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Less Intrusive HUD II allows you to tweak pretty much every element in the vanilla HUD
And it does so : IN GAME ! No separate .txt files, no more going in/out game to check your setting.
Also works for Anniversary Edition !

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Less Intrusive HUD II allows you to tweak pretty much every element in the vanilla HUD and it does so IN GAME !
No separate .txt files, no more going in/out game to check your setting.
Optional : Use FISSES to save your settings for another playthrough.

This Gopher video will show you what this mod does :

And here's a small but great one from Michael from GamerPoets

VERSION 1.1.44
- Ported to SSE with permission by Dark Dominion.

skse64 and MCM Menu ( SkyUI 5.2SE ) are required to use this mod.

- Highly recommended to use Immersive HUD II by Gopher for additional HUD tweaks, behaviors and toggle options.

- Any mod that modifies the hudmenu.swf / hudmenu.gfx file
- Colored markers are ok, as long as the changes are made in map.swf
- Still the compass markers are inside the hudmenu file, so colored compass markers is not an option.

Q. How can I move elements in the HUD faster?
A. Press the . key on your NumPad, it will change the stepping from 0.5, 1.0, 10.0 units

Q. Is there a way to save a preset to use with another character
A. yes, Use the FISSES optional file

Q. My computer does not have a NumPad, can I still use this mod?
A. Yes you can, there is an option to remap the keys, look for it in the advanced tab.

Optional Files:
- FISS/FISSES Compatibility to save settings

Use a Mod Manager ( Vortex, NMM, MO... )
Or, download and place both the .esp and .bsa files in your Skyrim data folder.
If you are also installing any of the optional modification files, copy those files in your Skyrim data folder keeping the file structure.

This mod uses fixed keys for editing the HUD, those keys are all located in the NumPad of your keyboard.

There is a predefined PRESET defined by me that you can use if you don't wanna mess with every single HUD element yourself.
Just go to the menu and select the option LOAD PRESET
Some other options are self explanatory and are located in the MCM menu, such as transparencies and optional variants of HUD elements.
( REMEMBER all the keys are located in the NUMPAD
To ENTER EDIT MODE hit <ENTER> on your NumPad keyboard  --> This is the only key that can be customized in the MCM menu.
To SELECT the element to be modified cycle through using the / and * keys (Previous / Next element)
To MOVE the elements use the arrow keys (Up, Down, Left and Right. Not the NumPad arrows keys)
To SCALE items use + and - keys
To change the amount of INCREASE / DECREASE value hit the . key (Values 0.5, 1 and 10 units)
To ROTATE or change TEXT ALIGNMENT use the 9 key -- > Some elements support this options, some others don't 
To SAVE the changes and EXIT EDIT MODE hit <ENTER> again in your NumPad

Disable the mod in-game, save your game and remove all the files installed by this mod
Reload your game and the HUD should be back to vanilla

Sometimes when you use the alternative sneak crosshair once you load your game, you may notice the crosshair shows up even when not sneaking.
To fix that you can simply crouch and stand-up and it will fix itself.
If for any reason the alternative crosshair isn't showing, try re-checking the option on the MCM menu.


Original mod author says :
Thanks everyone involved in the making of this mod, I'm pretty happy with the outcome, this is the result of several weeks or why not months of hard work using Adobe Flash / Photoshop and Bethesda's Creation Kit.

I hope you enjoy this mod and if you find it useful, you think it's so awesome you wanna show your appreciation, do not hesitate to give some love to the ENDORSE and DONATE buttons.
Thank you for your support and the nexus for such a great site to share and download all the mods that make Skyrim even a better game than already was at the day of the release.