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Firstly I am not author so go show some love to original animators I just simply made it for myself and share it since I find it pretty cool.
Animators: Orakin2020/Eskyrim and Edenexile.
Instructions where to send love and how to install below:

Permissions and credits
 ^^^^^^^^Requirements ^^^^^^^^


0.Check Requirements.

1.Download Dynamic Animation Replacer and add it with your mod manager.
2.Download this mod and add it with your mod manager.
3.Put this mod AFTER Dynamic Animation Replacer in higher priority.
4.This was tested using controller not a mouse.

Tip: You can add animations into these folders or copy sequence folder numbers are made in and create your own variations.

What it doesn't include:
2: Unarmed animations

4: Newest animation is

5: It only includes battleaxes, greatswords, swords. No axe animations and so on.

Folders meaning:

1:Swords 5:Greatswords 6:Battleaxes. 

What codes inside mean:
IsEquiped(The number is from Dynamic animation replacer page Down in description it says what each number corresponds to. 
Any HW works with warhammers and battleaxes
HM Greatswords
Folder animations with number 1 are for swords so they work on axes and daggers and so on.
You can copy paste folder, rename a different number and set in _conditions number for warhammer or axe.
Download new animations from nexus and create your own set of animations.


Orakin 2020


Dynamic Animation Replacer