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Disables the use of infinite crossbow bolts unless a quest requires them.

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An alternate implementation of No Infinite Crossbow Ammo that fixes known bugs, is quest safe and coded for the latest update of the game. Created as part of a larger overhaul made by Partoutatix: LEGO.

Available in a couple of flavors:
  • As a standalone mod for those who otherwise enjoy the vanilla crossbow experience, adding a buff to any bolts fired underwater so that they remain at least as effective as the original underwater harpoons;
  • As a companion mod for crossbow overhauls, only removing the infinite bolts and then relying on some other mod to iron out the inconsistencies around crossbow damage (FCR3 - Immersion and Gameplay Tweaks was tested and highly recommended - though it is now included in the base game as of game update 4.00/Next Gen Edition).

Both versions disable the use of infinite bolts for most of the game, only re-enabling them for quests that might otherwise fail. These include select stages of The Beast of White Orchard, The Last Wish, Open Sesame and The Warble of a Smitten Knight. If you feel like there are other quests where infinite bolts should be made available, leave your suggestion in the comments.

Use NMM/Vortex or manually place /modnoinfinitebolts in your /Mods folder and /dlcnoinfinitebolts in your /dlc folder.

Run Script Merger to identify and solve potential conflicts with other mods.

If you think you've found a bug please report it by leaving a comment.