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This mod expands upon the original Simple Needs mod from Treb by altering various aspects of the eating, drinking, and sleeping needs, including making many factors configurable.

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Name: Simple Needs Expanded
Requirements: 7-Zip, SimpleNeeds.esm, FOSE
Recommended: Fallout Mod Manager
Author: Clockmon

Description Summary
This mod expands upon the original Simple Needs mod from Treb by altering various aspects of the eating, drinking, and sleeping needs, including making many factors configurable.  V1.1 adds a HUD and other adjustment.  V1.2 fixes a bug and adds a HUD color option.

Summary Overview
I really liked Treb's Simple Needs mod for basic food, water, and sleep requirements.  I decided to change it and have used it for a while.  After a time I thought maybe others would enjoy my "expanded" version like I do.
(1) Adds a menu to configure various factors with default levels, such as how often to check your needs, how much of each you need daily, and player feedback.
(2) Increased the number of needs levels from 4 to 5.
(3) Change the levels of ill effects from 1 to 5 with increasing severity.
(4) Changed some of the processing, including how sleeping works.
If you installed the Unofficial Fallout 3 patch by Benwah and team, every effort is taken to ensure this mod and compatibility patches incorporate those fixes so they are not undone.

If you want a more in-depth needs system, I recommend:
  BasicNeeds by AnT01, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/1222
  RI - Primary Needs by KSchenk, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/2125

Full gory details are at the bottom.

V1.1 Changes
(1) Adds a basic HUD that shows your Food, Water, and Sleep quotas.  You can customize the HUD movement key in case of overlapping.  The counter color is based on the quota and difficulty level.  The HUD works best when checking quotas hourly.
(2) Adds the Simple Needs effect descriptions to ingestibles to see on the inventory screen (Stimulant, Good Meal, Good Water, etc.).  If you don't see a Needs effect, you won't get any food or drink benefit.  This makes it easier to identify food and beverages that need a Simple Needs compatibility patch.
(3) You now suffer separate hit point damage from each major condition (starvation, dehydration, fatigue) instead of the same amount regardless of how many are in effect.  This means -5 points for one, -10 for two, and -15 if suffering from all three.
(4) You can delete and add the menu via a console command if you are satisfied with your settings and need to declutter the inventory.
    Delete the menu: StartQuest SimpleNeedsDeleteMenu
    Add the menu: StartQuest SimpleNeedsAddMenu
(5) The menu token's biped object code was removed to prevent anything from being unequipped when opening the menu.  I had it set to the NoseRing flag, which I thought no one used.  However, I found an armor item (one of my favorites, no less) which uses that flag.
(6) Menus were updated, including more navigation options.
(7) Some processing was adjusted to address possible errors and glitches, particularly with partial quotas remaining and future checks.

V1.2 Changes
(1) Fixes a Future Checks processing bug that has existed place since V1.0.  The error would allow you to wake up starving or dehydrated.  Even with the correct updated formula, it is possible for you to wake up with a fraction of a quota, which will be deducted nearly immediately.  This gives the impression you woke up starving or dehydrated.
(2) If sleep is halted due to low food or water quotas (not currently starving or dehydrated), you are told the maximum hours of sleep allowed for the next attempt.
(3) There are two HUD counter color options in the Configure HUD menu.  Variable (default) or Fixed.  Variable bases the colors on the difficulty level and gives you an indication when ill effects are close to happening.  Fixed only alerts you when the quotas are low.

Required Mods
Simple Needs by Treb, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/3769.
Fallout Script Extender (FOSE), http://fose.silverlock.org/.

Required Files

Optional Compatibility Files
Use the following compatibility mods for the DLCs.  Due to the variety of sources, I recommend making a merged DLC esp once they are all installed.

(1) Operation Anchorage: use my Simple Needs Expanded - Anchorage.esp, included as an optional file with this mod.  Do not use Treb's SimpleNeedsAnchorage since there are differences.
Jan 21, 2019 - Version 1.1 released.
Jan 23, 2019 - V1.2 released.  Cleaner code and one item fixed.

