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High-quality items make high-quality products. Enjoy the price, friendship and health bonuses!

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Update 2019-04-15
There are a few bugs and features pending, but I can't work on this mod for the moment, for I am busy with college stuff. I don't know when I'll be able to return, but I expect no less than a month of absence. If anyone is willing to look into them, this mod is fully open-source. You can find the source code here.


Introducing the [unstable] branch
If you don't mind reporting bugs and wish to stay up-to-date with the new features, this branch is for you. And, as a bonus, you'll be helping test this mod and therefore making it better for everyone! You can find both the unstable main mod and the unstable automate patch under optional files.
Note: bugs are prone to occur! Only use this branch if you are comfortable with that. Join the Unstable Discussion Thread to report issues and share your experiences with the unstable branch.


New in version 2.2.0-unstable:
Quality in edible items now also affect buffs! Read below for more info.
New in version 2.1.0
Multiplayer is now fully compatible.


Quality Products

This mod adds quality modifiers to foods, beverages and other products based on the quality of the ingredients used to make them. The higher the quality of the ingredients, the higher the quality of the product!


No more mediocre Cheese from Gold-quality Milk! Turn your high-quality items into high-quality products.
This will work on:
  • All cooking items
  • Beer, Pale Ale, Coffee, Wine and Juice
  • Pickles and Jelly
  • All Cheeses
  • All Mayonnaise
  • Oil and Truffle Oil
  • Cloth

High prices!
Your fine-made products will sell with full price bonuses!
  • Silver-star items sell for +25%
  • Gold-star items sell for +50%
  • Iridium-star items sell for +100%!

Better gifting!

Increasing friendship is too tedious? Give them quality products!
Friendship bonus work just like in the regular game:
  • Silver quality      +10% friendship
  • Gold quality       +25% friendship
  • Iridium quality  +50% friendship
(See Gifts on Stardew Valley Wiki)

Improved buffs! [unstable]
Quality of foods/drinks now affect buffs! For Magnetism and Max Stamina, it behaves as follows:
  • Silver quality+50% buff bonus
  • Gold quality +100% buff bonus
  • Iridium quality      +150% buff bonus
For all the rest:
  • Silver quality       changes nothing
  • Gold quality        +1 to each buff
  • Iridium quality   +2 to each buff

Realistic recipes!
Large animal products are processed into twice the amount of goods! Meaning:
  • Large Milk produces 2 Cheese
  • L. Goat Milk produces 2 Goat Cheese
  • Large Egg and Dino Egg produces 2 Mayo
Quality still applies the same, so a gold-star Large Milk will produce 2 gold-star Cheese!

Mead types!
Each honey produces a different type of mead! Meads have the name of the original flower, and twice the price of the corresponding honey. Comes with custom sprites for each type.

You can customize to your wants and needs! Each feature is optional and can be set via the config. See the article I wrote on customizing Quality Products via the config.json for more information.

In the future...
  • High-quality cooking items giving higher stat bonuses [unstable]
  • In-game configuration menu (not implemented)
  • Quality mechanic for seeds and crops (not implemented)
  • Add quality to Flour and Sugar (not implemented)
  • Add new option for customizing quality transferring mechanics (not implemented)


  1. Make sure you have the latest version of SMAPI
  2. Download the "Quality Products" zip file and extract it into your StardewValley/Mods folder
  3. Ready to play!


Fully compatible:
This mod will work out-of-the box with:

The mods listed here will need a patch to work correctly:
1. Download the main mod and the "AutoQualityPatch" zip files. Be sure to get matching versions, or it won't work.
2. Extract both into your StardewValley/Mods folder.
3. Done!

Partially compatible:
For compatibility with the mods below, you must disable cooking (you can do it via the config).
Note that by doing that, none of the advertised cooking-related features of this mod will work (including buff bonuses).
There are no plans to change this in the near future.

Any mods not listed above were not tested. However, any mod that doesn't affect cooking, machines or the items listed on this page should be compatible. Otherwise, use at your own risk. If you experience any issues, report here and I'll see if it can be fixed.


Flickering on the cooking screen: Most likely incompatibility with some cooking mod. See above.

If you find anything else, please report here using the "Report a bug" button in the "Bugs" tab.