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Changes the categories internally for different forage items to allow them to be refined in the Preserves Jar / Keg.

Permissions and credits
"More Than Forage" changes the categories internally for different forage items to allow them to be refined in the Preserves Jar / Keg or the likes.

The mod's description is split into several independent parts for ease of internalization.
Each change can be enabled or disabled in the config.
The main mod only requires Content Patcher, but the BAGI Patch requires Better Artisan Good Icons.

~ Items Available for Change ~
Wild Horseradish -- Vegetable by Default
Leek -- Vegetable by Default
Cave Carrot -- Vegetable by Default

Spring Onion -- Vegetable by Default
Winter Root -- Vegetable by Default
Snow Yam -- Vegetable by Default
Holly -- Unchanged by Default*

Hazelnut -- Unchanged by Default**

Common Mushroom -- Vegetable by Default
Red Mushroom -- Unchanged by Default*
Morel -- Vegetable by Default
Chanterelle -- Vegetable by Default
Purple Mushroom -- Vegetable by Default
Truffle -- Vegetable by Default
Daffodil -- Flower by Default
Dandelion -- Flower by Default

Seaweed -- Unchanged by Default‡

Green Algae -- Unchanged by Default**‡
White Algae -- Unchanged by Default**‡
Sap -- Unchanged by Default**
Magma Cap -- Vegetable by Default
Ginger -- Vegetable by Default

* Reason: Poisonous.
** Reason: Hard to Cleanly Categorize.
‡ Reason: Legally a Fish (in Vanilla)

~ About Config Presets ~
In the "[CP] More Than Forage" folder, there are multiple files labeled "config.preset.xxxxx.json".
These can be renamed to just "config.json" to enable them.
They exist so that you don't have to edit the configs or so that you can edit the configs without needing to run the game first.
Note: Sap is always set as Forage in every preset.

~ The Config Presets ~

Default:  Same as above and what the mod generates when first loading.
Author's:  Red Mushrooms, Seaweed, Green Algae, White Algae, & Hazelnuts are Vegetables. Holly is a Fruit. The config I use.
Classic:  Same as Author's, but Hazelnuts are Fruit instead. The old "all-enabled" Preset.
First:  Same as Classic, but Seaweed, Green Algae, White Algae, Truffles, Magma Caps, and Ginger are Unchanged. Like when the mod first released.
Request:  Same as Author's, but Dandelions are Vegetables.
Vegetables:  All items covered by the mod (but Sap) are Vegetables.
Pre-Ginger:  Same as Default, but Magma Caps and Ginger are Unchanged. Like 2.1.0.

~ Altering the Configs ~
In "config.json", you will find a series of lines with variables naming the different items you can change and what they're changed to.
You can change the contents of the second set of quotes to change what the item is set as.
Capitalization doesn't matter in this case

For Vegetable, put "Vegetable" (Also accepted: "Vegetables", "Veg").
For Fruit, put "Fruit" (Also accepted: "Fruits").
For Flower, put "Flower" (Also accepted: "Flowers").
To not change the item's category, put "Forage" (Also accepted: "False", "Vanilla", "NoChange", "Disable", "Disabled")

~ BAGI Patch ~
Better Artisan Good Icons is installed, the BAGI Patch will add special icons for the artisan goods enabled by More Than Forage.
Wine bottles are wider than Juice bottles.
Brown mushrooms have different linings delineating and distinguishing them between one-another:
Common : Pink :: Chanterelle : Orange :: Morel : Green :: Truffle : Purple
The colours on the labels and lids correspond with categories thusly:

Spring: Green
Summer: Yellow (Unused)
Fall: Orange
Winter: Cyan/Aqua
Mushroom: Pink
Cave Carrots: Grey
Fishing: Teal
Sap: Brown
Ginger: Tiger Slime Orange
Magma Cap: Cinder Shard Pink-ish

~ Sweet Gem Berries...? ~

-- Extra Notes --
This is my first Stardew mod, so I'm sorry if anything is incorrectly done or I don't catch certain mistakes. So far so good, though.
The affected items can still show up as Forage on their tooltips if they were there before the mod was installed, but refining into Artisan Goods works fine in all tests done, regardless of the tooltip labels.
Forage flowers probably still can't be used to make honey through normal means. That may be a later mod.
Honey icons are included in the BAGI support, but the Honeys aren't obtainable without other mods.
The bare minimum has been changed to ensure maximum compatibility.
Seaweed and Algae are obtainable like normal, but they aren't counted as Fish and thusly are in the Items Shipped collection instead of the Fish collection.
The empty gold containers in the mod images are unused and not even in the mod. I just added them to fill space and act as design examples.
The config files that come with the download can be renamed to config / config.json to have the configs to change without needing to start up the game first.
If anything still refers to mod parts as separate files, or anything sounds oddly worded, it's from before v1.7.0, when the mod was segmented into different mod folders. Sorry for any confusion it may cause.

-- Install Details --
It's the standard procedure.
1. Install SMAPI
2. Install required mods
3. Extract this mod's zip into the [ <your steam directory>/steamapps/common/Stardew Valley/Mods ] folder so that new folder(s) are present.
4. Run the game using SMAPI

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