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This patch makes DLC Dragonborn fully compatible with Requiem.

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Requiem - Dragonborn patch

 Please report all found bugs and shortcomings.


Major changes:

  • Almost all actors will have static level
  • Almost all actors will have appropriate perks and stats 
  • Crafting, tempering, cooking recipes were modified to fit Requiem
  • Potions, alcohol drinks, ingridients were modified to fit Requiem
  • Leveled lists were modified to fit Requiem
  • Some of the armour/weapons/ammo stats were modified to fit Requiem 
  • Some of the spells were modified to fit Requiem
  • The damage from the traps is now huge and static.
  • Renamed potion similar to the Requiem. The effect is protracted, not instant.
  • Reworked the loot in the Apocrypha.
  • Bandits and Guards now have classes: Marksmen, Archers, Swordsmen, and so on. Bandits have random race with a predominance of the Nords and Dunmer. Bandits have occasional random quality equipment, including Chitin and Bonemold.
  • Seekers and Lurkers is now very serious opponents.
  • The main storyline Dragonborn should start after completing the quest "Blade in the Dark."
  • Ingredients are now harvest in an amount of several pieces.
  • Increased fines for crimes in Raven Rock, in analogy with the Requiem.
  • Added recipes for destruction Nordic equipment to quicksilver ingots.
  • Stalhrim armor and weapons now have a worse stats, but ALL enchantings 25% better.
  • Added explosive Stalhrim/Nordic arrows/bolts.
  • Added new weapons. Stalhrim: Battlestaff, Crossbow, Longsword, 3 kinds of magical staves, Katana. Nordic: Crossbow, Katana.
  • And a lot of changes and innovations.


  • Skyrim SE
  • Requiem SE


Immersive Chicken (SonneUa) for SSE Port
Newrite for invaluable contribution to patch update for version 2.0
DJjojo for Carved Nordic Crossbow
lautasantenni for Stalhrim Longsword, Stalhrim Katana and Nordic Katana
Elsys656 for Stalhrim Crossbow
PrivateEye for Stalhrim Staff
thetrader for assistance in finding shortcomings
Newrite, Kerzhak, Green Samurai, Xandr, Sweet for testing patch

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