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Rebalancing the combat skills of Eyebots.
Now it will be a little more difficult to defeat him.
Increased damage, durability, accuracy.

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It's funny to see every time a mutated guinea pig easily gets rid of a robot.
From now on, the mole rats will not often prevail over the Eyebot.
It's time to say that some of God's creatures can't handle metal.

   War… War never changes.

This simple mod changes the combat parameters of the Eyebot:
  • choose the file that best suits your preferences: Light, Average or very strong profile - Reinforced,
  • health, damage, combat skills, Attributes (Perception, Endurance, Agility) - have been improved,
  • the radius and power of the explosion from the detonation of the Eyebot have also been increased,
  • the explosion from the Eyebot will leave a radiation trail for a while
It should be noted that Eyebots have not ceased to be vulnerable. They can still be destroyed by an ordinary enemy, but now this will happen less often.

  1. "Eyebots_pro" mod does not contain scripts, it just changes certain parameters of the vanilla game.
  2. It is not necessary to start a new game, but you should understand that the changes made by this mod may not affect the locations you have already visited before installing the mod (or maybe you have to wait for a certain game time to visit the location again).
  3. For more spectacular integration, it is recommended to use this mod in combination with other mods and utilities (the list is published below).

  • use your favourite Mod Manager or download manually and put the file into your Fallout 3\Data folder
  • place the file as low as possible in your Load Order

Additional information:
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