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A preset for SmoothCam with a focus on more rigid, third-person 'over-the-shoulder' camera gameplay and minimizing jitter.

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This is a preset made for SmoothCam by mwilsnd. This is aimed at third person players who like snappier, slightly rigid cameras that mostly keep the player character to one side of the screen. My main goal is to eliminate jitter as much as possible, though your mileage may vary. Please see the 'Compatibility' and 'Notes' sections below for auxiliary information.

v1.5 available - tested working with SmoothCam 1.5
I may work on an updated video later if I have more spare time.

Preview v1.1 (OLD):

Preview v1.0 (OLD):

Step 0)
Make sure you have SmoothCam and its requirements as well (SKSE, Address Library for SKSE, and SkyUI).

While NOT REQUIRED, I based this around having Alternate Conversation Camera Plus and PC Head Tracking and Voice. A .ini preset for ACC+ is provided in the Misc. files. More details provided below under 'Notes'.

Step 1)
Mod manager users: download and activate as you would any other mod.
Manual users: extract the 'Data' folder into your Skyrim SE root folder.

Step 2)
Go to the MCM menu of SmoothCamera and navigate to the bottom of the list, to 'Presets'
If it installed correctly, the 'EasyEase_Preset' should appear.
DO NOT CLICK on the listing in the middle column - that's for saving presets. Click on the one to the right.

Step 3)
The preset can be used as is, but just like a RaceMenu preset, everyone has their preferences/configurations and would need to tweak a few things. Below, I will outline some MCM parameters that you may want to adjust.

In the 'General' tab (or 'Compatibility' tab if you're using SmoothCam 1.3), disable/enable any patches (you might have to restart your game for patches to apply). This preset assumes you use ACC+, Immersive First Person View, and Archery Gameplay Overhaul.
Regarding the 'ACC' option: despite the mod author saying otherwise, I found turning this off gave smoother transitions between this mod and ACC+. It may have the opposite effect for you so test it out.



On the 'Following' tab try experimenting with 'Local-Space Interpolation Enabled'. This enables smoothing of camera rotation (left-right mouselook movements) For some people it may reduce jitter, for others it won't have much of a difference.

On the same tab under the 'Misc' section, the 'Shoulder Swap Key' allows you to map a key switching which shoulder your camera looks over. As of the 1.1 update it is 'V' so remap it if you like.

Some will not like the zoom distance changing as your player character moves (closer when stationary vs. further when sprinting). To reduce or disable this change the values for the 'Distance Clamp Y Min' and 'Distance Clamp Y Max' to be closer to 0:

Lastly, with SmoothCam 1.2, there is a new option to draw the predicted the arc of the arrow (similar to grenade arcs in other games). Personally, I find even the 'Enable Arrow Prediction' option to take away from the challenge but this is all preference:

You can also change the crosshair type if you would like:

Mod manager users: deactivate and remove the archive as normal.
Manual users: navigate to Data\SKSE\Plugins and delete the file SmoothCamPreset1.json

The preset should now be uninstalled.

To update, follow the uninstallation steps and then install as usual.
Mod manager users: download the updated file and activate as you would any other mod.
Manual users: extract the 'Data' folder into your Skyrim SE root folder (you can skip the 'uninstall' step and just overwrite).

I should re-emphasize as the author of SmoothCam stated that is not recommended to combine 3rd person camera mods with SmoothCam a.k.a. AIM FIX, 3PCO, etc.

Archery killmoves are broken with SmoothCam, so I recommend disabling ranged killmoves whether it's through VioLens or other means.

I am using AGO (Archery Gameplay Overhaul) and have disabled the bow camera and bow crosshair options. Make certain to disable 'Arm Fatigue' as that causes jittery movement when drawing an arrow.

I am also using Alternate Conversation Camera Plus and SmoothCam seems to override the transition smoothly. I will include my .ini file for ACC+ in the Misc. files section (requires main file). Install it as you would any other mod and overwrite if prompted. This .ini has tracking disabled as I have that handled by PC Head Tracking and Voice. If you do not have PC Head Tracking, then I recommend making a single change in the .ini file:

Additionally, concerning the ACC+ .ini file, if you use Improved Camera (available through an external site), change this in the .ini:
I recommend getting a mod that disables scroll wheel camera changes if so (SSE Engine Fixes, edit the .toml file)

I use iHUD and when paired with SmoothCam, it seems to mess with the sneak crosshair and detection indicator so I have SkyHUD as well. Here are my iHUD settings, that gets rid of the double crosshair issue:

If you have an ENB with extreme DoF settings and autofocus enabled, you may have to adjust depth of field parameters (especially with v1.1) since the archery camera has been moved closer to the player character and any time an object comes into the seek area for your autofocus, it will likely blur out whatever you're trying to aim at.

SmoothCam has a few issues in its current state but it's still a lot better than other camera mods in my opinion. Sneak archery crosshair and sneak detection seems to be temperamental. Magic doesn't seem to play well with the new crosshair in SmoothCam 1.2. The raycasting is tied to where your player character hands are and ultimately depend on where the animation places the hand at the release point.

I will keep this preset updated as long as the SmoothCam mod is alive. As such, make sure you update the preset as well since mwilsnd may change parameters in future iterations.

Thanks to mwilsnd for the development of SmoothCam and releasing on the nexus!