(2) The Pitt:
(2.1) Use Captain Cookie's DLC patch at https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/7662.  It makes Slop compatible.
(2.2) My Simple Needs Expanded - The Pitt Beds.esp, included as an optional file with this mod.  It makes a new bed type compatible as a regular bed.  If you use "SimpleNeeds - The Pitt Beds.esp" instead at  https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/22998, the beds will be player beds.  Your choice.

(3) Broken Steel: use Captain Cookie's DLC patch at https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/7662.  It makes the new waters and basin water compatible.

(4) Point Lookout: use Captain Cookie's DLC patch at https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/7662.  It makes punga fruits and moonshine compatible.
If you want it to follow the Expanded rules, use FO3Edit to change 2 items:
  Wild Punga Fruit: value and restore health from 10 to 2.
  Refined Punga Fruit: Value from 30 to 15, restore health and rads from 15 to 8.

(5) Zeta: use my SimpleNeeds - Zeta.esp, at https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/23030.  It makes alien food compatible and meets the Expanded rules.
- There are many optional files included below the main file.  If you find a regular Simple Needs compatibility mod that is not listed there, it will provide for basic needs, but will not meet the Expanded rules for value and misc effects.
- I have included a full listing (rich text and pdf for easier viewing) of the ingestibles affected by the base Simple Needs Expanded esm.  It was not changed for V1.1.

(6) Tranquility Lane (main quest): use my Simple Needs Expanded - TL Patch.esp, included as an optional file.  If you enter the sim near 100% quotas you should be fine unless you spend a lot of time in the sim.
Jan 23, 2019 - V1.0 added.

Included Files
Simple Needs Expanded.esm

This requires restarting the Needs Quest.
NOTE: The mod can be installed at any time, but recommend activating it after leaving Vault 101 if you intend to stay in it for a long time, since sleeping is inhibited due to the escape quest (food and water is not an issue).  As an alternative, you can change the sleep requirement to be 1 hour a day while inside the vault and then change it after you have access to a bed.
1. Ensure you have Treb's Simple Needs V4.5 installed.
2. If using other HUD mods based on Imp of the Perverse's HUD Counter Template,
   2.1  Extract the esm to the Fallout 3 Data folder.
   2.2  Extract the menus\prefabs\ folder to the Data\menus\ folder.
   2.3  In the Data\menus\main folder, open hud_main_menu.xml, and add the line at the end just before "</menu>" and save the xml file.
        <include src="SimpleNeedsExpanded\SimpleNeedsExpanded_HUD.xml" />
3. Otherwise, extract all files and place in the Fallout 3 Data folder.
4. Start Fallout 3 Launcher or FOMM and disable the SimpleNeeds.esm and compatibility plugins.
5. Start Fallout 3, save the game, and exit.
6. Start Fallout 3 Launcher or FOMM and enable SimpleNeeds.esm, Simple Needs Expanded.esm, and any compatibility plugins (Expanded versions preferred).
7. Start Fallout 3 and load the game you just saved.  All processing has been reset and your "Needs Status" quest will restart.  Save your game.
   *** If you do not see the "NEEDS STATUS" quest appear, the mod will not function correctly! ***

Upgrade Note
Restarting the Needs Quest is not required.  If you experience any issues, try a fresh install by running the installation steps 4 to 7.

Upgrade 1.0 to 1.1 or 1.2
1. If using other HUD mods based on Imp of the Perverse's HUD Counter Template,
   1.1  Extract the esm to the Fallout 3 Data folder.
   1.2  Extract the menus\prefabs\ folder to the Data\menus\ folder.
   1.3  In the Data\menus\main folder, open hud_main_menu.xml, and add the line at the end just before "</menu>" and save the xml file.
        <include src="SimpleNeedsExpanded\SimpleNeedsExpanded_HUD.xml" />
2. Otherwise, extract all files and place in the Fallout 3 Data folder and overwrite.
3. Start Fallout 3 Launcher or FOMM and ensure the Simple Needs Expanded.esm is enabled and loaded after SimpleNeeds.esm.
4. Start Fallout 3.  No need to reinitialize the mod.  Some configurable items will be reset:
   - The Display Quota key will be set to L.
   - The quota messages for additions and deductions will be ON.
   - Future checks for sleeping will be ON.

