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Recategorizes Sweet Gem Berries into fruit so that they can be made into artisan goods. Rebalancing is also available.

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"Sweet Gem Fruit" changes the category internally for Sweet Gem Berries to Fruit to allow them to be refined in the Preserves Jar / Keg.

The mod and its variants require Content Patcher, but the BAGI Patch requires Better Artisan Good Icons.

Now you can make Sweet Gem Berry Jelly and Wine.
"HOLD IT!!", you may say, "That's overpowered!"
Why, yes it is.
Therefore, I have also created variants on the mod that change the base value of the Sweet Gem Berry to make it closer to vanilla balance.

"Vanilla" does not have any changes to base value.
The other variants use codes to denote what they're balanced around. If you don't know which to pick, DGK is recommended.
The first letter in the code stands for whether the value is based on vanilla Gold Per Berry (B) or Gold Per Day (D).
The second letter stands for the vanilla quality of Sweet Gem Berry-- Normal (N), Silver (S), Gold (G).
The third letter stands for which Artisan Machine would end up with the target value when used-- Keg (K), Preserves Jar (J), Cask until Silver (S), Cask until Gold (G), Cask until Iridium (I).
Therefore, as an example, with DGK, a Sweet Gem Berry refined into wine at a Keg would be worth roughly the same gold per day as harvesting a gold-quality Sweet Gem Berry in the vanilla game.

I only have some of the combinations actually made, though.
BNK: Base Value: 1000 ; Gold Quality: 1500 ; Jelly: 2050 ; Wine: 3000 ; Iridium Wine: 6000
BNJ: Base Value: 1475 ; Gold Quality: 2212 ; Jelly: 3000 ; Wine: 4425 ; Iridium Wine: 8850
BGK: Base Value: 1500 ; Gold Quality: 2250 ; Jelly: 3050 ; Wine: 4500 ; Iridium Wine: 9000
BGJ: Base Value: 2225 ; Gold Quality: 3337 ; Jelly: 4500 ; Wine: 6675 ; Iridium Wine: 13350
DNK: Base Value: 1295 ; Gold Quality: 1942 ; Jelly: 2640 ; Wine: 3885 ; Iridium Wine: 7770
DNJ: Base Value: 1760 ; Gold Quality: 2640 ; Jelly: 3570 ; Wine: 5280 ; Iridium Wine: 10560
DGK: Base Value: 1940 ; Gold Quality: 2910 ; Jelly: 3930 ; Wine: 5820 ; Iridium Wine: 11640
DGJ: Base Value: 2650 ; Gold Quality: 3975 ; Jelly: 5350 ; Wine: 7950 ; Iridium Wine: 15900
Vanilla: Base Value: 3000 ; Gold Quality: 4500 ; Jelly: 6050 ; Wine: 9000 ; Iridium Wine: 18000

The variants can be chosen in the config as of Release 2.
The codes are listed at the top of the reference table and directly above. ↖️
The config-default.json that comes with the download can be renamed to just config.json to have a config file to change without needing to start the game first.

~ Extra Comments ~
A fruit is a fruit. I don't care if it's as tough as beryl, or it's too sweet to be edibly palatable, or whatever. If it's a fruit, I'm making it into Jelly and Wine for my Keg/Jar Artisan Goods collection, and nobody can sto--

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