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This mod changes the settings of stealth and combat AI behavior.
More than 40 parameters have been rebalanced in the Combat Search, Visibility and Sound Perception categories.
Enemies are now very active when searching for the protagonist. The fights have become more interesting and deadly.

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You won't believe it, but I have never gone through Fallout 3 to the end, despite the fact that I first started playing it back in 2008.
Every time I quit this game because of the overwhelming feeling that the enemies have very weak combat intelligence.
This introduced a significant imbalance in the game immersion and caused me despondency.
You are probably familiar with the situation when during the battle you could kill one of the enemies, then wait out the end of the alarm for a short time and all the NPCs quickly returned to their places of deployment as if nothing had happened before. 
I tried installing other similar mods, but the result, as a rule, did not satisfy me.
Now everything will be a little different. 

                                                                         War… War never changes.

This mod significantly reworks the settings of combat intelligence:
  • enemies will hear the sounds of shooting and explosions at a considerable distance (this is especially noticeable indoors),
  • AI is searching for a longer time,
  • the search radius inside and outside buildings has been increased,
  • the visibility modifier has also been redesigned (now the light is your enemy, and the night is the perfect time for sabotage),
  • for realism, the angle of view of enemies is reduced to 142 degrees (default = 190),
  • for realism, penalty for stealth for wearing armor has also been changed to a lesser extent (together with a reduced NPC`s viewing angle you can more successfully inflict hidden attacks with melee weapons).

  1. At the moment, you can choose from 2 game profiles: Normal and Hard. They differ in the level of AI sensitivity to your actions.
  2. "New Detection" mod does not contain scripts, it just changes certain parameters of the vanilla game.
  3. Tests were actively run in the following areas: Super-Duper Mart, Springvale School, metro tunnels and some open locations.
  4. You can start using this mod at any time. You don't have to start a new game.
  5. This mod has become part of the global rebalance mod - Simple Set Pack
  6. For more spectacular integration, it is recommended to use this mod in combination with other mods and utilities (the list is published below).

Known issues

  • due to the increased sensitivity of the NPC (especially if you have installed a file with a profile "Hard"), there may be various deviations in the usual style of this game (for example, you may not see Amata's interrogation in the Overseer's room, since Officer Stevie Mack will leave the room before you get there). Therefore, it is probably more desirable to complete the game first without this mod, in order to compare both passing styles later (if at all possible).
Module with profile "Normal" uses less rigid combat AI settings. In this case (if you do not use firearms near the interrogation room) Officer Mac will continue to communicate with Amata in raised tones and you will be able to see the interrogation scene.

  • use your favourite Mod Manager or download manually and put the file into your Fallout 3\Data folder
  • place the file as low as possible in your Load Order

Additional information:
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