Upgrade 1.1 to 1.2
1. Extract only the esm to the Data folder and overwrite.
2. Start Fallout 3 Launcher or FOMM and ensure the Simple Needs Expanded.esm is enabled and loaded after SimpleNeeds.esm.
3. Run Fallout 3.

Load Order
- Main esm: Load low after SimpleNeeds.esm.  Load after any mod that changes food, drink, or beds since those will delete the Simple Needs effects.
- DLC compatibility patches: Load after the main esm and after any associated DLC.
- Other optional compatibility patches: load after the Simple Needs and associated mod.

1. Disable the esm and associated esp files.
2. Delete the Expanded esm/esp files.  If still using Simple Needs, install and enable required compatibility patches.
3. If using other HUD mods,
   3.1 Delete the menu\prefabs\SimpleNeedsExpanded_HUD.xml
   3.2 In the Data\menus\main folder, open hud_main_menu.xml, and delete the line at the end just before "</menu>" and save the xml file.
        <include src="SimpleNeedsExpanded\SimpleNeedsExpanded_HUD.xml" />
4. Otherwise, delete the menus and prefabs folders.

- This mod works with Treb's and Cipscis' Blanket mod https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/5279, and it will be player-owned for the Well Rested perk.  I have found it to be very comfortable while out exploring.
- For an alternate HUD, this mod is compatible with Dark Uncle's "RI Primary Needs or Simple Needs Plugin for DUI" (shows needs quotas in the HUD), https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/11329.  Use the SimpleNeeds_DUI_Plugin.esp, and I recommend turning quota addition/deduction messages and the included HUD OFF.

- Will conflict with other mods that add or change food, water, or beds such that they delete the Simple Needs effect.  I will work on compatibility mods if allowed.  Otherwise, you should be able to make your own patches using FO3Edit like I began with.
- Compatibility patches for the original Simple Needs will work with this mod but with some differences:
  -- All beds will provide the Well Rested perk.
  -- Item values and restore health/rads effects will be unchanged (not a major issue).
- If you have other mods that use Imp of the Perverse's HUD counter template, use the feature to customize the HUD movement key.  Independently move the HUDs where desired, then set the movement key to the same for all so they can be moved in unison.

Known Issues or Bugs
- Just like the original, Simple Needs Expanded needs compatibility patches to support official downloadable content and other mods that add new ingestibles or beds.
- Hit point damage will not show in the Pip-Boy Effects menu since it is handled by a script and not a spell.
- Status messages may lag a bit from the actual quest status.  This means warning messages may still appear after you remedy the situation - please be patient as the processing catches up.
- If your sleep is stopped by the mod due to impending starvation or dehydration, the game clock advances an hour sometime after the sleeping scripts.  Because of this, an hour of needs would be deducted if the quota frequency was set to an hour.  I add an hour back to the needs timers so this doesn't happen, but you still lose an hour of game time.  You can disable this processing - see below under 1.12, Future Checks.
- Sometimes the Simple Needs effect descriptions are concatenated in the inventory item display (no comma separators).  It does not happen often and should not be a major issue.

1.0 - Initial release.  Main file, Anchorage and Pitt Beds compatibility patches.
  23 May 2018    - Added more optional files (same SNE version).
1.1 - Added HUD; added effect descriptions within inventory, updated processing and menus, provided add/delete menu console commands.
1.2 - Fixed processing error; added HUD color option.

You can find me on the official Fallout 3 Nexus forums as 'Clockmon."

