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SmoothCam is a highly configurable third-person camera, with smooth frame-interpolation and a raycasting crosshair to help you aim.

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SmoothCam adds a frame-interpolated third-person camera to Skyrim Special Edition, with well over a hundred different user configurable options and a preset system to let you easily swap between completely different camera setups.

Note: SmoothCam is currently in beta - for reporting issues, requesting a new feature, or to view the source code visit my github page.

SmoothCam supports many of the options one would expect of a camera mod, plus many, many more - For a complete overview you can read a brief description of each on the github page, but to highlight the main features:

5 Different forms of interpolation are provided for you to configure, mix and match to your liking - Global, Local, Offset, Zoom and Separate Z.
Global interpolation causes your camera to lazily follow the player as you move through the world.
Local interpolation, if enabled, controls how the camera moves relative to the player (like rotating the camera).
Offset interpolation is used to smooth out changes in camera offset positions (like when changing combat stance).
Zoom interpolation is used to smooth out camera zooming.
Separate Z interpolation controls Z axis (up/down) interpolation, separate from normal global interpolation - Letting you choose a more responsive set of parameters, for example, to keep the character in frame when falling.

Each form of interpolation has a number of settings that can dramatically change how they feel and behave - To go over the major options:

Interpolation Method: Each form of interpolation has a method or function used to control how the camera changes over time with respect to distance. Currently there are more than 20 different methods to choose from, though many are likely to be culled out in a later version.

Follow Rate: A collection of values used to scale how quickly the camera moves over time.

Offset Groups
Different character states have been split into a set of offset groups, allowing you to control camera positions for a variety of situations. Currently, you can control the camera position for the following character states: standing, walking, running, sprinting, sneaking, swimming, aiming with a bow, sitting and riding a horse (riding a dragon hasn't been finished). Within each of these groups, you can change the camera side, up and zoom offsets (including offsets for different combat stances).

SmoothCam comes with 6 preset slots, letting you save your configuration to a slot to be recalled later.

To assist with aiming in third-person, especially with larger camera offsets, SmoothCam can update the position of the crosshair using a raycast to more accurately reflect where your character is aiming. This behavior can be toggled on or off, for bow aiming and magic combat. Also included are a number of miscellaneous settings related to the crosshair, like hiding the crosshair when not in combat or when in melee combat.

At a minimum, SmoothCam requires SKSE. If you want to use the MCM to configure the camera in-game, you'll also need SkyUI. SmoothCam uses address library for cross-version compatibility - as of 1.2b the latest version of this file is no longer included, you must download it yourself.

SmoothCam comes in two versions: AVX and OldCPU - depending on the age of your processor (~2011 and earlier), you may need to use the OldCPU version (Your processor must support the AVX instruction set to use the AVX version). There are no other differences between versions, so don't worry about missing out on anything if you need the other version.

To install, just use the mod manager of your choice or manually merge the data folder inside the archive with your game. Once installed, don't forget to enable the esp if you plan on using the MCM.

Due to the nature of the mod, anything else that tries to change the position of the camera will likely have issues with SmoothCam. I've included a few rough compatibility patches for Alternate Conversation Camera and ImprovedCamera, but for anything else you'll just have to try and see.

Some known issues:
Less Intrusive Hud II: This mod performs some manipulation of the crosshair position and size and might not be fully compatible with all crosshair features of SmoothCam.
Alternate Conversation Camera: If you don't select 'Disable During Dialog' when using SmoothCam with this mod, the camera position can freak out a bit.
Improved Camera: A few patches are provided to mostly support this mod, with the known remaining issues just being slightly annoying rather than game breaking.