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A collection of systemic changes that overhaul & fix the itemization aspect of the game.

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A collection of tweaks that aim to fix the flaws in the itemization aspect of the game, including removing item levels completely, making the gear progression more spread out, rare items feel more unique, the economy more meaningful & aligning with what's actually said in dialogs/practiced in quests and make the looting process more streamlined so you both no longer have to rely on witcher senses for it and also waste less time with it.

The changes are systemic rather than small & arbitrary and try to preserve the handcrafted aspects of the original game's itemization (as opposed to the randomized aspects). 

Made to complement the excellent FCR3 Gameplay Overhaul by Witcher 2&3 designer Flash_in_the_flesh.

  • Reduced Lore Friendlier Loot (with Reduced Pack Monster Drops optional mod)
  • Removes most rare&valuable item categories from randomized loot. Only junk & coin item categories still constitute randomized loot. You will find the other item categories as loot only where they were originally handplaced by the developers. No randomized food loot & reduced repeated amounts of handplaced food loot. Reduced amount of creature loot.
  • No Duplicate Relics
  • Relic-tier weapons&armor constitute unique loot.
  • Well Stocked Craftsmen
  • Blacksmiths, armorers, herbalists, alchemists and the runewright will always carry the appropriate common ingredients you need for the recipes&schematics you know.
  • No Decorative Container Looting
  • Containers such as barrels, baskets, sacks, crates, commodes, washtubs etc are no longer interactive/lootable. Only chests are.
  • Rare Items Glow
  • Containers that hold rare/unique items automatically glow with the same blue effect that quest items do.
  • No Junk Weapon Drops (alternate No Junk Weapon No Junky Junk Drops version)
  • NPCs don't drop their weapons as loot unless they are of relic or better quality, they also don't drop non-precious junk items as loot.
  • Loot Bags Glow without Witcher Senses
  • Enemy loot bags get the yellow glow without the need to activate witcher senses.
  • Greyed Out Junky Junk
  • Icons for non-jewelry junk items are grayed out.



That means that if there is a submod you don't like you don't have to use it, you can just delete it and merge the submods you want instead of using all of them. LEGO mods were all made to merge automatically for that purpose and get individually updated soonerthan the compilation.

Works for NewGame and NewGamePlus as well as Hearts of Stone-only and Blood&Wine-only starts. Can be used for a new playthrough or in the middle of an existing playthrough.
However if you use it on an existing playthrough where the player is already rich (in coin or in goods) you won't really feel the impact of the economy changes as intended, and the same goes if you've already acquired witcher/relic gear early in the game(before unlocking master craftsmen) for the changes in gear progression.
I suggest you try a fresh White Orchard test run to see if the intended economy, loot and gear progression changes suit you. And if they do suit you then you could try adjusting the loot/money/gear in your existing playthrough accordingly.

Why this mod?

The flaws the tweaks fix:

Detailed changelist:

MOD MENU Options:


Same as installing most other TW3 Mods. Avoid Vortex, TW3 Mod Manager recommended  if you need a manager, otherwise you need to make sure the \modxxx, \dlcxxx folders and xxx.xml mod menu files ended up in their correct places.
Merge all the conflicting .ws scripts and bundled .xml files automatically with Script Merger + Script Merger Unofficial Patch. Done.

How to install most simple TW3 Mods for newbies/klutzes:

- If you're not using FCR3  (this mod was made for it - highly recommended) you may want to add this mod's optional underwater bolt damage buff mod.
- If you don't have the GOG GOTY version of the game and don't have the Unification Patch /community patch nor FCR3 then you should also add this mod's optional Steam file mod.

Make sure all the mod menu settings are set to default if it's the first time installing this.

Run the sarfix console  command if you want to restore your alchemy items to their vanilla state, save.

Unmerge the files. Delete all the \modlegoxxx mod folders, \dlclegoxxx dlc folders and legoxxx.xml mod menu files (or let TW3MM uninstall do it automatically for you.)


Partoutatix other mods: Compatible and recommended.
Make sure to not use both the LEGO version and the normal version of my mods together.

woodbyte other mods: Compatible and recommended.

FCR3: Compatible and recommended.
Note: USE ONLY the main/basic version of FCR3. Don't use any of the alternate nitpicker nor compatibility fixes, those are for people who don't use script merger for some reason. Don't use FCR3's Reduced Loot Package, LEGO already uses its own loot reduction mods (Ex: Reduced Lore Friendlier Loot).

FriendlyHud: Compatible and recommended

Immersive Cam + alternate control submods: Compatible and recommended.

Community Patch - The Besserwisser and Nitpickers: Compatible and recommended.
Merge all the conflicting files that can be merged (that means both .ws and bundled .xml) and give lego higher priority for the one conflicting lamia.w2ent file that can't be merged . The lego version of that file also includes the changes made by besserwisser so you get the full benefit of both mods. The legokolgrimkeletonfix bugfix mod has been included in besserwisser and priority makes no difference there(you can remove the submod if you want).

Shared Imports: Compatible. Delete modlegonodecorative\content\scripts\engine\ first.

Friendly Meditation: Compatible.

Slots Slots Slots: Compatible.

Complete Animations:Compatible.

Extra Animations: Compatible.

Autloot: Probably not compatible (might sometimes loot duplicate relics). LEGO already drastically reduces the amount of time spent looting (10x fewer lootable containers and they're recognizable without the need for witcher senses).

Ghost Mode: NOT compatible.

Preparations: Not compatible. This mod already uses its own alchemy refilling system inspired by Preparations: Simple Alchemy Refill.

Enhanced Edition: NOT compatible.

Changed files:

Does not touch on the combat nor exploration aspects of the game.