Fallout 4

About this mod

My Outfit pack that contains all of my previous work (B-90, Rebel, SNCR) plus a new Gunner overhaul and Wastelander outfits that fits for exploring the commonwealth.

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Mandarin
  • Italian
  • German

Description :

All the outfits had been designed to blend in game with vanilla assets, my aim was to create a cool looking designs without going too far from the game vibe.

 The mercenary outfit designed to give the Gunners leaders the fearsome look, it comes with three variants (light, medium, Heavy) all could be upgraded through the work bench, you also could change the armor colors and customize it to your liking. all the armor pieces that fit on top of The Mercenary works as a layered armor, you could also use it on top of vanilla underarmor.

the lower ranks of the Gunners have there own outfits and Gear too. and bare in mind that you could use vanilla layered armors with any of the above so you have better customization options.

Wastelander outfits had been added to NPC's level list and you also could buy most of the outfits from commonwealth vendors.

The Rebel old design have been updated with slightly better textures, rigging and proportions. also there are 3 more variants with head gears and scarf. B-90 and SNCR also had same updates. you can still craft them from Armorsmith Extended bench.

No More pip-boy clipping issue :)

How to get The outfits :

all outfits has been added to npcs level list and commonwealth vendors, it's recommended that you buy the Mercenary outfit from the vendor it has the ability to change it's color unlike The outfit Gunner leaders wear which has only single color.

Old outfits could be crafted or bought from vendors, except B-90 which could only only be crafted or looted.

Patch 0.2 :
* changed the AE craft section to be  more easier to find.
* fixed pip-boy invisibility issue caused by left arm gunner armor.
* fixed invisible gunner chest armor.
* alterred level list (gunners will use the merc gear more often)
* tried to avoid armor clipping as possible (clipping issues still exist).
* all armor slots are now available, it's your choice to equip layered armor or not. (beware clipping will hunt you down :D )
* added an alternative version for wastelander outfit without shoulders.

Patch 0.1 :

* All outfits now available via AE work bench.
* Fixed SNCR long coat female issue with missed up weights and improved male version as well.
* Fixed Mercenary female first person pip-boy clipping issue.
* Fixed wastelander first person clipping issue.
* Fixed some minor clipping issues with chest pieces.
* You can now fully equip all mercenary armors and outfits (rebel, SNCR, Wastelander, B-90 not included)
Note : there is minor clipping issues with some outfits.
* Altered level list for the gunners, Gunner brigadier will always equip
the heavy armor ( if you use no cheats and vanilla weapons only they
will be tough as hell to beat ).
* Mercenary outfit and pieces that gunner uses could be now upgraded as well.
* Fixed female left shoulder piece missed up shotgun shell weights.
* Minor Unnoticed fix's and tweaks.

Craftable outfits - Armorsmith workbench section
Merc Backpack                          "ACCESSORIES - BACKPACKS"
Rebel Backpack                         "ACCESSORIES - BACKPACKS"
Scavenged NCR THolster R        "ACCESSORIES - GUNS ON HIP" (thigh holsters)
Scavenged NCR THolster L        "ACCESSORIES - GUNS ON HIP" (thigh holsters)

Merc Gear A                              "ACCESSORIES - HARNESSES"
Merc Gear B                              "ACCESSORIES - HARNESSES"

Scavenged NCR SHolsterG         "ACCESSORIES - HARNESSES" (dual gun shoulder holster)
B-90 Jetpack I                          "ACCESSORIES - JETPACKS"
Scavenged NCR SHolsterK         "ACCESSORIES - MELEE WEAPON ON BACK" (knife on back)
Rebel Scarf                               "ACCESSORIES - SCARVES"
Merc Armor Left Arm                "ARMOR - MERCENARY"
Merc Armor right Arm               "ARMOR - MERCENARY"
Merc Armor Left leg                  "ARMOR - MERCENARY"
Merc Armor right leg                 "ARMOR - MERCENARY"
Merc Armor Chest Piece            "ARMOR - MERCENARY"
Mercenary gas mask                  "ARMOR - MERCENARY"
Mercenary mask                        "ARMOR - MERCENARY"

