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No more dumpster-diving hobo Geralt.

Disables containers that don't appear of interest to a witcher such as sacks, barrels, crates, baskets, furniture etc. Exceptions are made when they are connected to a quest/POI, hold a rare/unique item etc. It's mostly valuable-looking chests, food-shaped containers and enemies you'll be looting.

Permissions and credits
Now included in  LEGO - Loot Economy Gear Overhaul.

Does not make permanent changes to your save. Decorative containers are disabled by adding the non-persistent NoShow tag to their items, so uninstalling the mod restores everything.

This mod is about what lootable containers should LOOK LIKE and HOW MANY of them there should be:
-what types of containers a witcher should be looking for & looting to begin with(immersion)
-how much time & effort the player should waste searching for lootables
-how often the player should run into/detect lootables

The mod disables containers based on what they look like (as in what 3d model/mesh a container uses), so pretty much all containers that use models that don't look like they should hold anything of value to a witcher such as sacks, crates, bundles, barrels, baskets, cupboards, commodes, shelves, cabinets, washtubs, pots, cloth piles, tables, dressers etc are no longer interactive. Over 200 meshes filtered, you can check & edit the list in \modNoDecorativecontainers\content\scripts\local\

Does not add loot to non-decorative containers or make any changes to the loot lists used by containers.

It's mostly chests, food-shaped containers and enemies you will be looting: things that you should be able to reliably recognize as lootable by sight, without even having to resort to your witcher senses. It effectively cuts down on 90% of the time wasted in the search & looting of meaningless crap.

Exceptions are made for when a decorative-looking container is actually important such as being connected to a quest/poi/dialog line on opened, glowing red, locked, so that you don't end up with broken quests or POIs you can't clear.

Exceptions are also made for when a decorative-looking container holds a rare item - defined as a quest item, a relic or better piece of gear, a recipe/diagram/readable item you haven't read before, a gwent card you can add to your collection, horse gear- as in the kind of item that you only really need one copy of.
This is also the same rare item definition used by my Rare Items Glow mod so if you also use that mod then any decorative-looking container that isn't disabled due to containing a rare item will also be glowing on its own, so you won't even have to worry about missing the few instances of decorative containers that are lootable as they will clearly stand out without even having to use your witcher senses.
Additionally my Hand-placed Rare Items or Reduced Lore Friendlier Loot mods drastically reduce how often you will run into those rare items (and thus the number of lootable decorative containers) by removing all the instances where that kind of item was randomly spawned inside a container by chance rather than having been originally placed there by hand.

The ShowHiddenContents() console command also re-enables any disabled (contents hidden) container you're standing next to, it's also available as a standalone mod for use without NoDecorativeContainers.
The console command LogDecorativeContainer() displays a message in-game and also logs (in your My Documents\The Witcher 3\scriptslog.txt) the meshname(s) of any container you're currently looting in case you'd like to add that to the list of containers to be "disabled" (edit the mod's scripts\local\ file).

Mod Menu
No Decorative Containers: whether or not the mod is enabled (Default: Enabled. Reload required for changes to take effect).
Junk: whether or not chests that only hold crappy junk category items (pelts, broken rakes etc) are disabled. (Default: disabled so those junk-only containers are disabled . Reload required for changes to take effect).

Remove any previous version of the mod.

Avoid Vortex, TW3 Mod Manager recommended  if you need a manager. 

Otherwise place the \Mods and \bin folders directly inside your <TW3 game install> folder. 
With the nextgen/4.00 version of the game to get the mod menu to work you additionaly need to edit the dx11filelist.txt and dx12filelist.txt files in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt GOTY\bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc by adding your mod's xxx.xml; mod menu filename to those lists or let the Menu Filelist Updater do it for you.

Run a properly installed & configured Script Merger to identify and solve potential conflicts with other mods.

How to install most simple TW3 Mods for newbies/klutzes:

Delete the mod's files. Run script merger to unmerge. 

Shared Imports: just delete modNoDecorativeContainers\content\scripts\engine\ or use the Shared Imports version of this mod.
Ghost Mode: Reported to be compatible.
Autoloot(Herbs only): see Orochi82's post in the comments section.
Enhanced Edition: Not compatible as of v4.0 (it's included).

Changed files:

Most of the credit goes to woodbyte who figured all of this shit out before I even got started.