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An update and continuation of Dalquist's High Level Enemies.

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    Original mod NOT required.
    Do NOT clean any plugins.
    All Optional Files are espfe.

Changes from the original High Level Enemies mod:
  • The 3 main plugins have been merged and cleaned.
  • USSEP changes have been made to 200+ records.
  • About 100 small inconsistencies between HLE records have been corrected.
  • All facegen has been regenerated.
  • Added missing enemy variants for: Skeleton Archer, Vale Sabre Cat, Burnt Spriggan, Dwarven Ballista

It is NOT safe to upgrade from the original High Level Enemies mod. Due to merging both the Dawnguard and Dragonborn esps into the main esp FormIDs have been changed. FormIDs have also been changed for the Raised Ability Caps optional esp.

This mod adds new enemies starting at level 10 for almost all of Skyrim's enemy types. New variants are added for Bandits, Forsworn, Draugr, Falmer, Warlocks, Dragon Priests, Falmer, Vampires, Gargoyles, Ash Spawn and more (see below section for a full list). The stats, skills, perks, spells, damage dealt and damage mitigated of each variant were adjusted to keep enemies in line with the player's natural progression so that the game continues to provide a challenge at higher levels.

To give an example of what's been added, in Vanilla the highest level bandit was level 25 (28 for a boss). This mod adds bandits at levels 30, 40, 50 and 60 (66 for a boss). However, once you pass level 60 the game won't suddenly get easy. The top level enemies of each type will scale with your level. This means you'll still get the same variety of enemies you expect from Skyrim but you'll never out-level everything ensuring the game remains challenging.

So for example at level 70 you'll encounter the usual bandits from Skyrim as well as the added level 30, 40 and 50 bandits, but the highest level bandit (originally level 60) will scale to match you at level 70.

None of the enemies in Vanilla Skyrim have been changed. Only new enemies were added. The new enemy names are consistent with the naming convention in Skyrim.

Bandits may now carry glass and ebony weapons but their armour has not changed.

New Enemies Variants Added:

Optional Files:

Raised Ability Caps

    One of the biggest problems with high-level play is that some spells become unusable. Illusion spells, raise dead, summons, turn undead and werewolf howl (fear effect) only work on enemies up to a certain level (even with dual casting). This optional mod scales these spells to work on higher level enemies.

      The scaling only starts at high levels so this will not effect low-level play at all.
      Compatible with all Perk and Spell mods.
      Turn Undead spells will start scaling at level 35.
      Illusion spells will start scaling at level 40.
      Raise Dead and Atronach Thrall spells will start scaling at level 40.
      New Dremora Lords will replace the Vanilla Lord at level 56 and 66. The level 66 version scales with player level.
      Werewolf Howl starts scaling at level 25.

    For the Restoration, Raise Dead and Illusion spells listed the scaling is calculated as (skill level) x 0.2 so with a skill level of 100 your spells will work on creatures 20 levels higher than the default. The maximum level of the Werewolf Howl ability scales with player level starting at level 25 (1:1 scaling). This mod doesn't make any changes to existing perks so it should be compatible with perk and spell overhauls. This scaling only turns on at high levels so this will not affect low-level play at all.

Weapons Armour Clothing & Clutter Fixes Patch
    WACCF changes the inventory of some NPCs, this patch makes these changes to HLE NPCs.

Skyrim Immersive Creatures Patch
    Replaces perks with their SIC equivalent.
    Resolved all levelled list conflicts.
    Requires the Skyrim Immersive Creatures - Official Patch
    Recommended load order:

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