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About this mod

Adds 17 new outfits and 1 new accessory based on mashups from the Mercenary pack by L0rd0fWar. Features flannel shirt textures made by CharlieJuliet96 and leveled list integration thanks to scripts made by a_blind_man.

Permissions and credits

17 new outfits and 1 new accessory (scarf), all of which use new meshes made from assets from the vanilla game and L0rd0fWar's fantastic Mercenary pack (used with permission). Note: the scarf isn't a new mesh, it just allows you to apply the new material swaps.

Numerous material swaps, split between the different parts of every outfit (pants, shirts, jackets, etc). Features textures from the aforementioned Mercenary pack as well as flannel shirt textures made by CharlieJuliet96 (used with permission).

All outfits support both male and female characters with vanilla bodies only (more on that below), and long sleeved outfits feature support for AlexScorpion's PIP-Pad. To enable PIP-Pad support, look for the "Viewmodels" option when modifying any outfit at the armor workbench (note: only outfits with "squished" left arms have this feature - the other outfits didn't need it).

All of the items excluding the scarf are added to various leveled lists via scripts made by a_blind_man. They will not conflict with leveled lists from other mods, and the outfits should spawn on Gunners, Minutemen, raiders, settlers, and in vendor inventories (note: this is my first time ever messing with leveled lists, so there may be issues; I tested pretty extensively before release and didn't run into any, but they may exist).

Obtaining the outfits
All outfits (and the scarf) can be crafted at the AWKCR armor workbench, or found on enemies or in vendor inventories. Yes, this mod requires AWKCR; no, I will not make a version that doesn't.

Why only the vanilla bodies?
I tried converting the female outfits to CBBE and unfortunately, because of how I combined the meshes, I quickly realized there is no easy way to convert them. I would likely need to make every outfit from scratch with CBBE in mind, and I'm sorry, but I really don't want to do that. If someone else wants to, by all means, be my guest. Also, note that even if you're using CBBE, you can still wear the outfits; they just won't adapt to your BodySlide values (there may also be clipping).

Required Mods
The Mercenary pack - for the Rebel outfit material swaps. Plus, this whole mod is basically an expansion pack for that mod; it would be weird if it didn't require the Mercenary pack, y'know?

Armor & Weapons Keyword Community Resource - for the armor workbench and a bunch of other stuff. Don't ask me for a non-AWKCR version, because I will never make one.

Xbox One version

Most of the textures and all of the meshes are either made by L0rd0fWar or are from the vanilla game, so if you want to make retextures for these outfits or new mashups from these outfits, you need his permission. Luckily he gives permission for retextures and mashups on the page for the Mercenary pack, but if in doubt, ask for permission anyway - better safe than sorry.

If you make a retexture using the flannel shirt textures, you need to ask CharlieJuliet96 for permission.

If you want to upload modified versions of the .esp (adding retextures as new material swaps rather than replacements, adding support for other mods, translations, etc) you have my full permission, and if you need help with anything feel free to ask me.

If there's anything else you aren't sure about, again, feel free to ask me. I will try to direct you to the right person, or if it's something I am personally responsible for, I will almost definitely grant you permission.

L0rd0fWar - for the amazing Mercenary pack, and being gracious enough to let me mix and match his meshes and textures together to make these outfits.
CharlieJuliet96 - for the excellent flannel shirt textures, and being gracious enough to let me use them.
a_blind_man - for his wonderful leveled list injection toolbox, without which this mod would not feature leveled list integration.
Gambit77, Thirdstorm, AmaekilShath, and many other Nexus users - for offering constant support and suggestions during the development of this pack, and teaching me a lot of what goes into making a plugin (98% of what I learned came from reverse engineering other .esp files).
Slosten (me) - for screwing everything up and causing any bugs you may experience when using this mod. Seriously, if anything goes wrong, blame me first and foremost.