A:  Still waiting on the question.  Please re-count.
Q:  Why do you use Creation Club content in your game?
A:  'Cause I want to.
Q:  Why did you include some non-settlement places, and not others?
A:  I had better things to do.  If you knew how many HOURS I spent JUST setting up the ONE HUNDRED custom markers you can use, well, you MIGHT appreciate why I didn't include Wattz Consumer Electronics or Rocky Narrows Park in the pre-fab Vanilla/DLC lists.
Q:  Which power armor and/or storage trunk is the "primary" one?
A:  Index 0, marked with an asterisk (*).
Q:  What is this whole "locking and unlocking" power armor about?
A:  It's a safety mechanism, to keep you from harming... you.  But if you feel you've been locked out of your God-given right to summon a power armor that is currently in use, by all means, feel free to *FORCE* unlock it.  (Disclaimer:  Not responsible for anything that happens after that.)
Q:  I accidentally deleted a power armor, after confirming my choice to do so in that annoying pop-up warning.  How do I get it back?
A:  Oops.
Q:  But I had some expensive customized pieces on it!
Q:  In the pictures, why does your character seem to have a female name?
A:  I'd rather stare at women than hairy, sweaty guys while playing.  Sue me.
Q:  Why do I have to exit the terminal just to name/rename my custom marker?
A:  Game limitation while using TextInputMenu (TIM).
Q:  I don't like the suggested name that it shows!
A:  Okay.
Q:  Why did you suggest that name?
A:  I didn't.
Q:  But SOMEONE did!
A:  Ralph, at Bethesda.  Give him a call.
Q:  Well, I'm not going to use that suggestion.
A:  Okay.
Q:  What's "Toggle Radio" about?
A:  It allows you to assign a hotkey to toggle your in-game radio on and off.
Q:  What about "Interior Fast-Travel"?
A:  It allows you to assign a hotkey to enable fast-travel from an interior.  Works most of the time.
Q:  But there are already mods which allow fast-travel from an interior!
A:  Yup, and one is mine.  That's why nobody is forcing you to assign a hotkey to it.
Q:  Why did you include an option to "Summon Companions"?
A:  It was already there (in this mod), so I just decided to give the player the option to access it directly.
Q:  What is this "Terminal Display Rate" thing about?
A:  It sets the speed at which characters are displayed on a terminal.  Any terminal.  (The Pip-Boy is NOT a terminal.)
Q:  I changed Terminal Display Rate, but nothing happened when using a terminal.  Still slow/fast as ever.
A:  It won't take effect until you use the Personal Teleport terminal again.
Q:  Don't other mods change the Terminal Display Rate, as well?
A:  Yup.
Q:  Won't this setting conflict with their setting?
A:  Possibly, but you'll always win by changing it in this mod.  (Sorry/not sorry, other mod authors.)
Q:  What is this "Collision Toggle" about?
A:  It allows you, the player, to toggle collsions in the game off and on.  The way it is setup, the game will try VERY hard to path you to the Personal Teleport terminal.  Like REALLY hard.  Like through walls, floors, ceilings, into the void, etc.  So if you weren't aware of your surroundings, and accidently summoned the Personal Teleport and got sucked out into the void, toggling collision OFF will allow you to "fly" back into the game.  (Can also be used to cheat...)
Q:  Isn't this entire mod cheating?
A:  Yup.
Q:  But you are ruining the ENTIRE game by making this mod!
A:  Sweet!  Thanks for your kind words!
A:  :)
Q:  On fuel usage, I want to be able to do xyz, instead.
A:  Cool.  Goals are good.
Q:  I ran out of Fusion Cores, and now I can't teleport!
A:  Who enabled using fuel???  And who can disable using fuel???
Q:  Are you an ahole?
A:  Yes.
Q:  Why?
A:  Learned behavior.  Mostly from dealing with console players.  I'm actually a rather laid-back nice guy, unless you are a d/ah/b to me first. :)
Q:  Will this F.A.Q. section ever end?
A:  Probably not.