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"A comprehensive tweaks mod for Requiem in the vein of AZTweaks that aims to alter Requiem into a version that suits my vision. Things will be more deadly and the player will become less overwhelmingly powerful by a playthrough's conclusion, while still maintaining a sense of fairness and balance. Balanced for use with DiD."

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Official location for the Special Edition conversion of 3Tweaks and a community hub of mods and patches including BTweaks and FTweaks. 3Tweaks is a balance overhaul of Requiem - The Roleplaying Overhaul.


Listed below are the included mods and a brief description.

  • 3Tweaks: the main mod.
  • BTweaks: an extension of 3Tweaks that focuses on refining balance and fixing numerous bugs.
  • FTweaks: an extension of BTweaks that adds a bunch of new content, balances more things, and fixes a couple more bugs.

Is 3Tweaks for you?
You might enjoy 3Tweaks if:
  • You've been playing Requiem for a long time, and feel like the game is too easy or has been "solved". 3Tweaks ratchets up the difficulty to a pretty fair degree, and introduces some new game mechanics that might not make sense if you've never played Requiem before. My target audience is people like myself who have played Requiem for a pretty long time.
  • You're sick of micromanaging Skyrim's skill system. 3Tweaks introduces a new skilling system in which you level up skills by using "Insight Potions" found primarily as loot. This eliminates skill grinding and takes a lot of the need for "optimal" play out of the game-- no longer do you need to worry about how many times you cast Summon Skeleton in battle; just kill the stuff and you'll level up all the same.
  • You want a more balanced take on Requiem's world. Requiem has a lot of avenues to becoming phenomenally powerful, and I have attempted to cut out all the most egregious offenders. 3Tweaks is built around the idea that you will build your character "optimally" in order to face the world and still have a challenge, but the "optimal" route to power isn't so absurdly more powerful than its weaker competitors that you can't adventure on a weaker character. Some of the most powerful tools in Requiem, such as the Skull of Corruption or destruction magic have been brought down to more reasonable (but still impactful) levels. I still believe that cool things ought to be cool, and artifacts will still be special. Just, not as busted.
  • You're interested in more build variety. There are many avenues of customizing your character's abilities. Expanded divine and daedric blessings, weapon and armor traits, new perks, and many other things allow your characters to feel different every playthrough.
  • You want to play shorter, faster games, optionally with permadeath (DiD) installed. 3Tweaks introduces a few quality-of-life features to make the average game shorter, because you'll spend less time micromanaging divine blessings, buff effects, selling things, or grinding crafting skills. If you want to do 100+ hour characters who tour the world and do everything there is to do, you will probably run out of ways to make your character stronger.

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  • Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
  • ....98% of other mods...
  • Requiem.esp
  • Other Requiem mods and patches (examples: Minor Arcana, NECR Requiem Patch, Small Tweaks)
  • 3Tweaks
  • BTweaks
  • FTweaks
  • 3BFTweaks patches
  • Requiem for the Indifferent
  • Very few other mods. Do not put anything here unless you know what you're doing.

  • There is a Requiem discord linked here. Inside, there is a specific section for 3Tweaks discussion, suggestions, and bug reports.
  • You can read the original mod page of the Oldrim edition of 3Tweaks here.

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