- Bethesda for creating Fallout 3.
- NexusMods for a one-stop-shop resource for authors and players.
- LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on at http://hammondslegacy.com.
- Treb for creating Simple Needs and Anchorage patch, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/3769, and permitting me to work on this effort.  Thank you!  I learned much while reviewing your work, made easier with your script comments.
- CaptainCookie for the original Simple Needs DLC patches for Broken Steel, The Pitt, and Point Lookout, at https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/7662.
- BenWah, Hairylegs, RoyBatterian, and prisoner416 for the Unofficial Fallout 3 patch at https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/19122.
- Cipscis for helpful menu tutorials at http://www.cipscis.com.
- Lork for the Sprint Mod, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/1854, whose menu methodology provided the insight I needed to make mine.
- ContagiousCure for Compatibility Patch for MMM and Simple Needs, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/20955.
- Imp of the Perverse for the HUD Counter Template, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/12977.

Tools Used
- Q and Timeslip's Fallout Mod Manager - https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/54991
- ElminsterAU's Fallout 3 Editor - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/637
- Garden of Eden Creation Kit - http://geck.bethsoft.com or https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/759
- 7-Zip at https://www.7-zip.org/ or http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=15579

Per the permissions area in the mod page.

Now for the Gory Details
First of all, I continued to use Treb's 24-hour needs cycle and the guidelines for food weight and restorative quality; the food's weight indicates the degree to how much of your food quota it restores.  As with the original, you can also eat, drink, and sleep more even if your quota is at 100, primarily to restore health or to stay awake.  There are no penalties for over consuming.

1.  The first major addition you will notice is <Simple Needs Menu> in your apparel inventory to customize many options, some of which are connected to features added to the original Simple Needs mod.  You can change these at any time and don't have to reset the Needs Status quest.  However, if at any time you need to reset the quest just do the following (I did this a lot during testing):
    - disable all Simple Needs and Expanded esms and compatibility esps
    - start, save the game, and exit
    - enable the esms and esp
    - start the game and load the game you just saved.
I have included the original Simple Needs default values within the menus if you want to use those instead.  For a full listing, see the Default Values Menu.
[Expanded Default value]

1.1  Update quota rate (hours)        [1], 2, 3, 4, 6
This is how often quota deduction happen due to the passage of time.  The quotas drop at the same overall rate - about 4.17% every hour.  A more frequent update means more quota messages (if turned on), but more dramatic quota drops since more time has passed.

1.2  Food needed daily (pounds)       1, 2, [3], 4, 5, 6
Food that weighs 1 pound will do more good than food than weighs only 0.1 pounds.  Cannibalism provides 1 pound worth of food instead of 100% of daily food needs.  If you have the Hematophage Perk, a Blood Pack provides 1 pound worth of food and 1 equivalent bottle of purified water.

1.3  Water needed daily (bottles)     1, 2, [4], 6, 8
This is the amount of purified-equivalent water needed.  Non-purified water and alcohol sources provide less overall hydration.

1.4  Sleep needed daily (hours)       1, 2, 4, 6, [8], 10
Sleeping restores your sleep quota based on how many hours are required a day.  For example, with 8 hours needed a day, 1 hour of sleep restores 12.5 points to your 100-point quota.  For 6 hours of sleep needed, 1 hour restores about 16.67 points.

1.5  Stimulant effectiveness (hours)  0, 1, [2], 4, 8, 12, 24
Stimulants restore a flat amount to your sleep quota and is independent of your Sleep Needed Daily.  A 2-hour stimulant will restore 2 hours or just over 8% of your 24-hour (100-point) sleep quota; ingesting 12 stimulants will restore your sleep quota to 100%.

1.6  Well Rested sleep req (hours)    0, 1, 2, [4], 6, 8
You will need uninterrupted sleep in a player-owned or rented bed to get the 12-hour Well Rested perk.  If you cancel before the 4 hours, you do not get the perk.  Not all beds are player-owned as in the original Simple Needs.  If you have the Well Rested perk and sleep the required amount again in an qualifying bed, the 12-hour counter restarts (the perk is removed, then added again).

1.7 Ill effect difficulty             [1], 2, 3, 4, 5
There are more ill effects available at more quota levels (see below).  Increase the difficulty for a greater survival challenge.  This also drives the HUD quota colors.

