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SAVE and LOAD your constructions using the new file format, ".vbuild".

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For anyone who still have issues with BuildShare/InSlimVML, or currently not working for you. Try the below methods:
[1) If you still have the previous BuildShare+InSlim versions installed]
-Try download the "SlimVML.Loader.dll" from here:
-Place it in Bepinex/Patchers folder
-Run the game

[2) If you currently dont have BuildShare/InSlim installed, do a clean install] (Highly recommended)
-download this SlimVML Loader?
-extract the files & place them to each of their according folders.
-download BuildShare mod from here
-Extract & place the "CR-BuildShare_VML.dll" file into here C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Valheim\BepInEx\SlimVML
Your Valheim directory should look something similar to this:

Now buildshare works perfectly fine with every features working as intended. As I typed this now @ 2021-05-22.
However, obviously I cannot gurantee how long this is gonna last. As long as
Valheim game or BepInEx files structures are the same.

I did not discover this method, so give thanks to PersonalProxy who post the SlimVML to repalce InSlimVML.
What can you do with the mod?
- Save and load your constructions
- Share them and install other users constructions
- Previzualise before build them
- Undo any build
- Debuild in a radius
- Display the radius to help you visualize what you save
- Offset what you spawn location
- Offset what you spawn rotation

NEW : Written tutorial

BuildShare allows you to save and load your (and other) constructions introducing the new file type ".vbuild"

 You need the newly released INSlimVML Valheim Mod loader to use it Download it from github

How to use and install it ?

Writen guide :
Easier than launching firefox : Use the GUI to nagivate through the mod options.
You can share your builds on the support.
It's all ! ^^