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Modernized Minutemen Overhaul that features FCOM patches.

Permissions and credits
Minutemen Army is a continuation of my Commonwealth United & New Commonwealth Minutemen Corps mods.

Starting from scratch, I completely revamped the meshes and LL load-outs. I also kept the requirements to a minimum for simplicity. Some are hard requirements and need to be active while others are soft requirements that merely need to be installed (esp not required).

All the equipment has appropriate stats and weight.
Everything is craft-able at the Chem bench under "USMC Combat Gear".
Everything is up-gradable at the armor workbench.
Hard Requirements Breakdown:
AWKCR V.4.02

Armorsmith extended V.3.3
WH-77 Modular LSW Redux V.1.2b
RAW Launcher V.4
RU556 V.2.0
FCOM - Fallout Commander V2.7 (Optional) Used with all optional FCOM patches
West TeK Tactical Optics V2.0 (Optional) Used with the FCOM - Commando Patch

Soft Requirements Breakdown:
Eyewear and mask retexture
The Mercenary Pack V.0.9c
Primez Military Fatigues V.8.1
Nomex Gloves V.1.0

2-Optional requirements
3-USMC - Modern Warfare
4-USMC - FCOM Patch
5-USMC - FCOM Airborne Patch (Requires USMC - FCOM Patch)
6-USMC - FCOM Commando Patch (Requires  USMC - FCOM Patch + USMC - FCOM Airborne Patch)
7-USMC - Marpat Woodland Patch (Requires USMC - Modern Warfare main file only)

I'll work on a better description and get some better screen shots at some point...but I'm done for now ;) ...Check it out in game; if a modernized US forces style overhaul is what you wanted for your MM, I think you'll love it! 

Support our troops!

Valdacil - For AWKCR (content support)
Gambit77 - For Amorsmith Extended (content support)
LordOfWar - For his The Mercenary - Pack mod (Vest, Harness & Backpack)
MadGodSheogorath - For his FCOM - Fallout Commander mod
QuadRioters - For his Projectile Rocket Launcher (RAW) weapon mod 
skibadaa - For his WH-77 LSW weapon mod
FX0x01 - For his RU556 weapon mod
fadingsignal - For his West Tek Tactical Optics mod (Special Forces Commando Optics)
mpincoski - For his Primez Military Fatigues mod (Fatigues Textures)
U653748 - For his textures used in the Nomex Gloves mod (Glove Textures)
Castel - For his/her Eyewear and Mask retexture mod (Ballistic Goggles Textures)
ousnius - For Outfit Studio (Bodyslide & Outfit Studio) (Program Used to create mash-up)
Zilav - For Fallout 4 Edit (Fo4Edit) (Program used to create mod-pack)