1.8 Ill effect message delay (hours)  0.25, [0.50], 1, 2, 6
You will get regular warning messages to remind you of any active ill effects.  This is useful if you happened to miss the alert due to a high-intensity situation.  If the ill effects difficulty is set to 1 or 2, you will get warning messages when your quotas fall below 25%.  Use the 6-hour option to effectively turn them off.

1.9.1 Toggle HUD                      [ON], OFF
NEW with 1.1.  This basic HUD shows your current Food, Water, and Sleep needs.  The color changes when a quota is one level above the point of having ill effects, and blinks if you are having ill effects - it is not based on a fixed quota level.  The blinking speed is based on the worst condition; slower at mild effects and faster when suffering from more severe effects.
For example, if you set the difficulty to level 3, you will suffer ill effects if a quota falls to the extreme condition level.  Quota counter colors will be:
  Green if the quota is greater than 50 (mild condition).
  Red if the quota is greater than 25 and less than or equal to 50 (moderate condition).
  Red flashing if the quota is less than or equal to 25 (extreme condition).
If the difficulty is set to 5, so the only time the counters are green is at 100, since ill effects start at the mild condition level.

1.9.2 Map HUD movement key            [R-Ctrl], any key not used in the game
NEW with 1.1  In case you are using multiple HUD add-ons that use the same system, you can remap the key to move the HUD independently of the others.  I suggest changing back to the default when done so they all move in unison.  In deconflicting the key mapping, I only compare for keys that have IsControl coded to 1.

1.10.1 Show quota addition messages   [ON], OFF
1.10.2 Show quota deduction messages  [ON], OFF
There are messages for when any quota drops (due to time) or rises (due to eating, drinking, and sleeping).  The quota addition messages are very handy since they appear while consuming items with the Pip-Boy open.

1.11 Map Display Quota message key    [L], any key not used by the game
This was a mod for the original Simple Needs that is included with the Expanded version.  If you press the "L" key, a message will display your current needs quotas, how many hours until the next drop, and the projected levels.  I used the L key (list quotas) since the N and G keys are often used for nightvision goggles and grenades, respectively.  In deconflicting the key mapping, I only compare for keys that are IsControl coded to 1.

1.12 Toggle future checks             [ON], OFF
When you try to sleep, the mod checks to see if you will become starving or dehydrated within the time period selected.  If so, you are woken up immediately, but the game clock advances by an hour.  I adjusted the quota deduction timers to avoid any deductions.  Try to avoid sleeping if your food or water quotas are at the Extreme level (under 25%).  If you do not want to lose that hour of game time due to a time-sensitive event or want to sleep and risk the chance of waking up starving or dehydrated, turn this OFF.
* If you are currently Starving or Dehydrated, the mod will stop you from trying to sleep, and is separate from the future checks.

1.13 Reset to defaults
You can reset all configurable variables to the Expanded or the original Simple Needs values.  Once the button is selected, there is no turning back, so be sure that is what you want to do!

2. There are five instead of four levels for food, water, and sleep with new descriptions.
Level            Food                             Water                           Sleep
--------           --------------                      -----------                        -------------
>75              Not Hungry                 Not Thirsty                 Not Tired
>50, <=75  Mildly Hungry             Mildly Thirsty             Mildly Tired
>25, <=50  Moderately Hungry   Moderately Thirsty  Moderately Tired
>0,  <=25    Extremely Hungry      Extremely Thirsty    Extremely Tired
0                   Starving                        Dehydrated                Fatigued

