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Welcome to the main hub of the Content Packs for Project Populate Json Assets and other Stardew Valley mods.


PPJA handles many unofficial/official conversions. If you need help converting please reach out to us. Alternatively, if you can no longer maintain your JA mods please reach out to us. Some mods that can no longer be maintained (example: Coffee Shoppe) we have merged with Artisan Valley so users can still experience those mods in the latest version of the game.


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Mods I've contributed art to:

Strawdew Valley

Better Artisan Good Icons

Better Junimos

Prismatic Tools

Razolyn the Magnificent

BFAV Bulls

Sundrop City

Theft of the Winter Star

Bug Net

Surfing Festival

XnbHack (Icon)


Mods I've contributed coding to:

Canon-Friendly Dialogue // Github


Mods I maintain:

Seasonal Outfits // GitHub


Check out PPJA on GitHub & ModDrop