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Give your flowers their proper name! Also supports popular flower mods.

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This was made as an entry for the Stardew Valley Discord Spring 2020 Event Modding Mini Contest.

This simple Content Patcher mod will change your flower names to their scientific counterparts. You can enable the changes for the crops/objects and the seeds separately.

A document will be attached if you want to check out what names have changed. Open with your text editor of choice.

FlowersEnabled : Enables the name change for the flowers themselves (that means the crop), boolean (default: true)

SeedsEnabled : Enables the name change for the flower's seeds, boolean (default: true)

For now, the mod currently supports the vanilla flowers and the ones from the following mods:

About Farmer to Florist :

Since the PPJA team only has partial ownership of the mod and Kildren (the original mod author) hasn't explicitly stated what can and cannot be done to his mod, I can't change the names of F2F's flowers, not without Kildren's permission. I have messaged him on the Chucklefish forums but since he left the Stardew community a while ago, it is unlikely that I get a response in the near future. If I do get a positive response or if the PPJA team gets full permission for the mod, I will of course add it to the list. For now, it isn't supported.

Install like a regular Content Patcher mod: Drag and drop the folder named "[CP] Floral Taxonomy" in your Stardew "Mods" folder.
In case of update, delete first.

spacechase0 for his help using JsonAssets's tokens.
Paradigmnomad and the PPJA team for creating/maintaining some of the mods supported and allowing me to make changes to them.