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My reinvention with new implementation and distribution methods. More of a tribute to the work the author shared!

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The Mercenary Pack – Reinvention
My reinvention of the great "The Mercenary - Pack" by L0rd0fWar with new implementation and distribution methods. More of a tribute to the work the author shared!

Now it doesn't use the Gunners faction, instead gives caravan guards a unique, deserved mercenary look to protect those trader's bottle caps. Coursers will also spawn with more variety of options keeping the original feeling but extended possibilities.
Some apparel is exclusive to them! Specific apparel can also be found in scavengers and settlers spread around the wasteland. All of it with random possibilities and multiple combinations!

There are no AWKCR dependencies or any other framework (patch is available if you need)!


  • Install this mod now!

NOTE! The Mercenary Pack - Reinvention is just a plugin replacer so make sure no other is used instead!

OPTIONAL RETEXTURES: Pick what you want but these are what I use:

Edits were made thinking of the 3 mods above so I highly recommend to have them at least!


- Removed any edit that added items to Gunners, Synths and Railroad NPCs (its now compatible with any mod that changes those).
- Multiple vanilla and DLCs items that fit with the theme are integrated in the pools.
- Caravan guards receive most combinations provided by "The Mercenary Pack" together with vanilla items. They now use multiple random equipment combinations focused on a military style.
- Caravan guards will also use a much bigger variety of weapons (it will use added weapon mods and/or script injected features).
- Coursers now use specific equipment from "The Mercenary Pack" that stay close to the visual lore of the faction.
- Adjusted scavengers and settlers pools to use some of the provided apparel and outfit combinations.
- Added rare pool chance for specific outfit combinations:

Wanna create one? Use Mercenary Pack and vanilla game items. Show me your ideas and I will try to add them to the list!


- Renamed items for easier overhaul recognition. A fresh feeling to the apparel we all know. **

- Balanced multiple attributes and values from clothes and armors.
- Restored crafting options using vanilla system in armor pieces and some outfits. From Lining to Ballistic Weave and Legendary attachment.
- Added copies of a third set of armor pieces to have the 3 possible colors separated.
- Apparel bipods adjusted for a greater number of fusions with other pieces. All related pieces work the same way so there's no different versions of the same with distinct bipods possibilities.
- When used, the B-90 Jetpack gives a higher jump boost and way less fall damage. It will still hurt so learn to fly!
- B-90 Armor, helmets and jetpack are the only items not added to the world. You can still craft them as in the original mod.
- The available machete's name changed to one we all should praise!
- All options can be crafted in the usual Workbench (perk requirements removed just to make it simple).
- A few more adjustments here and there but just find them yourself. The wasteland waits for you...



NOTE! Some of these patches conflict with each other. Merge them as they are supposed to work together!


- Mods that change the outfit records from Caravan guards and/or Coursers may not be compatible or require a patch.
- Bogeyman of the Commonwealth - Load this before "The Mercenary Pack - Reinvention" and you can get the best from both worlds.
- Heavy Institute Armor Corpus Praesidium - Use together with the mod above and you will not regret it!
- Courser Crusher - Same as above. I didn't test but there's no direct conflicts with this Reinvention. Let me know how it goes.
- CROSS Armor Integration - Courser Strigidae and Expeditionary Suit - Load this before "The Mercenary Pack - Reinvention" to get the random implementation provided from the last (use together with my Strigidae patch).


- Yes it clips here and there. Not gonna even try to fix that. Its not that big of an issue and sometimes its necessary. I don’t intend to tweak textures or meshes from the original mod.
- Very few vanilla leveled list used in this mod. That's on purpose and one of them contain a fix for the apparel distribution. Just make sure if you need a merge patch.


- L0rd0fWar obviously for the great work! I believe we all miss this author that shared so much with the community!
- Gambit77, Griffin (RaffTheSweetling), AmaekilShath, OhDeer and Thirdstorm for the contribution to the original mod.
- Infamous for the work in "Mercenary Pack - No AWKCR or AE" by adding a few features and fixes.
- To all the supported mod's authors in the requirements and optional patches for giving the possibility for more variations and good stuff.
- The Unofficial Patch Project Team as I integrated one of its leveled list fix.
- The people in Collective Modding discord for suggestions and trying out this project!


Have a look and find support for multiple questions on the Collective Modding discord. I have my section at Mod Author HUB -Mortercotic-mods.
All work in "The Mercenary Pack - Reinvention" is licensed under Creative Commons with conditions presented here: