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The maximum weight of equipment that your character can carry has been reduced.
Now you won't be able to carry all the junk of the Wastelands in your pockets.

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You are not a beast of burden - you are a man who moves day and night through hostile terrain, dodging raider grenades and radioactive scorpion stings.
What kind of strength do you need to have to carry a bag with a bunch of different junk?

    War… War never changes.

This mod changes the settings of the carried weight of your inventory:
  • the Weight Base value has been reduced from 150 to 0 pounds,
  • each point of Strength now allows you to carry 15 pounds.
A character with a strength of 1 will usually be able to carry a load weighing no more than 15 pounds (~7 kg).
A character with a strength of 10 
will be able to carry a load weighing 150 pounds (~68 kg).
The "Strong Back" perk adds an extra 50 pounds.

Vanilla Formula: 150 + (10 x Strength)
Mod`s Formula: 0 + (15 x Strength)

  1. "Max carried weight reduced" mod does not contain scripts, it just changes certain parameters of the vanilla game.
  2. You can start using this mod at any time. You don't have to start a new game.
  3. For more spectacular integration, it is recommended to use this mod in combination with other mods and utilities (the list is published below). Especially pay attention to mods that give weight to ammunition - this will give even more realism.

  • use your favourite Mod Manager or download manually and put the file into your Fallout 3\Data folder
  • place the file as low as possible in your Load Order

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