Mercenary gloves                      "HANDS - GLOVES"
Wastelander Gloves                  "HANDS - GLOVES"
Rebel Gloves                             "HANDS - GLOVES FOR LONG SLEEVES"
Scavenged NCR GasMask           "HEADGEAR - FACE MASKS FULL"
Rebel Gas Mask                         "HEADGEAR - FACE MASKS LOWER"
Merc Balaclava                          "HEADGEAR - HATS"
Merc Combined Headgear         "HEADGEAR - HATS"

Merc Ski Hat                              "HEADGEAR - HATS"
Rebel balaclava                         "HEADGEAR - HATS"
Rebel Combined Headgear        "HEADGEAR - HATS"

Rebel Hoodie                            "HEADGEAR - HATS"
Rebel Ski Hat                            "HEADGEAR - HATS"
Scavenged NCR GasMask Hood  "HEADGEAR - HATS"
Wastelander Hoodie                  "HEADGEAR - HATS"
Merc Ski Hat (w/Hair)                "HEADGEAR - HATS W/HAIR"
Rebel Ski Hat (w/Hair)               "HEADGEAR - HATS W/HAIR"
B-90 Helmet I                            "HEADGEAR - HELMETS"
B-90 Helmet II                           "HEADGEAR - HELMETS"

Scavenged NCR Helmet             "HEADGEAR - HELMETS"
WasteLander Gas Mask              "HEADGEAR - HELMETS"
WasteLander Mask                     "HEADGEAR - HELMETS"

Scavenged NCR Helmet (w/Hair)"HEADGEAR - HELMETS W/HAIR"
Merc Balaclava (UH)                  "HEADGEAR - UNDER HELMET HOODS"
Rebel Balaclava (UH)                 "HEADGEAR - UNDER HELMET HOODS"
Mercenary outfit                       "OUTFITS - GUNNERS"
Merc Combat Jacket A              "OUTFITS - GUNNERS"
Merc Combat Jacket B              "OUTFITS - GUNNERS"
Merc Combat Shirt A                 "OUTFITS - GUNNERS"
Merc Combat Shirt B                 "OUTFITS - GUNNERS"
Merc Combat Shirt c                 "OUTFITS - GUNNERS"
B-90 Armor                               "OUTFITS - INSTITUTE"
Reacher Jacket                         "OUTFITS - RUGGED"
Rebel Cutoff Sleeve                   "OUTFITS - RUGGED"
Rebel Jacket                             "OUTFITS - RUGGED"
Rebel outfit                               "OUTFITS - RUGGED"
Rebel Outfit WG                        "OUTFITS - RUGGED"
Rebel Shirt                                "OUTFITS - RUGGED"
Scavenged NCR Armor All          "OUTFITS - RUGGED"
Scavenged NCR Armor               "OUTFITS - RUGGED"
Scavenged NCR Long Coat         "OUTFITS - RUGGED"
WasteLander Coat                     "OUTFITS - RUGGED"

Craftable weapons - Weaponsmith workbench section
Sknife                                        "MELEE WEAPONS - BLADES" 

Requirement :

Install :

make sure to uninstall all my previous mods (B-90, Rebel, SNCR) before installing this pack, Use NMM.

Uninstall :

Use NMM, or delete files manually.

3D Tools :
3ds max, Zbrush, 3dcoat, quixel suite.

Special thanks for :
FO4Edit, 3ds Max Nif Plugin v3.8.0

Credits :

Bethesda SoftWorks - Fallout 4
L0rd0fWar - The Mercenary - Pack - main author of plugin, material, mesh and texture files
Gambit77 - additional plugin work
Griffin (RaffTheSweetling) - additional plugin work, material files work, retextures
AmaekilShath - retextures
OhDeer (BenderSKR) - retextures
Thirdstorm - additional plugin work

Permissions :

you are free to make your own textures and share them if you want.

Notes :

for people who give themselves the right to take my hard work and share it for public without permission.

* Bethesda owns fallout 4 and it's assets but it doesn't own my models and textures that has been made by me, so don't give yourself the right to share it and claim that Bethesda owns it.

* Sharing my work in public for free doesn't mean you own it, you can enjoy it but i have the right to distribute it as i see fit.

* When someone spend hundreds and thousands of hours to create something for you to enjoy, you say thank you, that is the normal human behavior, if you feel other than that then you need serious help.