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A compact Metalworks building.

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I got tired of the messy setup I had, so I decided to make something compact.

The building is 8x8, the vbuild does not contain terrain.  There are 2 Kilns, 2 Smelters, and 2 Blast Furnaces inside the building.  The radius that it was save with was 15 units from roughly the center.  However, even with terrain you still need to clear trees, bushes, and rocks.  If you do not clear that stuff, it will still exist when you import the building.

I highly suggest building this somewhere other than your intended spot first and get a good idea of how much room is required.  It is also helpful to backup your save file and your world file before you build this.  That way, if something is too close and gets messed up, you can revert back to before you built it.  It is also a great idea to flatten out the ground first.  I built this in a very hilly area to test.  Even with terrain, the results were not great.

One of the basic ideas behind this design was to have all the equipment served from one chest in the center.  This is possible if you use the mod Pull From Containers.  I have it listed as a requirement, but it is a soft requirement.  Meaning that to make it work as intended, you should have the mod installed, but if you don't, things will still work, but you will have to do it manually.

Buildshare v 1.5.1 or greater.
Pull From Containers

Iron Gate Studios:  An amazing game.
Buildshare authors:  A great mod.
Pull From Containers author: A very nice QoL mod.

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