3.  There are also five difficulty levels of ill effects to suffer from.
Level 1
FoodStarvation: AGL-1, AP-20, -1hp/sec
WaterDehydration: END-1, DR-10, -1hp/sec
SleepFatigue: PER-1, INT-1
Level 2 (added hp loss if Fatigued)
FoodStarvation: AGL-1, AP-20, -1hp/sec
WaterDehydration: END-1, DR-10, -1hp/sec
SleepFatigue: PER-1, INT-1, -1hp/sec (added hp loss)
Level 3 (added ill effects at extreme levels)
FoodExtreme hunger: AGL-1, AP-20
FoodStarvation: STR-1, AGL-2, AP-30, -1hp/sec
WaterExtreme thirst: END-1, DR-10
WaterDehydrated: PER-1, END-2, DR-15, -1hp/sec
SleepExtreme tiredness: PER-1, INT-1
SleepFatigued: PER-2, END-1, INT-2, -1hp/sec
Level 4 (added ill effects at moderate levels)
FoodModerate hunger: AGL-1, AP-20
FoodExtreme hunger: STR-1, AGL-2, AP-30
FoodStarvation: STR-2, CHR-1, AGL-3, AP-40, -1hp/sec
WaterModerate thirst: END-1, DR-10
WaterExtreme thirst: PER-1, END-2, DR-15
WaterDehydrated: PER-2, END-3, AGL-1, DR-20, -1hp/sec
SleepModerate tiredness: PER-1, INT-1
SleepExtreme tiredness: PER-2, END-1, INT-2
SleepFatigued: PER-3, END-2, CHR-1, INT-3, -1hp/sec
Level 5 (added ill effects at mild levels)
FoodMild hunger: AGL-1, AP-20
FoodModerate hunger: STR-1, AGL-2, AP-30
FoodExtreme hunger: STR-2, CHR-1, AGL-3, AP-40
FoodStarvation: STR-3, CHR-2, AGL-3, AP-50, -1hp/sec
WaterMild thirst: END-1, DR-10
WaterModerate thirst: PER-1, END-2, DR-15
WaterExtreme thirst: PER-2, END-3, AGL-1, DR-20
WaterDehydrated: PER-2, END-3, AGL-2, DR-25, -1hp/sec
SleepMild tiredness: PER-1, INT-1
SleepModerate tiredness: PER-2, END-1, INT-2
SleepExtreme tiredness: PER-3, END-2, CHR-1, INT-3
SleepFatigued: PER-3, END-2, CHR-2, INT-3, -1hp/sec

4.  Processing and item changes from original Simple Needs:
4.1  Food:
  - Radroach Meat was changed from 0.5 to 0.2 to be comparable to Ant Meat (yuck).
  - NukaLurk Meat now provides a stimulant effect, probably from having grown up around Nuka-Cola products and supplies.  You might notice a slight tingle from it!
  - Cave Fungus is now compatible (snack food).
4.2  Food item values and restore health/rads effects are changed according to any weight adjustments.  This is so they do not become more valuable per pound if the weight drops.  Values are rounded up to the nearest integer.  Chem and drink values are not changed.  Negative effects such as radiation damage from irradiated food are left unchanged.  These changes should make Stimpaks and the Food Sanitizer more valuable to the player.
4.3  Actor Effects are changed for some Fallout 3 water types:
  * Purified Water went from 25% to 50% (Good water, assumes purified water quality)
  * Good and Average Waters stays at 25% (Thirst quencher, not to be confused with the needs category "Good Water")
  * Bad, Terrible, and Lethal Water went from 25% to 20% (Lite Drink).
Although primarily based on the radiation level, I considered the rating also reflects the water quality.
4.4  If you are less than a full deduction away from 0%, the system will not wait for the full time until the final points are deducted.  For example, if you are using the 6-hour quota frequency and just went to 1 point after the most recent deduction, it won't wait another 6 hours for you to go to 0, but only 15 minutes.
4.5  Beds that are not player-owned or rented do not provide the Well Rested perk anymore.
4.6  You now suffer separate hit point damage from each major condition (starvation, dehydration, fatigue) instead of the same amount regardless of how many are in effect.  This means -5 points for one, -10 for two, and -15 if suffering from all three.

Final Note: If you have any suggestions for improving the mod or the script code, please contact me.  This was my first major scripting mod, so it will not be optimal.  I'm sure it doesn't use the full capability of the functions and techniques available.  I used brute force in many solutions, and kept it as easy as possible for me to understand.  Thank you, and enjoy!