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Gameplay rebalance in a single file to improve realism.
Changes features of the Power Armors, Stealth, Carrying Weight, Hitpoints, VATS, Timeline, Items Degradation, Loot, Chems, Weapons, Supermutants, Eyebots and etc.

Permissions and credits
I decided to make a simple mod that combines various aspects of the game.
This is a preliminary version, which will gradually be supplemented and polished as far as my strength and capabilities.
I've always been unhappy with the basic gameplay of Fallout 3, I wanted to change something at my discretion with an eye to a compromise version of realism.

   War… War never changes.

What does this mod do?:
  • Less Hitpoints - new formula: (Endurance x 10) + (LVL-1) x 5. For example, with Endurance 10, you can have a maximum of 195 hp at level 20 without taking additional abilities (Vanila gameplay would allow you to gain 490 hp).
  • Less Carry Weight - new formula: (Strength x 15). Now you will think more often about how to dispose of your inventory.
  • Less Dismember and Explode part chances (10%) in comparison with Vanilla (50%/75%) - now the enemies heads will not fly off so often.
  • Less Degradation - Weapon and Armor are degrades 50% slower.
  • Less Loot - the amount of useful orphan goods has been reduced.
  • Less treatment from food and water - Do you want to be cured? Go to the doctor or use stimpacks.
  • New Detection (sneak rebalance) - mod changes the settings of stealth and combat AI behavior.
  • Big Weapons for Big Guys (Supermutants) - replaces the weapon lists of Super Mutants. From now on and forever strong massive hands will squeeze Miniguns, Missile launchers and Sledgehammers.
  • Timescale = 15. This will slow down global time. Now the days and nights will not change so quickly (Vanilla value was 30).
  • VATS some improves - Full Damage (100%) - Previously, you only received 10% of the possible damage in Vats - now everything is fair. Less spread bullets, slight increase camera speed, reduced level of weapon wear in Vats, less annoying sound level when entering and exiting Vats.
  • Crippled legs - If you fall from a height, you will cripple your legs more. The height for a safe fall has been reduced.
  • Factions war - Ants, Bloatfly, Dogs, Mole rats, Radroaches, Radscorpions, Mirelurks and others - now they will attack each other.
  • Chems pack - Chemicals now have increased value and changed properties (weight, duration of action, etc.). Stimpacks heal more slowly. "Psycho" - properties have been changed a lot.
  • Ghouls rebalancing statsCharisma and Intelligence are reduced. Perception is increased.
  • Eyebots_pro - Rebalancing stats and combat skills of Eyebots. Now it will be a little more difficult to defeat him. Increased damage, durability, accuracy.
  • World Objects/Movable Static/Vehicles (cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles and etc) durability increase x2. Rebalancing of some properties of explosions for different objects.
  • Head damage increased by 50% - Enemies will die faster from headshots.
  • Weapon rebalance - dismemberment/exploding flags changed (example: you can 't take off the enemy 's head using a 10mm Pistol). Increased: cost, damage for some small/ energy weapons, bullet speed, impact force. Reduced spread. Increased the weight and cost of explosives.
  • Armor - the cost of many types of armor has been increased by 2 times. Complete overhaul of the Power Armor: increase DR by 50% for armor and by 4 times for helmets, increased weight up to 2 times (partially compensated by modified armor properties), stats changed: increases strength, but decreases agility and etc.
  • Rebalancing the weight and cost of many items, ammunition, scrap.
  • DLC Point Lookout fixes (Optional file) - Reduced stats for creatures and factions. Remove Extra Damage from enemy attacks. Reduced DMG from Double-barrel shotgun.

  1. "Simple Set Pack (gameplay rebalance)" does not contain scripts, it just changes certain parameters of the vanilla game.
  2. It is advisable to start a new game, as new hitpoints may be correctly calculated only at the beginning of a new game (but you can experiment). The same applies to the Timescale parameter (however, if you don`t want to start a new game, you can type the "Set Timescale to 15" command in the console and Save).

  • use your favourite Mod Manager or download manually and put the file into your Fallout 3\Data folder

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