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Removes unnatural color tints from all exterior and interior spaces including DLC's

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Vanilla Tints Neutralized


I am a fan of Fallout 3's atmosphere and default weather settings, but for the life of me I cannot accept the sickly greenish tints of the Capital Wasteland or the blistering blues of Anchorage, so I made Clarity.

In a nutshell, Clarity changes the RGB entries for all Weather types, ImageSpaces, and Lighting Templates in the base game and DLC's to neutral numbers. What does this mean? No unnatural ambient colors, instead all color comes from light sources and the sky like it should.

Color intensity was kept the same as well, so as an example take an ambient weather RGB as R:162 G:202 B: 112 and add them together for a total of 476. I divide this number by three to get 158.6 repeating or 159 rounded and then replace this number for R, G, and B to keep the same intensity while neutralizing the tint. Additionally, no entries in the Lights category were changed so some areas that seem a little bit redder are because of the warm lighting used.


It's a simple .esp that can be installed either using NMM or manually by moving it to the data folder and checking it in your plugin launcher of choice like FOMM.

It's perfectly safe to uninstall using NMM or by deleting the Clarity.esp from your data folder and it doesn't affect your savegames in any way.


Unfortunately, Clarity DOES NOT WORK with any weather, atmosphere, or lighting mods such as Fellout or Realistic Interior Lighting because I made it for the sole purpose of utilizing the vanilla artstyle while displaying more colors than just green.


For a more aesthetically pleasing experience please check out my menu and loading screen mod Adam's Vision which was recently updated to Version 2.

If you want more realistic weather with bright, hot days I highly recommend Fallout 3 Realistic Wasteland Lighting and for pitch black tunnels and sensible lighting levels check out Realistic Interior Lighting - Paradox Mergers Version