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Dead people deserve to be pretty too.

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This mod was requested by one of my awesome patrons, it covers 13 NPCs found in Sovngarde and I don't think I would have thought to cover these characters otherwise. As usual I have kept it lightweight by having the NPCs use the skin and body mods you have installed and I have left the NPC weights untouched for increased compatiblity with other mods. 


My overhauls can safely be used together with other replacers as long as the mods are loaded correctly. This mod is also perfectly fine to merge with other non-conflicting mods if you want to save a plugin slot.

IMPORTANT! This mod has one NPC conflict with Kalilies NPCs (Gormlaith Golden-Hilt), you can of course use both mods together but load the mod with your preferred Gormlaith after the other mod. Alternatively, delete the facegen files and NPC edits of the Gormlaith you don't want using xEdit.

The mod comes in a FOMOD installer so I highly recommend installing this with a mod manager of your choice. Manual installation is not recommended unless you know what you're doing. The plugin is compatible with Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch and a separate patch for USSEP is not required. 
Installing Beards of Power is recommended (the plugin does not need to be enabled) to avoid minor visual issues with Ysgramor's beard but it is completely optional and nothing bad will happen if you don't.

Q: Help, the faces are messed up/I have the blackface bug/the heads are bald!
A: Rearrange your load order, put this mod near the bottom, or reinstall. Take a look at your load order to see if any of your other mods might be incompatible with this one. Feel free to ask for help in the comments, but please save us both some time and do some troubleshooting on your own first!

Q: Is this mod compatible with (insert body mod here)?
A: Yes, this mod only edits NPCs from the neck up.

Q: The NPCs don't look like in your pictures!
A: I get comments like this a lot, and 9/10 times it's related to the skin texture mod - or lack thereof. This mod does not come with its own skin textures, instead it will use what you have installed. Your ENB will greatly affect how characters look too. In my screenshots I use vitruvia skin for men and bijin skin for women, and the ENB used is a slightly tweaked Rudy 422 for NLVA weather.

Q: The ghost(s) has very bright hair/eyes/something!
A: This happens sometimes, it's usually eyes but in this mod I noticed it with Svaknir's hair. It's not something I'm dealing with right now but I'll figure out how to fix it in the future.

Q: Can you add/change/remove something?
A: Not unless there is an actual problem with my mod. This is my vision and I'm happy with it. I will absolutely not make any special versions for strangers on the internet. 

Q: Can I request an NPC?
A: This mod is complete and no more NPCs will be added. I also can't take NPC/mod requests in general as I am focusing on my own mods.

Full NPC list with names and IDs here.

(LE links)
by expired
KS Hairdos Renewal by kalilies, stealthic khaos & shocky
ApachiiSkyHair by apachii
Brows by hvergelmir
Beards by hvergelmir
Beards of Power by mharlek1
SV Beards by shadowtigers
Eyes of Beauty by lograam 
FreckleMania 2 by tetrodoxin
Xenius Character Enhancement Complete by xenius
Vanilla Warpaints Absolution by domainwolf
Barbarian Bodypaints by domainwolf
Female Makeup Suite by domainwolf
Vanilla Makeup HD by domainwolf
Vitruvia by mandragorasprouts
Expressive Facegen Morphs by niroku

Please support these amazing modders by downloading and endorsing their work!

A huge thank you to these awesome people:

Riddim Trash
Yue Elijah
Brian Robichaud
Lily Lech
Novi Suleski
Grace Ashley
Kevin Morris
Michael Stovall

and to my other patrons for their amazing support and kindness. <3

Here I have compiled a huge list of LE NPC overhauls (a bit outdated now though), and here are the overhauls I personally use in my own game.

Read all about my mod permissions on my profile.