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A mod that adds new crops and trees to the game. Requires JSON.

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This mod is no longer updated. Download this replacement instead: https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/22490

In making this mod, I wanted to add some more variety to the available crops and make more recipes from around the world available.  I have the most recent PPJA crop mods, and these do not overlap.  

This mod adds new field crops and tree crops to the game, including several year 2 varieties (season/first available):
* Blackcurrant (summer/year 2): a complex summer fruit, sweet, tart and earthy.
* Blue Corn (summer and fall/year 1): a traditional flour corn variety
* Cardamom (summer/year 1): the third most expensive spice in the world, enjoyed in cuisines ranging from Indian curry to Scandinavian flatbreads
* Cranberry Beans (spring/year 2): also known as borlotti beans, these beans are tender, floury and very colorful.
* Maypop (summer/year 2): a hardy passion fruit that grows where most passion flowers dare not grow, and tastes great, too!
* Peppercorn (summer and fall/year 1): the classic seasoning that might make you sneeze.  Harvests in a nice pepper grinder for freshness.
* Red Currant (Spring/year 2)
* Rose Hips (summer/year 1): tart and tangy, and filled with vitamin C, this fruit packs a healthy punch.  
* Roselle Hibiscus (summer/year 2): also known as sorrel or Jamaican hibiscus, these plants are grown for spicy leaves and tart fruit more than flowers.
* Summer Squash (summer/year 1): harvested when the rind is still tender and edible, these squash don't keep well.
* Taro (summer or fall/year 2): A staple throughout the tropics, these root vegetables must be soaked or cooked before eating.
* White Currant (fall/year 2): a cultivar of the red currant, these berries are the sweetest and mildest in their family.

* Clove (fall): an evergreen tree that produces powerfully flavored little flower buds, which have both medicinal and culinary uses.
* Date (summer): an emblem of the tropics, the date is one of the oldest cultivated fruits.
*Pandan (spring): every part of this plant is used, including its aromatic, grassy leaves, fatty nuts, flavorful fruit and fibrous trunk.  Aerial roots help support the trunk.

New Crops for Version 2.0 (Descriptions soon!):
Field Crops:
Benne Sesame
Black Beans
Candy Roaster Squash
Green Chile
Prickly Pear
Scotch Bonnet Pepper
White Alpine Strawberry

New Trees for Version 2.0:
Blood Orange
Mamey Sapote
Purple Pluot
Stone Pine

Recipes using the new crops will be posted soon!

To install:
1. Download files to your computer
2. Unzip file folders
3. Drag unzipped files to your Stardew Valley mods folder and drop in.  If you would rather just add trees or field crops, they are in separate folders.  
4. Play game

6480 has done a great retexture of the original 1.0 crops at https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/4435
Check them out as well, and pick your favorite!

Modders have permission to use these files as they see fit, as long as I am credited and links are posted back to the main files.