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Craftsmen will always carry the appropriate common ingredients required for your recipes.

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Now included in  LEGO - Loot Economy Gear Overhaul.

You can now reliably obtain common recipe ingredients from the relevant craftsmen: herbalists will carry the herbs you need, alchemists will carry the nonmonstrous alchemy ingredients you need, blacksmiths&armorers will carry the nonmonstrous crafting ingredients you need, the runewright will also carry the runestones and glyphs you need.

No more aimlessly roaming the gameworld trying to find that elusive junk ingredient that no merchant seems to carry, herbalists will no longer seem incompetent by having fewer herbs than what you could pick up right outside their hut.

Doesn't change what the merchants previously carried, only adds items that they don't already have depending on which recipes the player knows and the craftman's type and skill level.

Also makes sure they don't run out of those items.

Exceptions are made for the few items that you don't find in shops in the vanilla game and can already be reliably obtained elsewhere such as White Gull (witcher brew that the player is supposed to craft, my Craft Alchemical Bases mod even makes it more accessible), Buckthorn (can be found at the bottom of every river/lake, probably too stinky for shops to carry), B&W-only Winter cherry/Holy basil/Blue lotus (Corvo Bianco upgrades), and Aether, Albedo, Hydragenum,  Nigredo, Quebrith, Rebis, Rubedo, Vermilion, Vitriol (looted/crafted).

* Adds missing ingredients required for the player's known recipes
* to a craftman's inventory if he's of the required type and skill level.
* Ingredients are added in the following manner:
* Alchemists: nonherbal,nonmonstrous, nonmutagen alchemy ingredients for known
* alchemy & crafting recipes(White Gull, Buckthorn, Aether, Albedo, Hydragenum
* Nigredo, Quebrith, Rebis, Rubedo, Vermilion, Vitrol excluded), as well as
* junk and edible ingredients for known alchemy recipes.
* Herbalists: herbal ingredients for known alchemy&crafting recipes
* (special B&W Winter cherry, Holy basil and Blue lotus excluded) as well as
* edibles for known alchemy recipes.
* Blacksmiths&Armorers: nonmonstrous crafting, edible & junk ingredients for
* known crafting recipes that are of the craftman's type and required
* skill level as well as crafting ingredients for known alchemy recipes.
* Runewright: every missing ingredient the equivalent blacksmith&armorers get
* as well as the runestone and glyph ingredients used in known crafting recipes.


Same as installing most other TW3 Mods. Avoid Vortex, TW3 Mod Manager recommended  if you need a manager. Place any \modxxx folders directly inside your <TW3 game install>\Mods (or \mods) folder, place any \dlcxxx folders directly inside your <TW3 game install>\dlc (or \DLC) folder. Merge everything with Script Merger.

How to install most simple TW3 Mods for newbies/klutzes:

Delete \modlegowellstockedcraftsmen. Unmerge the files if you merged them before.

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